200 New Challenges 5

Jake found shockingly that his house had been robbed, reports from neighbors in the police investigation said that armed bandits broke into the house after arriving by car, after a few minutes these bandits left without carrying anything.

After what happened Jake asked for a license from classes and training to go to his mother's restaurant, he was sure Eva was much more shaken than he was when he arrived at the restaurant the police investigator was talking to Anna while Eva was still I was crying scared.

As soon as she saw Jake safe she had a feeling of relief and almost fainted, Jake caught her scared and took her mother to her office, Anna and the investigator still talking, not seeing that Eve passed out.

He himself was very shocked by what happened, but it wasn't about to pass out in shock over it, so Jake didn't understand why his mother was like this, so he warned the investigator that he would take his mother home and then pass the police station.

Anna said she would take care of the restaurant, for Jake with everything that happened today he would close the restaurant, but as Anna could still take good care of things she told Jake that it was important to keep the restaurant open to meet customer reservations and keep the credibility of the restaurant.

So Jake agreed with Anna and just took her mother home after Eve slept Jake also went to his room to think a little about what happened, he never thought he would be really robbed, even in his past life that bad luck happened something like this happened.

It showed what he was doing could change the future he knew, and besides, Jake thought that with his luck at Maximo something like this couldn't happen.

As he was worried about his mother and in shock, Jake unthinkingly brought them to his house that had been robbed recently, but he thought everything should be fine because the police would be watching his house for a few months and the bad guys weren't. would have the courage to return.

"Fate, how could something like that happen, I thought I would be protected with my luck at Maximo in this life, did you even say something would never happen?"

[You really will always be protected with your luck at Maximo, but sometimes the people closest to you could end up with some bad luck or even hurt themselves.]

[Of course, it will probably never be very serious, but something like this can happen, what happened to you today was actually very lucky, because as you thought some bad guys have somehow discovered that you and your mom are rich and live in a house that is in an unsecured neighborhood.]

[The cops must know that too, but the bad guys came armed and took nothing because they were actually trying to kidnap you and not steal the house, just like you two were out, nothing like that happened.]

When Jake heard this he was shocked, now he understood why his mother was so nervous and lonely and soothed when he showed up, he had really thought something like this could happen but never imagined it would actually happen, especially with his luck.

But what happened this time Jake was already thinking of buying a house as soon as possible, while his mother slept Jake went to the police station to give the statement and heard from the policeman the same as the system said.

Jake didn't really care whether or not the police would catch the bad guys, he would move house and make sure that none of this would happen again, after thinking about it he returned home to rest and stay with his mother after she woke up.

Jake told all his friends what had happened to him, everyone was worried about what might have happened and they were happy that nothing worse happened, Jake asked Oliver to look for a house for him to buy with enhanced security and Oliver said he would take care of it of this.

Since Jake couldn't stay with his mother at their house so that something like that wouldn't happen again while they waited for Oliver to find another house, Matthew offered one of his houses for Jake and Eva to stay while waiting to buy their new home.

Although Oliver stayed in one of Matthew's smaller houses, it was still almost a security-enhanced mansion in it, Jake had never paid attention to any of this before his house had been broken into.

Jake was fine a few days after what happened and Eva started to recover, she was just afraid something might happen to her son and not her home having been broken into, so after a few days, she wanted to go back to the restaurant to help. Anna who was taking all responsibility on her own.

"Are you sure it's okay with you now mom?"

"I'm sure Jake, something like this can't bring me down for long, I just worried about you, but now I realized that everything was fine."

"Alright then mom, stay with Anna and always drive back and be careful of your safety."

"I'll be fine Jake, something like that doesn't happen often to one person, and you, my son, is everything okay?"

"I'm fine too, mom, I just had to miss some training for the upcoming state championship final and marathon game, but I can still play quietly."

"It's true, you still have a game in two more days, with everything that's going on I had even forgotten about it, are you sure it's okay for this game, son?"

"I'm sure mom, you can go easy."

Jake really felt that everything was fine with him, he was just a little shaken by what happened and also knowing that something worse could have happened to him and his mother, Jake realized that could end up changing the future in a way that would not be. good for him and his family.

He was just a little upset that he couldn't talk to Coach Bill at the university anymore, but he wasn't so worried about it because he already had a scholarship and knew he could do well in games.

He spoke with coach Mike about the game because he was on leave from school for what happened, coach Mike confirmed that Jake's place in the final was guaranteed if Jake thought he was okay to play.

In fact Coach Mike has been worried these past few days about Jake's situation, Jake is the team captain and also the best player of the team, with Jake they have never lost a game in several years and so the other players felt safe to play the best.

But if Jake couldn't play this state championship final which although not their toughest game of the year would have a lot of pressure to be a final, the whole team could play badly because of it.

Luckily nothing had happened to Jake and he seemed to be fine for the next game when the coach told Jake's teammates that they were all reassured after hearing that Jake would play.

Only Coach Bill wasn't very optimistic that Jake could play so well in the next game, but it still gave him insight into how important Jake was to the Elite team, so he further showed Jake's value as an MVP for a team that was several national champions.

So Eva seemed to be back to normal after a few days of rest and they were temporarily living in one of Matthew's houses until Oliver found a good home for them.

Thus came the day of the state championship final, Jake as always woke up early and ate breakfast prepared by his mother, Eva seemed to have forgotten what happened after those days and was fine again.

She wasn't worried about Jake either, because she was confident that her son was so much more mature than she would be, and she wouldn't be too shaken by what had happened.

"Are you alright for today's game my son?"

"I'm fine, Mom, even though I've been without training these past few days it won't be a problem to play normally."

"I believe you, Jake, Lola said you were going to watch this game too, you were upset that I didn't tell you last time."

After that Jake went to the game site with his things calmly, he arrived early and many had not prepared yet, Jake saw Lola in the stands as his mother had said and was happy for the support.

Eric had not come to this game either, nor anyone else known, other than Coach Bill who was in a special place as an Elite school guest, the opponent was Callahan's team.

They were scared of Jake's performance in some games, but could not just give up after reaching the final and with chances of playing the national championship if they won.

The Callahan team had three most prominent players, PG Adam SG Evan and SF Jose, Callahan PG was very much according to several reporters, but his state championship performance was greatly overshadowed by Jake who was much better. and played in the same position.

Even though Adam was not very jealous of Jake and admired the opponent who would probably be a great NBA star in the future, yet Adam still thought of playing his best in this game and at least not letting Jake do another triple Double in that game.

None of the reporters knew that Jake's house had been broken into this week, and neither of their opponents could imagine that, so they couldn't think this could be an advantage for their team if they attacked more from the side Jake was defending.

After a few minutes the match began, Mark went up well and took the first possession for the Elite team, Mark passed the ball to Jake who advanced into the attack and passed the ball to Harrison on the left, Harrison passed the ball to Mark who was inside.

Mark turned and left the opposing Center's defense, so he ended the move with a layup to make the first two points for the Elite team in that final.
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