197 New Challenges 2

"Hi Tiffany, you made me worry about you coming out of Chicago all of a sudden, I know I shouldn't intrude on what happens in your life, but as we are friends I was worried about you."

Jake was a little apprehensive, he was always a person with few friends in his life, so he valued the few he had and tried everything he could for them, but Jake's relationship with Tiffany and Clara was not that simple.

Even though he always thought of them as a friend, he didn't know if they thought like that, because they were also his sponsors, and so Jake didn't know if they treated him well because he was a friend or an important business partner.

After all, Clara never talked to Jake about his personal problems and put a barrier between them, so much so that in recent months he had only talked to Tiffany most of the time.

Tiffany also, although talking a lot about Clara didn't say anything about her life people, Jake was different and told everything he felt for them.

"I'm sorry I left so suddenly, but there was a serious problem that I had to address urgently, but I'm glad to hear you were worried about me."

"I heard from your record in the last 172 points game, after a 123 points game, really I think no one else could do something like that, our companies will win a lot from that too, congratulations Jake you're amazing."

Jake wasn't happy with Tiffany's compliment because it was clear she was trying to change the subject, but Jake couldn't force Tiffany to talk about anything.

"Thanks, I was happy after this game, you called me here because you wanted something from me?"

"No, it was more to apologize about that day I left without saying anything and to congratulate you on your amazing game."

"Did something happen, Tiffany? I feel you have something that is bothering you so much, could that be the reason you left Chicago quickly? You know you can trust me so I can see if I can help anything."

After Jake said that Tiffany seemed to be in conflict whether to talk about it with Jake or not, Jake just waited for Tiffany to make up his mind.

"All right then, I'll tell you, Jake, it's not because I don't trust you that I didn't say anything about it, but since it's not about me I can't just talk about it like that, but as you're indirectly involved I I'm gonna tell you."

"It turns out that when I was in Chicago with you at the marathon a lot of things happened here in Miami."

"Robert's father, who was very ill, unfortunately, died after so many years, but without even waiting for his burial Robert filed for divorce."

"Because they married a total division of property no one has to share anything with divorce, and Robert now that he has inherited the family business is thinking of making several changes and investments in his business."

"So this madman said he had been talking to a major sporting goods company for months and that company has, we don't know how, bought 30 percent of the company from shareholders on the stock exchange and wants to buy Robert's 10 percent as well. "

"If they can buy 10 percent of Robert their company will have 40 percent of the company and Clara will only have 41 percent so Clara will not go without the only voice in the company anymore."

"Fortunately, although this company that wants to buy Clara's company is so big, they don't want to waste too much time on it and they want to buy Clara's company, me and her father besides Robert or the rest of the stock market."

"Fortunately Clara has acted fast and bought 5 percent more of the stock and has 46 percent again so with mine and her father's shares that we will never sell, this company also seems to have bought 4 percent more and has 34 percent."

"The other shares are with a bank that doesn't want to sell because it's making a profit, luckily Robert's father was smart and knew he had been unfair to Clara in this and before giving the shares to his son's name put a clause that Robert would have to offer Clara the shares before selling to another."

"Now we have 5 years to buy these shares before Robert can sell to this other company, the problem is that these shares are worth 28 million now and neither I nor Clara has that money."

"We have made a lot of investments in our companies and we have a security contract in our companies that we cannot loan our company shares to get that money."

"Clara's father can't do anything about it either, and it's impossible for us to raise $ 28 million in 5 years without borrowing, not to mention that our company is always valuing and so that value can be higher in 5 years."

"If this other company can't buy our company they'll want to sell that 34 percent too, so we have to raise even more money for it."

This seemed to be a pretty complicated situation, they can't use any company money beyond dividends in those 5 years, this is impossible even if they add their salaries in the company.

"Can't you make a loan without pledging the company stock?"

"We can, but we can't do much with loans."

"You can try to raise as many funds as possible in a short time and I invest that money for you, so in 5 years you can raise that money to buy Robert's stock at least."

"I think Clara and her dad won't agree to bet the company on unsecured investments, Jake, I just wanted to tell you that, I don't expect you to get that money."

So Jake gave up trying to convince Tiffany, with 2 million invested now he guaranteed that he could raise that amount to at least 60 million, but it was like Tiffany said a venture investment, just not risky for Jake coming from the future, but no one knew about this.

Right now Jake couldn't really raise that money, in another year with Matthew's profits he could if he borrowed Matthew's stock as collateral, but that was impossible for Jake to do.

In 5 years Jake would have that money for sure, but he couldn't guarantee it for Tiffany and Clara, and even if they were very close friends he couldn't give it to them, and lending wasn't a good way either because he would have to wait. 8 years to receive at least.

So what he could do was buy these stocks, even if it was a bad investment Jake would do it for friendship, after all, they would have a lot of money in 5 years, he just felt bad for not being able to reassure Tiffany that she was sad.

After Jake came home he thought about it again, he could do nothing to help the company now, no one he knew would invest more than 123 million just to help Clara and Tiffany.

Even Matthew, who was also a friend of them and would make that money from selling the cameras, would do such a thing, after all, it was pointless to do so.

At least now Jake knew why Tiffany and Clara's companies did not exist in the future, they would certainly be less successful than now, so Robert tried to sell his shares and then got Clara and Tiffany discouraged and sold their shares and the company has been sold.

So Tiffany must have been discouraged and sold to her company, with Jake having changed things for the better. Clara had a way of reacting and still continuing with her company, and the other shareholders would not let Tiffany sell the company that is worth so much now.

Luckily he still had 5 years to think of something, in 6 years he was able to get what he has today out of nowhere, so Jake believed he could do something in 5 years, one good thing had come out of it all was that Clara was finally free from the unhappy marriage she was.

So Jake decided to forget about it for a while and continue his training routines, so he went to rest to continue training for the next game.

The other day Jake went to the restaurant and talked to Lola a little about some trivial matters and then went to meet his mother and Anna in the kitchen.

"Hi Jake, congratulations on winning yesterday and breaking the record you wanted so badly."

"I'm not sure what Jake looks like either, but it must be amazing to score over 100 points in a game."

"I was very happy too, you didn't tell me anything about Lola going to the game yesterday at breakfast are you, mom?"

"I didn't think I needed to tell you why you would see her the same way, besides, she just went to see the game."

After talking a little with his mother and Anna he went to school, everyone in his class was busy studying there, and Jake was the most relaxed in there, but he didn't bring any other books to study in the classroom.

Jake was very busy doing many things he didn't even have time to rest, and after learning the Japanese language he spoke 6 languages with English, and he would use those languages more in restaurants or on the rare trips he would make. , so Jake was no longer interested in new languages.

For a long time, he would no longer make his travels as he had no company, so the purpose of learning the languages that were travel was over Jake promised after having his second chance that he would not make travel alone anymore if it was something work he would do, but never to relax.

After all, he retraced all the trips he had made in his past life in this life with his mother because he always thought he had some things that he had missed enjoying being alone.
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