206 A Little Crisis 5

So while Jake was recovering Clara went to pay a visit, when she arrived at Matthew's house where Jake was living, Jake was very surprised to see that Clara was even thinner now.

This is usually a good thing for women, but the problem was that Clara had been thin before and had a slender body, but with her getting thinner from depression she looked like a sick person.

But Tiffany and Clara's father were pleased that she had set aside work a little to visit Jake who had suffered an injury.

Even though Jake didn't let it show he was shocked and just smiled at Clara as he invited her in. Jake had a right thigh stretch that was a mild grade 2 injury so he could still walk now with a limp.

"How are you doing, Jake?"

"I'm fine, this injury isn't serious and I just need a little rest to recover, luckily I'm almost on my vacation, so it won't bother me so much."

Jake was trying to hide that he had hurt himself not to worry his friends, so he got a medical certificate to leave school for another week.

Only Joseph cared more about Jake, but when Jake said over the phone that it was okay no one cared much about it.

Since this time Jake had not won the marathon even though he had the attention of commentators and the media, his name was not mentioned very much in the news after the marathon.

So if even after winning in Chicago many did not see the news about Jake at his school, now that he had come second much less.

"I didn't think you were so good at marathons if you wanted you could already become a professional athlete after finishing school."

"I still prefer to stay in basketball and study for a while."

Jake knew Clara was just kidding in saying this, after all, who would give up a scholarship at a guaranteed university? And basketball could only bring good things to Jake and his sponsors for years to come.

"I'm more worried about you, Clara, I knew what happened to you and I also see that you don't look very healthy right now, tell me how you are."

Clara didn't expect Jake to suddenly change the focus of her conversation, she had just talked to her friends and family about what had happened, but she felt like talking to Jake about what happened too.

"I'm much better now than at the beginning, I knew from the beginning that this marriage could end at any moment, but I always hoped Robert would change his mind and that we could be together."

"So I just focused on work and put personal matters aside, but in the end, it turned out worse than I thought."

Jake just listened in silence as Clara vented.

"But I don't think Robert is so wrong so you know, he has the company that he needed to invest in a long time, but while his father was alive Robert could do nothing and I always suggested reinvesting profits in the company, so almost 10 years Robert can never use his stock profits for nothing."

"I liked him even before my dad planned this wedding, so I was a little happy before I knew Robert didn't like me, his only shortcoming is that he's always been a little proud and jealous, so it all turned out like this."

In the end, Clara was crying and Jake just put his hand on Clara's arm to comfort her, he didn't think Clara really liked Robert for what he heard from Tiffany, so he understood that her shock was greater after what happened.

"None of this is your fault Clara, things happen and you were right to want to invest more to improve the company, I always thought a man should be able to be proud, otherwise he just becomes stingy."

"If he needed the money to invest in his other company, Robert would talk to you before, I'm sure you would understand."

"I think the end of your marriage was a good thing for you, now you are free to find your happiness, as the problems of the company things will end up resolving, don't worry so much."

After that, Clara looked a little better and Jake ended up comforting her even if he was being visited, so Clara talked for a while and left.

Jake knew it would take Clara much longer to get over what happened, but he was sure a strong woman like her would eventually recover and come back stronger after that.

But Jake was still in a little crisis of not knowing what was happening to him if it was a physical problem like the injury to his leg Jake would be quieter because an exam would tell when he would recover.

But Jake had no clue when he would recover from this unknown problem, and unknown things always cause people more fear.

So before bedtime, Jake remembered that the system might know something about it after all the system was the destination that knew everything and even knew its statistics and estimated its abilities.

"Fate, do you know what problem I have?"

[I know, you had a mild psychological problem caused by your trust after they broke into your home.]Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jake was much more relieved when he learned what the problem was, at least it was no longer unknown, but Jake knew the psychological problems were the most complex for athletes.

Some athletes have yips that as an example of psychological illness, archers also have something known as 'target panic' that causes many of them to lose important points in competitions.

Some are just temporary and some of these problems don't heal for life, so Jake was a little worried about that.

"But my mother had no problems with that."

[Your problem is not serious, your mother may have an even bigger problem than this, but you who need your mind to be in perfect condition because of sports have discovered this before.]

[This must have been a shock to know that something could have happened to your mother whom you have seen die once in your past life, in time it will pass by itself.]

"But how long will it take for that? I have to be fine for next year's national championship matches."

[This is hard to know even for me, but it shouldn't be a problem for you to win the national championship, it's hardly going to last that long, besides, you can still play well and even win a marathon if you don't do anything exaggerated, how much The less you worry the faster you will recover.]

Jake was a little relieved to at least know that this would recover soon, if it was something serious the system would say, even after the national championship Jake did not intend to participate in any other marathon anyway, so he hoped that in almost 3 months he back to normal.

[Most importantly, next time you should stop running when I warn you that you are at risk of injury, this time you suffered a minor grade 2 injury, and because you continued until the end of the marathon even injured the injury almost reached grade 3.]

[If this happened you would be almost 3 months unable to walk and would lose the national championship for sure, your luck helped this time and you did well to eat the stamina bar as soon as the race was over so the injury returned to grade 2 milds.]

Jake was really scared of it, it seemed to be more serious than he thought, Jake thought grade 2 was already overdone for him, but he was lucky, Jake expected only a grade 1 injury when the system warned.

What Jake didn't know was that the system protected his body from Grade 1 injuries, especially after increasing his Resistance stat so much so that any injuries would be Grade 2 at a minimum and in the future would be even more dangerous.

[With my help and your high Resistance as you are you should fully recover in 2 weeks, tomorrow you should be able to walk normally with a little pain, but be careful next time if you don't want to use the stamina bar give up the race.]

Even if the system understood that Jake was proud not to use the stamina bar, the system did not think pride should be more important than Jake's health in such a situation.

Jake was surprised because it was rare that the system of such councils, usually the system just watched Jake make his own decisions, so Jake understood that it should be really important.

Of course Jake hoped never to go through this kind of situation again, he understood that his decision was the wrong one for the situation.

Now Jake was thinking that maybe it was time to get a trainer, he understood that his marathon training was wrong with him relying only on his statistics, but that would have to wait until after he fully recovered.

The most important thing was to get a coach who knew the basics of training in all types of athletics that involved running from 100 meters to the marathon, after all, Jake didn't need very specific training with his statistics and he wanted for various modalities.

Also, the coach had to be very reliable not to talk about what happened to Jake in training, after all, Jake didn't have a normal body thanks to the system and any coach would realize that.

That's why Jake hasn't sought a coach so far, but in order to have more effective training and for the other running modalities he needed to have proper training.

Jake just had to wait until after vacation and the start of another year to start thinking again about basketball and also about the marathons and the olympics that he would try for a spot so he could relax for a while until his injury recovered.

But that didn't mean he had nothing to do in the meantime, after the vacation Jake would finally know how much Matthew's company had made in 1995, he knew it could be even higher than the company's total value, so Jake, You could expect a very large profit share in your first year as a shareholder.
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