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Jake thought the coach called him to the football team just to complete numbers, but he was completely mistaken, coach Jim paid close attention to the information he had long ago about Jake.

In addition to his physical talents, Jake was also the best student in the class and the PG of the basketball team. In addition, the coach heard that it was Jake who led the team at the games and Coach Mike just coached the team during the week and spent all of their time. the instructions to Jake.

Coach Jim also heard that in the beginning when the team had not played much time together that Jake passed the moves to the team players through hand signals, this all shows his intelligence and leadership ability.

If Coach Jim wanted only players to complete the numbers he could call some from the JUNIOR VARSITY team, and the secondary team could recruit some players from the school, many wanted to play on a recently champion football team.

Coach Jim didn't know Jake was that fast from his games either, so Coach was thinking of using Jake to replace the two-quarterback (QB) who had been injured, the JUNIOR VARSITY team had only one player in that position who wasn't so good.

So Coach Jim was thinking of testing Jake in this position, so it was important that Jake memorize all team tactics before they could train other things after all the fitness coach knew Jake had.

So Jake just had to train a few short passes or aerial throws during the week, it was Coach Jim's big bet, but this was just a friendly one and he would only use Jake for once if Jake didn't get a satisfactory result during the week, the Coach could just let Jake out of the game.

After arriving home Jake continued studying the notes he had received from the assistant football team, this was all very interesting to Jake and even if he didn't play he found it useful to learn some things like that.

Jake had always taken everything he did seriously, so he was successful in many things, with Jake's intelligence being very high and most of the time he spent studying these tactics Jake was confident that he would remember everything if necessary.

The other day the assistant helped Jake put on his protective gear and prepared to teach Jake again about team tactics, but Jake said he didn't have to because he had learned it all already.

The assistant was not surprised and thought that Jake was just being arrogant and didn't want to waste any more time studying, after all even the quarterbacks of the main team could not say that he had memorized all tactics.

The quarterback usually learns only the basics of tactics and only studies those that can be used in the best games shortly before the games, otherwise, it would not take the time to organize the team in the attacks.

Seeing how confident Jake was, the assistant asked several difficult questions while his tactics were in hand, he thought if he showed that Jake didn't know everything he could continue teaching.

But then the assistant was surprised how Jake had really decorated everything, so he went to ask Coach Jim what to do, Coach Jim was surprised because he didn't expect to include Jake in today's training.

So he decided to go through the training that Jake would have to do the other day with the starting players while Jake would watch alongside the assistant explaining what Jake would have to do if he was in training.

Jake accepted that and spent another day with his protective gear unused even once standing beside the field, yet Jake was glad that he was learning so many things he didn't know about football training.

The other day in the first part of the training Jake started to participate, first of all, he would have to do the 40-yard race for the coach to know his time, Jake had never done anything like this before but had heard many times on television.

So Jake knew it was tough and he gave his race the maximum, he got a time of 4.61 in the race, that wasn't considered very fast in the NFL, but as Jake was still 16 he impressed everyone.

Even more, because it was his first time doing the 40 yard race, everyone admired Jake who had one of the best times of the team, in fact, Jake's fort was more endurance than blast, he could keep his top speed for 200 meters for example.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When Jake's agility was over 50 he could even compete with sprinters because of it, then the assistant gave Jake the race course that Running Back (RB) and Wide Receiver (WR) would do.

So Jake was happy because he was certain he would be in these positions just as he had thought, Jake was even wondering if he could make a touchdown, with his speed and strength he was confident of doing at least one in training.

After several people trained the coach called Jake to talk to him, and Jake was excited thinking about how he could do a Touchdown.

"Jake I know you already learned most of the team's tactics in the early days and saw how we do the training so today you are going to play quarterback, I think you've seen what the trajectories WR and RB will do."

After hearing that Jake was shocked, he never thought he would play quarterback after all this was the most important position of the team and Jake had never played football seriously before, so he had no confidence in leading the team to make the points without experience.

Coach Jim saw that Jake was surprised and pleased with it, he thought Jake was capable of it but didn't want to see Jake being too arrogant thinking that he could easily or would go wrong.

"You don't have to worry about that, the quarterback's main job is to organize the team, know the right tactics to catch the opponent by surprise and make the passes and plays, you've always done the first two things, making the passes is the only one that you need to train."

With training making the passes was really the easiest, but knowing the right time to make a pass while having the pressure of the game, with opponents trying to knock you down and your teammate receiving the pass has to be moving that makes it all harder.

Not to mention that a good quarterback has to have a lot of strength and a good arm in addition to being spatially aware not to lose the ball before making the pass, but Jake doesn't have to worry about that as he would play just one game.

Also, it was great that this game was just a friendly one, but with the psychological problem that Jake is in he could end up playing very badly if the game was serious, of course, Jake didn't even think he could play.

So Jake went along with his assistant and was training how to do the oval ball throws, luckily Jake already knew how to do that from PE classes and playing a few times with friends in his past life.

The assistant was surprised because Jake looked like he was used to playing with the oval ball and didn't miss a pass, even when the assistant went further, it showed that Jake had at least the strength to be a quarterback.

After a while the coach called Jake to do basic passing training while the WRs moved as agreed, Jake easily passed the training and missed none.

It was easier because there was no one in defense, but even experienced quarterback could end up missing that training, Coach Jim grinned and was glad to see that he was right about Jake.

At least he already knew that Jake could play on Sunday if Jake could make the hardest passes in the pressure of the match when everyone had a training with the teams of 11 of the attack against the 11 of defense Jake missed many more passes.

This was because with a defensive player the WR could not move exactly as it was in training because he had to clear the defender, so the quarterback must read the move well and set the pass even with the WR out of the pass route.

Even so, no one was mad at Jake who was playing for the first time with the team, just about him hitting the pass and receiving the ball from the Center without knocking it off his team-mates.

Even though Jake still hit some passes and others it was Receiver's fault that he dropped the ball even though Jake's pass was right, all of which made the coach happy as they still had 3 more days to train and hit everything.

After all Jake was just training to set his passing time calmly, but when the opposing defenders pass the Guards (LG / RG) and Tackle (LT / RT), Jake will have to learn to think faster and dodge the opposing defenders that will try to bring it down.

Even though Coach Jim was very pleased with Jake's performance, someone once said that a genius player in one sport could play in other sports and Jake was proving it just as Michael Jordan did.

Too bad Coach Jim thought Jake was too old to start playing football, if Jake had started a few years earlier he might have had a chance to become a pro, but now that was almost impossible unless Jake had amazing talent as a quarterback.

Luckily Jake wasn't even thinking about becoming a pro football player, even though he enjoyed the sport was impossible for what Jake wanted to do in his life, Jake was thinking of playing basketball because he loved the sport and wanted to get very rich.

He also wanted to run in athletics because he loved running and wanted to try to win several gold medals at the Olympics, so love was not the only reason for Jake to do these two sports.

To win medals more easily he could only participate in sports that required more strength or even fighting sports such as judo, even swimming was better suited to winning the medals.

But he knew that it was not possible to do various sports in his life and the marathon involved running and were similar to the method of physical training that Jake already did for basketball, so both sports could be practiced by Jake.
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