207 A Little Crisis 6

After all, Matthew's company was worth over $ 300 million for now, so if more than 1 million digital cameras were sold by the end of the year as Jake had hoped they could have over $ 1 billion in sales.

If they sold these 1 million cameras the company would have $ 400 million in pure profit, not to mention that it would greatly increase the total value of the company if all profits were distributed Jake would receive a 20 million stake.

In addition, Jake was actually being conservative with the estimate of selling 1 million cameras, until public interest could wane next year he thought they could sell at least 3 million cameras.

So Jake could get 60 million shares only and could buy part of Clara's company shares and help her, of course, that was just Jake speculation and they would have to wait to know the exact values.

Another thing Jake was hoping was that Emily would soon find Jeff Bezos, Jake thought that the more time passed the harder it would be for him to have a big stake in this amazing company.

But Jake couldn't rush Emily, because, besides the work of finding someone to be very difficult, she still had several things to worry about right now, after all, Emily's father's friends had invested $ 30 million in Jake's investment firm.

Emily had to closely monitor whether the people she hired were doing a good job, in fact, she thought that was the most important thing at the moment than looking for an unknown person.

But Emily had great respect for Jake who conquered everything he was young and without the help of his family, so she still focused on finding the person Jake was looking for right away.

After a few days, Jake could walk normally and not even feel pain in his right leg, if the system had not said his injury was serious Jake thought it was just simple to recover so quickly.

At the same time, Jake was impressed by the resilience his body now had, Jake hoped that as his physical stats increased his resilience would increase as well.

So the month passed quickly and Jake's holiday came and this was the first time he had no trip to make, luckily next year his mother and Anna were thinking about how to reduce their workload.

As the restaurant was in its infancy and still gaining customer trust and Eva still had to learn how to be a chef, they both had to spend almost 18 hours a day at the restaurant.

But next year Eva who had already learned a lot from Anna and the restaurant staff already knew what to do so Eva would stay in the morning and Anna would stay in the evening, in the afternoon the two would work together like now.

Anna was also busy thinking about what would change the menu to please customers, even if it wasn't an upscale restaurant that always needed to be changing menus the restaurant had to at least have some news for customers.

At breakfast, the restaurant made small changes every week as the variety and taste were more important than the menu, plus Julius's desserts didn't need to be changed as all customers enjoyed and always ordered the same dishes.

Eva would be shocked to learn that Jake had been injured for over a week and she didn't even realize it, which showed how much time she spent away from home, but that was also what ensured that she was safe in the incident of breaking into her home.

Jake was waiting for Emily to start doing something in his vacation time, but who came to talk to him was someone Jake had already forgotten.

It was Coach Bill Guthridge, he had said he would come back later to talk to Jake about something important and had to leave after the state championship final game, but Jake thought he would come back only after the national championship.

But Jake didn't know that Coach Bill thought he might be a second Michael Jordan to his university in the future and gave Jake a lot of importance, all the more so because Coach Bill was worried about Jake after seeing Jake's poor performance in the last game.

"Hi Jake, I said I'd be right back to talk to you, how are you?"

"I'm fine coaching, I'm having some problems for important games but I don't think I would have any problems for the national championship."

Coach Bill was pleased with Jake recognizing that he had a problem and being honest in telling him that, Bill also thought that Jake's problem should be a minor problem and should not affect Jake for so long.

"I also think your problem is going to disappear soon, but what I wanted to talk to you about was an important problem that you must solve before you go to university."

"And what problem is that?"

"It's the problem with your sponsorship deals, I don't know how you got those deals even though you were in high school, but at university, this is extremely forbidden and the NCAA may even punish our university and you if it is not resolved."

Jake hoped this problem would arise, it was normal for Coach Bill to already know about it, Jake before needed this sponsorship to leave his mother without having to do a bad job, so he might need to go straight to the NBA without being ready just for the money.

This problem with forbidden sponsorship contracts for college basketball players continued even in the 40-year-old Jake's past life, the claim that the NCAA used was that it wanted to let it go without much publicity to preserve the universities and the players and to keep it. the audience continued to watch the games.

As a result of this, a lot of problems ended up and famous players like Kobe Bryant among others ended up directly entering the NBA after high school because of it.

Now Jake no longer needed these sponsorships as he and his mother have a lot of money and investments, but Jake had solved this problem in a way that maybe only he in the world could do.

"Coach, I don't think my sponsorships will be a problem, because my sponsorship contracts are not for basketball, but because I'm also a professional marathon athlete, so I won't break any university rules."

Coach Bill was shocked after hearing about this, even though Jake was indeed a marathon athlete the NCAA rule holds true for all basketball players, so Jake could not be an exception in Coach Bill's opinion.

"I think my case is a special coach, I really am a professional athlete and I won the Chicago marathon and I was also second in the New York marathon, and these two are major marathons."

"Not to mention that I intend to participate in the Olympics next year to try to win a gold medal for our country, so I think it's normal that I can have some sponsorships, it would be great for the university's image too, I don't think people from NCAA would refuse to make an exception for me."

Coach Bill wondered what Jake said next, really if Jake had won a major marathon and placed second in the other undeniable era he was a pro and very talented at running.

If Jake could win a medal at the Olympics or even just win one more marathon while in college, it would be really great for them, and even if the NCAA made an exception for Jake, it was impossible for another athlete to meet those requirements one day, that would be an exclusive case.

So Coach Bill thought it might even be possible, at least he could try to recommend it to the university.

"Alright Jake, I'll at least talk about it with the university, I think the NCAA might make an exception for you, but I don't guarantee anything."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Thank you, coach."

"So since this subject has to be set aside, for now, knowing the problem you have and that you are soon going to university to have more difficult games I have prepared something for you."

"What is this coach?"

"You'll see soon."

Since Jake was on vacation and had nothing to do, he agreed to go with the coach to see what this surprise was for him, so he had just spent Christmas and Jake told his mother he was going to travel.

So Jake and Coach Bill got on a plane and went on a trip, on December 29th almost at New Year's Eve Jake found out what surprise Coach Bill had prepared and enjoyed it a lot.

Coach Bill had brought Jake to watch an NBA game between Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers, Jake guessed that Coach Bill wanted to show Jake how Michael Jordan played in that game.

Of course Jake also paid attention to Ron Harper's performance playing in the same position as him, but Michael Jordan was the one Jake paid the most attention to.

This was known as the best season and the best Chicago Bulls team in history, so for a 6-time team just in Michael Jordan's time, it was really amazing.

Michael Jordan averaged over 30 points per game, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, yet he was a player who knew how to play as a team and so they could be champions.

Jake watched the game paying close attention to his idol and Bill also just watched the game without saying anything next to him, for Bill this game was a very important lesson and lesson for Jake for him to have a career goal of trying to be like the idol.

It could also take away any arrogance Jake might be feeling for being high school MVP several times, as well as show that Jake was far from the NBA and college level.

This could even help Jake with the psychological problem he was facing and return to play normally for next year, after all, Coach Bill wanted Jake to come to his team after being once again champion of the national championship and come full of confidence.
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