159 An Exciting Final 6

"Just keep doing these interviews with me and join the NBA in the future and I'll feel good for what I've done for the sport in general."

"Sure, you can ask whatever you want."

"How do you feel about winning your second national championship and second-time MVP in both Middle School and high school?"

"I feel pretty good about it, it makes me feel like I've been improving in those years and I'm not far behind, the national high school championship is much harder than the Middle School, really only the best to get here."

"I was very grateful to be able to be with the same Middle School teammates, so I think we have a greater advantage of networking."

"And I hope to continue to improve in the future and one day is in the NBA."

"You've gotten an incredible feat that even a lot of players could not get through many times in their careers to get a Triple Double and more than that you did for 16 straight games, do you have any secrets in that?"

"The secret is to train a lot and have the will to help the team, I once talked to coach Mike about this after doing triple-double followed by some games if I should stop it and he said that I doing this helps the team to win then I should try to continue."

"I agree with your coach, but to do that has to be good both in attack and defense, do you intend to continue like this?"

"I always try to improve my defense, but against a good player like William in today's game I would be lost, so I just try my best."

"Do you have anyone who wants to thank you for this victory today?"

"I would like to thank my mother who has always supported me in all my difficulties and allows me to continue, Anna also that as my mother supported me a lot, my teammates who have been with me for many years and my coach, without they could not win."

"I would also like to thank my sponsors who have been supporting me and helping me, and that's it."

"Very well, thank you for the interview."

After that Jake was happy to go home with his mother and Anna went to her house too, after a long day full of emotions after dinner Jake slept quickly.

The next day Jake woke up early even though he had nothing to do during the day, they were in March and it was a few months before the third year was over, then they would still have a vacation of 3 months until after classes started and Jake had more games.

But he would have many things to do even if he did not have games, Jake was thinking about competing in a marathon in the next few months, but for that, he would have to train for at least a few weeks even if he was going to use the Stamina Bar at the races.

This is because even if he did not get tired in the marathon his muscles would not be renewed with the energy bar and his body could dehydrate so a few weeks could condition his body so that there is no risk of side effects and no injuries after the race.

The most he tried before was to run 30 kilometers on the treadmill and eat two bars of stamina, then the system warned that if he did not stop he could suffer an injury but that was because it was the first time he tried to run more than 10 kilometers.

In addition, his stamina statistic was only a little more than 20 at that time, but if he trained for a few weeks and with his stamina statistics being well over 30 he would hold 45 miles marathon quietly.

Besides the marathon, he could run if he could find any suitable he would still have to see about his mother's restaurant that would be open in a few weeks after all Eva would still have to choose the theme of the restaurant.

After she chose what the restaurant would be they would have to see if they needed to buy some equipment and hire the cooks, then they would have to negotiate with the vendors and choose the menu.

Then they would still have to do a simple advertisement at least in the regions near the restaurant, then Jake could relax with his mother's restaurant.

Jake was also sure that Matthew could need some more of him these months, the funny thing was that even though he was in high school still the thing he least cared about was school.

After all, even now that he had plenty of things he had to learn in class, he had intelligence of 58 now, according to the system itself, less than 1 percent of the population should have intelligence of that level.

He was almost learning the Japanese language completely, and it was still more than half a year away from the year-end holiday, and Jake did not know if he would travel this year, after all, he would only go if he could go with Eva or his family.

Jake did not know if Eva could leave the restaurant she had just opened for a month on vacation to go on a trip, and Jake was not planning to marry until she was 25, so if it was not for Eva it would only be 9 years from now. this trip would happen.

After all, even if he wanted to do this trip a lot during his birthday, he would not have any joy in spending his birthday alone, he had better invite some friends to have this party at his house.

Jake also thought that he was very lucky nobody knew that his family was rich now, even if he appeared on television no one could deduce that Jake receives a lot of money being underage, in addition, they did not have great changes in their lifestyle even making so much money.

Jake thought about it because neither he nor Eva would want to move away from this each for a few years, after all, it was the only memory Eva had of Jake's father and Jake also spent dozens of years here with his mother adding up the two lives he had.

But when the others discovered that they were rich they would have to go to another larger house in another neighborhood that had greater security, after all, Jake did not want Eva to be kidnapped because he had money, Jake was not afraid to be kidnapped because the system said with his luck nothing could threaten his life.

He could even have problems with some people or some relationships, but nothing could risk his safety, that was the main purpose of the system to increase his luck, was so that he had no accident as in his past life.

The same could not be guaranteed for his family, even if it would not normally happen to be rich and leave his mother in a house without security was like an invitation for a misfortune to happen.

After a few days Jake went to Anna's house again, he was about to hit the last details of the surprise for Eva, Jake was thinking about Anna telling Eva that this was the restaurant where she would work and that she wanted Eva to see what it was like.

That was no lie Anna would actually work at this restaurant, but Eva did not know the owner was herself, after that he would make a fake opening party with only the hired employees and Jake and Eva would be the guests for the opening.

Only at that moment would Jake tell that the restaurant was from Eva and they could start organizing the restaurant for real opening after everything is ready.

Anna said that everything was ready for the plan, if she knew what the restaurant would be until the opening could be real, but Anna and Jake were afraid that Eva would find out and that spoiled the surprise, in fact, the reason for Jake to have all that work to leave everything ready before telling her was so she would not refuse the restaurant.

If everything was ready and the people hired, it was impossible for Eva to reject her gift, but even if the restaurant was already bought she might have rejected it earlier and ordered Jake to sell the building.

After a few more days, Eric sent Jake another poster and a copy of the story he made about Jake and the Elite team's victory in the national championship, the newspaper with that report ended up being sold to a few more states because it was about the national champion.

Even those who did not play basketball in the schools were impressed to have a Triple Double player in 16 straight games, everyone who knew a little bit about basketball knew that it was almost right for Jake to be in the NBA in a few more years.

In addition, Jake was already high enough to play professional basketball, so everyone thought that only an injury could take Jake out of success in the sport, everyone in Miami knew Jake after those years with several reports and other people recognized Jake of the commercial on television.

Several university scouts were already gathering information from Jake to begin recruiting him for the next year, Elite school was mostly talking to the top universities that they had partnerships to let them have privileges to talk to Jake before other universities.

But Jake knew he did not have to worry about it, he would choose a good university to go to and have a good basketball team, luckily Jake followed college basketball a bit in his past life, and although he did not watch every game still knew which universities made their final rounds each year.

In addition to a good basketball team the university should have the course he wanted to do and also that the reputation of this course is good for whoever graduated from it, besides, he could see which universities were closer to Miami, the nearest universities of Miami that have these requirements will be Jake's main choices.
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