179 New Game Style 8

Jake grabbed the ball and waited for everyone to calm down after Mark's block, so Jake went to the attack and passed the ball to Nathan, Nathan was quietly advancing until before the three-point line.

Nathan made a pass to Lucas who was on the left, Lucas held the ball for a while and passed to Carter who was open on the right side of the attack, Carter weighed if he should make a single move but decided to pass the ball back to Jake.

Jake got the ball and read well the move making a pass over, Mark took the ball in the air and made the dunk to make 2 more points for the Elite team, the cheer was lively with more this Alley-oop and well after Mark has made a block on the defense.

With that move, the team morale Allapattah fell lower because they were even further behind on the scoreboard, so they lost the will to win as they knew it was no longer possible.

After that, the game became much easier for the Elite team, so after a while, the game ended with the Elite team winning by 25 points, this was for sure the most difficult game they had.

Perhaps neither the regional championship final that would be in the next game nor some state championship games were so difficult than this game, so Jake agreed that it was a shame that the Allapattah team was in the Miami area if they were in another state could even be in the national championship.

Jake made 37 points in the game and had 16 assists, plus 11 steals, these numbers show how Jake struggled and played well in that game so Elite team could end up winning, he got another Triple Double to raise the record.

After the end of the game, they greeted their opponents who made a great game and everyone began to pack their things to leave.

Coach Mike was certainly the happiest after this game, this was a very difficult game that was not much pressure to have happened just in the regional championship semifinal, so the team had to see how effective this new style of play was.

In addition, he can see the flaws that players had in this style against more difficult opponents as in this game, these flaws could now be corrected in the pieces of training between the games.

Another good thing was that Coach Mike saw how good it is to have two reserves the time to come in and improve the team somehow and they had different characteristics from David and Harrison, so Coach Mike was very happy.

Jake got ready to leave and did not forget to call his mother to tell him that he had won this game, Eva liked to use the phone and saw that it was much more practical after Jake got into his car and went home to rest.

Over the next few days the Elite team was doing a lot of training to improve their flaws in the game, Jake was together as the captain because there was no mistake from him in the coach's report, this was normal after all Jake played hundreds of times with this and other styles of playing in your imagination training space.

Even though he listened carefully to all the tips and visions of the coach how to improve on those mistakes that the players made after the team made several training to correct these errors.

Jake was still training after that on the athletic field, after just over a week of the regional championship final Jake would run in the Chicago marathon, so Jake asked Tiffany to notify the other sponsors about this event.

Alan, who was the representative of the shaving company, said his company had never been interested in events like the marathon, but since Jake would run, and Jake is a company-sponsored athlete they asked for his brand to be put on the shirt Jake would run on the day of the marathon.

While John, who was the representative of the energy drinks company, was very interested in this marathon, his company wanted to follow other brands in the tendency to sponsor various extreme sports and recognized sports like athletics and basketball among others.

But even though the company is much bigger than the company of Tiffany and Clara they were still studying what would be the results of sponsoring Jake to see if it was worth investing in more sports.

But since Jake was offering to do more of a sport for their company, he did not have John to deny, John actually even offered that his company would also put up marathon booths to give Jake water, so their brand might appear more.

But as it was Tiffany's company that it was more than fair that her company had exclusivity at least in this marathon, Jake also wanted that in consideration of Tiffany who was his friend.

After all Jake was running this marathon to win, so Tiffany's company could have been much more prominent if only they were supporting Jake in this race, Clara's company would also have stood out because they were giving the clothes beyond the sneakers for the race.

Jake went again with his 50km run, this time he would try again without using the stamina bar, so Jake ran at a speed of 30 minutes for every 10km, so he would have to finish in 150 minutes.

With the canvas at the far right of Jake's vision it was much easier for him to maintain a perfect running pace and not force his muscles, he easily passed the 35 km, but this time he did not eat any bar of stamina and kept running.

Jake also passed the 38 km this time non-stop, so he continued and went through the 44 km before he could not take it anymore and fall from tired, but Jake was very happy about it because he finished the distance of a marathon and so he managed without the bar of stamina.

[Congratulations Jake, I confess that I am very impressed with your willpower and effort to have managed to do this, even if you have the system, few could do what you do with so much will even having achieved so many things at such a young age.]

"Thank you Fate, but I still have not got the 50 km, I know I'll get it someday, and next year I have the confidence to finish the 50 km in 150 minutes without the help of the stamina bar."

[I'm sure you can achieve this, but I think you're forgetting something very important Jake, even though you've had that goal for you, you've actually forgotten the main purpose of it all.]

"Main goal? Was it not to finish the 50 km without the stamina bar to strengthen my body and gain resistance to be sure to win the marathon?"

[Yes, but that was the goal for the Olympics marathon that will be almost a year from now, your goal now should be to finish the Chicago, New York, and Boston marathon, but that goal was what you just got.]

"What do you mean, Fate?"

[You managed to run more than 44 km today in about 132 minutes, which means you made that time in about 2 hours and 12 minutes, but the marathon is only a little over 42 km.]

[This means that you did more than the marathon in a time of 2 hours and 8 minutes without using the stamina bar, so you sure could get very close to winning the marathon with the best times and energy to spend yet.]

[In addition, we can not forget that you still had a tiring class and did training of more than 2 hours with the basketball team, which means that when you started to run you were not even close in your best physical condition.]

[So with you totally rested and more than two weeks of training I'm sure you can get used to doing this every day until marathon, missing 400 meters to the end of the race you will know by the system screen that marks the distance If you are still after someone in the race, you can even accelerate your speed for a while because you have the energy to run another 3 km.]

Hearing what the system said Jake saw that it was true and that he would not have to cheat to win this Chicago marathon in just over two weeks, so he was very happy, it hurt his pride to know that he needed to steal to win the marathon.

Jake always loved to run forever, so cheating to win was against everything Jake believed in his character, but Jake only wanted to do it this year because with much effort he was sure he could improve even more next year.

Then Jake went home very happy with it, so he came home to rest, in fact, the system was the one who was most surprised by all this, the system was part of the destiny of the world, so all his predictions were almost perfect.

But the only person who could go against the predictions of the system was Jake, the system predicted that Jake could get that time only next year if he trained with a lot of effort, at first the system had even been disappointed with Jake.

Because Jake had suggested that he would use the stamina bar to win the marathon, so the system thought Jake would choose his third job and benefit from it and after a year of training in basketball himself Jake could win the marathon with the stamina bar.

But over time the system realized that it was wrong and that Jake was just trying to save time using the stamina bar to win, in fact Jake trained a lot to be able to run a marathon without using the bar of stamina, but even so how depended on the resistance Jake's raise and his own body was not an easy thing to do.
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