155 An Exciting Final 2

"Thank you very much for the trust Clara, you have supported me a lot when I've been away from the team for almost two years, I will never forget that."

"I already said that it was okay, Jake, you did several things for our companies at that time too, plus we were thinking about doing another commercial with you this year as the last one was a great success."

"But after that record of 15 triple-double, you made we will again have free sponsorship from you for another year, for that money we could pay your sponsorship for another 2 years."

Jake knew that this was probably true, after all just to pay the time on television of these commercials would already give that value, in addition, the propaganda that Jake would have succeeded as a basketball player was much bigger than in a commercial that everyone would know was false.

The companies of Tiffany and Clara were still developing the brand, even if their products were very good and they sold well many people did not even know that brand existed, and for a company to make the brand known was very important.

At least in the Miami area, Jake was well known and just as Jake was related to their companies for many years people would also remember the brands, Tiffany and Clara did not have the money to pay for millionaire sponsorship with NBA players, so Jake helped very corporately too.

"But that's not why I called you here, Jake, you do not have any agents and so some people came to talk to me about it, after all, everyone knows that our companies sponsor you."

"They talked to you about what?"

"Representatives of the two companies came to talk to me because I wanted to be their sponsors as well."

This time Jake had really been taken aback, he would never expect more companies to want to be his sponsors, he understood that in the beginning Clara's company only agreed to sponsor him because of Matthew's request.

After the Tiffany company saw that Jake was very intelligent and also Tiffany was a shareholder of Clara's company and so she also became his sponsor, he helped companies a little, but they already had a lot of capital and quality products and so developed quickly.

But Jake did not know why the two companies wanted to sponsor him too, after all by the way Clara said neither she nor Tiffany had recommended Jake to these companies.

"You do not have to think about it much Jake, you're very talented and now that you're over 1.88 m, I'm sure you can play in the NBA, especially after what you did this season."

"Even if companies can not continue to pay you after you enter the NBA, they can say they sponsored you before you entered the NBA, and you still have 1 year in high school and a few more years in college."

"These companies saw that you've been helping our companies a lot and not for a lot of money, they also saw your commercial on television, so it's no wonder they ate sponsoring you."

"And I called you here to say that Tiffany and I have no problems if you want to work with these companies too, so that's it."

"You can give them my phone number so if the conditions are good I can work with them."

"Alright, I'll do it, then until the next Jake, we'll be in your final game."

"Thank you for everything Clara."

After that Jake went home, he never thought that more companies could sponsor him before the NBA, but it was good because he needed a lot of money before the year 2000 to invest and try to earn as much as possible by then.

After all, if he is going to be able to invest in the future, some company will depend on the money he makes in these investments, how he already knew how much he would make was not risky, but after that, he would not have such a good chance and risk.

After a few days, Clara said the two company representatives wanted to talk about the details of the sponsorship agreement with Jake on a few days at the restaurant where they last met.

Jake thought that the representatives of these companies would try to talk to him only after the national championship final, but he did not expect it to be so fast, yet he did not care about it, the sooner he could get the better money.

As Clara had to arrange this she scheduled lunch with the two company representatives at the same time, she thought that so Jake could end up with a bigger sponsorship of the two companies.

The next day Jake went to the restaurant again, the waiter took Jake to the table of business representatives, coming to the table Jake could see the two representatives, one of them was a fatter bearded man and looked more like a school teacher than a representative of a company.

The other was a tall man who appeared to be of Asian ancestors, he wore a suit and had glasses of the same brand as Joseph wore, the fatter representative was clearly uncomfortable with the difference between their appearance.

"Hi, nice to meet you, Jake, my name is John."

"My name is Alan."

"It's a pleasure to meet you both."

The Asian man's name was John and the fattest was Alan.

"I think it's best if I talk to each other so the conversation does not get too confusing, so the other can see how the deal goes, so things get easier, what do you guys think."

"I agree."

"I also agree."

Jake did this so that the two did not think he was trying to do something to increase the values ​​of the purposeful patronage and also not to get too confused, the two thought the same thing and accepted.

"Then I'll speak to Alan first in alphabetical order of the name."

"Well then, I am the representative of a razor company, we saw that you have a lot of talent and did an incredible thing on the blocks this season, so the sponsorship is first to support you so you can focus on the studies and in basketball."

"In addition, we have seen that you have done a good job with Tiffany and Clara's companies and we also think that if we need to do a commercial for television you can do very well."

"And what are the values ​​that your company thought?"

"Our company has thought of something around $ 50,000 a month."

"Sounds good to me, now John what is the proposal of your company?"

"I am a representative of an energy drinks company and our company has taken an interest in you for the same reasons as Alan's company, and if our company can get an authorization we can even sponsor you when you join the NBA."

"The value we think is around $ 45,000, but Alan's company thinks it may be more I have the authority to raise to $ 50,000."

Jake was very happy with this, he had just raised the value of his sponsorship to 25,000 with the companies of Tiffany and Clara, so he was thinking of accepting any amount above $ 30,000, but luckily he chose the company of Alan first, so the other company's values ​​also increased.

"I accept the 50 thousand a month that your companies offered so you can talk to Clara's company to put your brand on a bandana or arm protector for me to put on the games, or even a shirt for me use in an interview that I have to do on occasion."

"If you also have some agenda that I have to do as a commercial, you just call me and I'll schedule a timetable that I can attend."

The two were a little confused by this, they expected to have a long talk and discuss the prices a lot, they did not expect things to end so easily, but they were happy to be able to solve this in just one lunch.

This heightened the appreciation the two companies felt for Jake, they prepared a maximum of $ 60,000 to close this sponsorship deal but ended up much less.

Jake thought 50,000 was great and probably would not accept much more, if they paid much more than the companies of Tiffany and Clara they could have some complaints in the future, now the contract would be wide open with that value and Jake would have much more freedom.

After this Jake went home and told her about the good news for her mother, Eva was shocked to see how much her son would earn, with the 4 companies and the school, Jake would earn $ 155,000 a month, even if it was much less than players of the NBA won he was still far from being an NBA player.

So Jake was happy because he would have much more money to invest in stocks in September of that year and this after he opened the restaurant for his mother, so Jake was convinced that he did the right thing.

After signing the contract the two companies have already deposited the first month in advance, they wanted that if Jake won the national championship he could already talk about the two companies, Jake was happy about it.

Even if it was not too true Jake still told Tiffany and Clara about the value he would get from the two companies because it was because Clara helped him get that sponsorship, Jake would also tell the companies when it was time that he too would run in marathons, so companies would gain more exposure.

In the next few days Jake just rested and thought about the final game, it would be a difficult game for sure, Jake thought that if there were players like Mason and Jackson this game would be harder because it was impossible that he hit all the shots out at all the games, and it was never known if his teammates would take the pressure and play well this time.
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