199 New Challenges 4

After Jake returned home he called his mother to tell him about the victory, then Jake went to rest to be ready for a busy week.

Jake was very happy and in great shape in both basketball and athletics, even though he was finding his progress in slowing his time to the next marathon very slow, he was sure he could still win.

So before the end of the year, he wanted to win this state championship and also the New York marathon and close very well this year which was great for him.

Emily had hired a few people to help monitor Jake's and the company's investments as well, and since she had done it a few times for Jake, Emily had more easily bought the stock with the money she received from investors.

Just as Jake had thought aside from slightly increasing the stock value that 30 million had not changed much for Cisco, it wasn't even 0.1 percent of the company, but that was exactly what Jake wanted.

Although he was from the future and knew exactly how to buy and sell the company's stock, Jake didn't know much about how it worked or what kind of products the company made to make it is stock so valuable, so he just wanted to be an investor.

But Emily had not yet found Jeff Bezos, even though the store had not yet been opened on the internet and so it was harder to find him in Seattle until the end of the year Jake could still wait until Emily found him.

Matthew had also improved production at his factory and got new distributors to sell his digital cameras all over the country and in Europe, with a few days of sales in new places he had sold another 10,000 cameras.

So he was convinced that he had made the right decision believing Jake's vision, that way they could even sell more than 1 million cameras, could end up being more than that.

After a few days of training Jake had received an important visit; he had chosen one of the universities to study and play basketball in the coming years was the University of North Carolina.

It was one of the top universities in the United States and not far from Miami, and it had a great basketball team that couldn't beat NCAA in the years Jake could have been in college in his past life, but they were always among the best.

They had a strong basketball team, and even good players where Jake played, but he was confident he could get a place in the starting lineup in the coming years, at least next year he wants to play more than 20 minutes per game at the end of the match. championship.

All the universities had made early-year proposals for a sports scholarship without even needing an interview, with Jake getting the best grades in school he could easily get that scholarship.

Especially after he made two games with more than 120 points and still had a record of 25 triple Double in a row in games, it showed that he was really capable of playing in the NBA and those two games with over 120 points weren't just luck.

The president of the Elite school was really trying for a long time to make friends with the University of North Carolina, after all, they had one of the best college basketball teams in the United States and could be great school partners.

But this university was not interested in Mark and the rest of the basketball team, they were interested in Jake just like all the other universities, but the president could not interfere with Jake's choice.

So he was glad Jake had made this choice that would also help the school, the president was convinced that bringing Jake to his school had been one of the best things he had ever done in his career.

Who had come to visit was the University of North Carolina coach Bill Guthridge, he had come to meet Jake who would play for his team in the coming years, Bill Guthridge was delighted to see that Jake had chosen his university.

The coach was confident that with Jake on his team in the coming years he could have his team being NCAA champion, the team he was assembling now was very strong, but he needed a spectacular player like Jake to lead the team.

Of course, the coach did not expect Jake to be able to do this in his first year, but in the coming years he would count on him, courtesy Bill first went to meet the coach of the Elite team who was Coach Mike to know some things about Jake.

Coach Mike had a lot of respect for the big universities that had strong basketball teams, so he had respect for Bill who had the ability to coach such a team, Coach Mike just spoke well of Jake and said that since Middle School Jake was A great player and team captain.

So during the training of the basketball team on the day Coach Bill just watched Jake, he also looked at other players in the team, but only Nathan and Lucas got more attention from him if they grew older could play on their team in the future.

Bill thought Mark was very good too, but it was not enough to stand out on a university team, he thought Mark could be a good reserve for a weaker team if he got better he could perform well last year. college, but Coach Bill didn't want to bet on that.

Jake as always was very discreet in training, after all, it was just to train the team tactics and improve the rapport, yet Coach Bill really liked Jake's ball control as well as his defense performance, was also pleased to see that Jake I really didn't miss a pass in training.

At least he showed the basics for a college basketball PG, of course, Coach Bill knew Jake was so much better than that, he had seen some recordings of some Jake games and was what he expected from a star. to your team.

Even though in some games Jake showed a common performance, it also showed that he knew how to play well and as PG could bring out the best in performance from his entire team.

After the end of the training, all the players left and only Jake stayed behind to talk to Coach Bill, all the players were curious to know who this person was watching and who Coach Mike was so respectful, they thought that they had seen him somewhere, but they could not remember where.

Jake was also very curious who he wanted to talk to, he also felt that he knew Coach Bill, but didn't know exactly where.

"Hi Jake, it's nice to meet you, I'm Coach Bill Guthridge, I coach the University of North Carolina team you decided to join next year."

So Jake knew where he knew Coach Bill from, even though he didn't watch many college games he knew some important people from the big college teams, Jake was also surprised that Coach just came to talk to him in person.

"Hi Coach Bill, I'm very happy to meet you too, I've heard a lot about you."

In fact Coach, Bill was still the assistant to the head coach of the University of North Carolina, but Jake knew that in 1997 he would take over the team, so Jake treated him even better to please Coach Bill to have a place in the team in the future.

Even though he was very talented he knew it would be very difficult to be in the starting lineup next year, but he could play as the sixth man until Coach Bill became the head coach.

Coach Bill was very pleased with this treatment, even though he was not the head coach, he was on the University of North Carolina training team for 30 years and so enjoyed being respected for it.

"I came here just to meet you and watch a game of yours, we can talk about more things when you officially join university, so we won't have any complaints from the other team coaches about it."

"But another issue we will have to talk about after the final game so you don't get distracted from the game, this is more important so be prepared."

"All in coach, I'm going now then."

In fact, Jake already got what Coach Bill had to say important to him, but Jake already had a solution to this problem, he would not only harm himself to please the university.

So the week went by and Jake continued his training routines, even though he knew that Coach Bill was watching he was still training the same way he had before, that was very pleasing to the coach as well, but his teammates who had found out who was the coach Bill worked even harder for training.

Even though it wouldn't change things much they had to try their best not to regret it later, it actually helped Nathan and Lucas who were being watched by the coach as well.

Jake was still training after the team's training on the school's athletic fields, he was still trying to run the 50 km in 2 minutes 56 seconds to get a better time and still have the assurance that he had the energy to finish the marathon at that time.

But that was not easy for him, Jake even had to stop running several times during training because the system warned him that he could be injured, it showed that Jake was always trying to push his limits in training every day.

Still, luck didn't seem to be on Jake's side this week, with a few days left to the state championship final and just a few weeks into the marathon, Jake was getting away from home every day in his training sessions.

His mother was also very busy these last few weeks, Eva always left around 5 am and came back only around 23 hours, so almost always no one was home during the week, so Jake who was at school got the news that shook him a lot.
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