146 The National High School Championship 3

After bringing Anna back home Jake also went back to his house, he dined with Eva who did not ask where he was all day.

Even in her past life, Eva was very liberal with the way she treated Jake, she never asked where he was going, even the times he'd been away from home all the more so in this life that Eva knew Jake was very responsible.

If Eva were not like that, it would be much harder for Jake to make the surprises for her.

In the classes the team was training as if the next game was the final, Mark no longer wanted to train with Jake and teach things to him, it was frustrating to see how in a few months Jake had already learned everything he knew.

So he did not want to continue training until Jake defeated him when Mark refused to train him, Jake realized that he had already learned everything he could from Mark, so now it was time to play Center as an imaginary trainer.

If Jake could do this for a few months he was sure he could dominate the position, after Mark said that he learned some of his techniques playing and experienced, in experience Jake would not lose to anyone with the system helping.

In addition to being able to learn more about defending and attacking in the inside area, Jake could also train block and rebound in that position, so he only had to gain from it.

After a few more days the third game day arrived, Jake had breakfast with Eva and soon went to the place of the game, when he arrived in the gym he saw that his teammates had already arrived for that game.

Unlike what was normally all the players were more tense in this game, Jake did not know if this was good or bad, but he was sure that his team could play as always.

After a while the two teams were ready to start the game, the opposing team was the Cats, the best players of the Cats were the PG, the PF, and the SG.

The PG of the team is called James and was a player lower than the others, but he seemed to be very fast, the SG was called Fred, was a very good player in the shots from outside, and the PF of the team of Cats was the highlight of the team, he is called Liam and he was good in both the attack and the defense besides being almost 1.90 m in height.

Jake hoped the performance of his teammates would be very good because the opponents appear to be strong, after a while the game started, Liam was the one who won the ball for the Cats team early in the game.

The ball was passed to PG James who advanced calmly to organize the attack, after reaching the line of three points James passed the ball to his team's SF, Harrison who was in the defense was excited to perform well today.

After all, because of the Philips coach he cannot play and had to see the team lose in that third game last year, the SF of the opposing team realized that they could not pass through Harrison and passed the ball back to James.

James, who was pressured by Jake's defense, passed the ball quickly to his team's Center, Mark, who had performed well in all games, gave no room for the opponent, so Center forced a mid-range shot just to miss the attack.

Carter grabbed the rebound and passed the ball to Jake, Jake who saw the Cats' defense slow to come back began to run into the line of attack, Jake was faster than all the players on the court and quickly passed by the Defenders of the Cats team before half of the court.

James who saw Jake running was also fast and being the last player in the defense of the Cats team now ran to stop Jake's attack, Jake ran up after the three-point line when James arrived he made a sudden stop and then the crossover.

James could not stop so fast and was removed from the play, so Jake advanced again and made the dunk to make the first two points of the Elite team, after seeing this incredible move the fans began to cheer for the Elite team.

No team had people who really cheered for them, which they had were people who liked basketball, so it was normal that the team that made the most exciting moves would have more fans.

James picked up the ball to start the Cats attack, after the last play he saw that it would be difficult to count on the SF and the Center of his team for this game, for the information he received before the game Harrison and Mark were the people that allowed more points of the opponents when they defended.

So even though James did not know what was going on he would not risk those moves too much, James knew he would not have many chances to get past Jake who was a high school star now, and Carter was the best player on the opposing team.

So he could attack more with Fred who was against David and sometimes with Liam who could with his ability score even with Carter's defense against him, so getting to the three-point line he passed the ball to Fred.

Fred received the ball and was wondering if David who was normally bad at defense would be like his teammates and would be better in today's game, Fred made a feint and David was cheated so Fred made the mid-range shot to make 2 points for his team.

Jake did not care much about this and got the ball to organize another attack, reaching the line of three points he passed to David, David tried passing by Fred, but David's move was very open and Fred managed to steal the ball.

Fred passed the ball to James who held the ball and calmed the team, James knew that against the Elite team it would be difficult to make a fast attack and so it was better to organize the attack well, reaching the line of three points he passed the ball to Fred who returned to the behind the three-point line to make the shot out and make 3 more points.

Even though in the first attack the team of the Cats still had the lead on the scoreboard, Jake only received the ball calmly, he knew that it was normal to make mistakes and so he reached the three-point line he passed the ball for David.

David got the ball behind the three-point line and knew that it was Jake's way to say that he trusted him, but it put David in the pressure and he missed the ball, but Mark picked up the rebound and passed the ball for Carter, Carter went to do the layup and Liam went up and got the block.

As Fred was able to catch the ball that remained and calmed the team, this time Jake did not like anything, he passed the ball to David who missed the shot because he made the wrong move at the time of the shot and then Carter suffered the block because did not pay attention at the time the attack.

So Jake realized that today does not seem like a good day for David and Carter, but it was a great day for Mark and Harrison so it seemed like a game he would have to try to win the game.

Fred passed the ball to James who advanced to the line of three points, James without hesitating passed the ball to Liam who was in high morale after making the block, so Liam using his body was able to turn and dunk to increase in 2 points for the Cats team.

So the Cats were winning by 7 to 2 against the Elite team, Jake got the ball and advanced to the three-point line, getting there he passed the ball to Harrison, Harrison dribbled in the opponent and then did the layup to do more 2 points for the Elite team.

After the game continued until the end of the first period, the Elite team was losing by 4 points, James was careful against Jake and so Jake could not do any steal in that first period.

Jake managed to score 6 points and 4 assists in that first period, at the end of the first period the Cats team had realized that David and Carter were not in good shape and attacked over them.

In defense they also realized that David and Carter did not receive any more passes from Jake and so the defense over Harrison and Mark increased, this seemed like a difficult game for the Elite team.

So in the second period, Jake decided he would have to take responsibility and make more individual moves to take some of the pressure off of Harrison and Mark.

At the beginning of the second period, James was more confident in the victory of that game after the first period, he realized that the right decision was to avoid Jake when it attacked the same, so after reaching the line of three points he passed the ball to Fred.

Fred got the ball and faked David as he looked around so Jake did not steal the ball, then Fred passing by David and made the mid-range shot to make 2 more points for his team.

Jake also noticed that the opposing team was intent on him, but it did not matter if his teammates could not take advantage of their opponents' inattention, Jake picked up the ball and advanced to the three-point line, Jake made a feint and then tried a shot from outside to make 3 more points for his team.
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