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But if Jake tried American football too he would be at great risk even if he could become a professional player, after all the fatigue he would face with this sport that had too much physical contact would be too much and not even the stamina bar could help Jake improve.

In addition, Jake could end up with several injuries that would hinder him with basketball and athletics, if running Jake had already had an injury it was impossible to expect that the same would not happen with American football.

But Jake thought that he could try sometimes to participate in some games and training just to improve his strength, of course, these games would not be at the university or in an NFL team but with some friends.

The other day Jake was even better with his passes, with his hundreds of games in his imagination training space. Jake had already learned several tricks to learn how to predict his mates' passing movements at the right time.

After all, even though in basketball the passes weren't as difficult as in football, Jake's experience still helped, after all, Jake was known to rarely miss a pass in basketball training and games.

In football if Jake could hit a pass every 4 plays he could lead any team to champion, of course, that was easier said than done, Jake hit 1 pass every 10 attempts on his second day.

When everyone saw that Jake was much better and more used to hitting pass times, the defense suddenly opened on the orders of coach Jim and the players of the positions of Defensive End (DE) and Defensive Tackle (DT) understood what the Coach wanted and knocked down Jake who didn't expect it.

Jake was a little confused by what had happened and soon realized that he had suffered a sack from the opposing players, it wasn't that Jake didn't know this could happen but that he understood that the coach was just training him and not letting his opponents go do that.

In addition, Jake knew it should be his attacking teammates' job to protect him as he made the moves, so as he stood he looked bitterly at the coach and his teammates.

"Don't be mad at your teammates Jake, I was the one who planned this, you as a quarterback always have to pay attention to opposing players as you prepare to pass, this time you understand that sometimes the team can make a mistake and you will fall like now."

Of course Jake understood why the coach did that, but Jake couldn't help being upset because he could defend himself if he knew his opponents would pass by his teammates and not suffer Sack.

In the following plays, Jake was always preparing the pass while watching the opposing players, Coach Jim was pleased with it, he thought that if he made Jake caught unprepared he would be more aware after that.

So Jake was now missing more passes but was trying to make passes faster because he was worried that opposing players would try another Sack, now Jake was acting more like a quarterback.

Jake ended up suffering 5 more Sack in training because he didn't have time to pass, but even the coach was surprised how Jake was still able to dodge the DE and DT opponents before being knocked down, which shows how Jake had agility.

When training was over Jake took off his protective gear and went home tired to bathe and rest, Jake couldn't help but think about how hard it was to be a quarterback even in training.

Of course, this was because Jake was not used to it and he still had many limitations on his current training, but since everything was so intense Jake focused more on what the trainer said than what he remembered watching on television.

While Jake was training without him realizing he had fully recovered his best form before the injury, the football team also had to do warm-up and physical training every day before tactical training.

It was a different training from what Jake was used to and much harder than what he did on the basketball team every day, but Jake who had high physical stats and did a lot of physical training every day could do that training easily.

It also made Coach Jim and the other players very surprised, after all, Jake seemed to do the exercises more easily than athletes who were used to doing the same every day, even Jake's repetitive weightlifting training could easily lift more than 100 kg several times.

For over three years Jake was used to doing weight training, even though he couldn't lift weights over 300kg at the hip as many NFL players could easily lift over 200kg.

The other day Coach Jim decided to call Jake to pass on what he had to do in the next days of training from now on, after all, Jake was being trained to participate in the game on Sunday and they didn't have much time to fully prepare it.

"Jake, you've been doing very well in the training we've had so far, but today we'll have to do the full training every day until the game day if you don't understand something you can ask me."

"Complete training? As well?"

"I speak training but more actually it will be more like various simulated games between the attacking and defensive teams, we will have all the plays of a normal game and even the races and score."

So Jake understood, he wanted to do a touchdown or a Field goal, but if he could give a pass to a WR or an RB to touchdown he would be happy too.

As the coach taught the players the way the assistant Jake always knew well came to explain what the training would be like now and also what moves he had to know to do.

So Jake finally understood that his training was so difficult for him because he didn't have many play options and not even the four down attempts that the attacking team usually has to attempt the touchdown.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In games the quarterback usually has 3 different attack options, he can pass the ball and make throws for WR as Jake had been training, he could also pass the ball to RB to try the race or he could run himself to try to advance.

Since in training everyone knew that Jake would only try to make passes as that was what the coach wanted, it was obvious that Jake and WR had a much harder time getting the move, as training started Jake awkwardly called the move they would make.

He thought it was cool to watch the quarterback screaming loudly on television, but it was too embarrassing to do so, in the first play the assistant said that Jake should try the play with RB, Jake was happy because it was the play he found easier for QB do.

Jake didn't know how to analyze the level of his team's players because he wasn't used to watching high school football games, but he had heard from assistants that in the last 4 years the president of Elite school has decided to focus on sports the team School football has always had the best defense.

This was not only because the school invited many talented students from other schools to the Elite school, and had more to do with hiring Coach Jim, he was on the coaching staff of one of the universities that had one of the best teams.

Even though Coach Jim was not the head coach of this team he learned a lot from the coach watching him work and was also responsible for the defensive part of the team, in which one team had more than 40 players and three teams needed to have one. good coaching staff besides the head coach.

Thus at least the defensive part of the Elite football team was guaranteed, and in high school, the attacks of the teams are generally weaker because it is difficult to find a QB who had the strength and good arm to play and who has intelligence as well.

So RB racing is usually the main move, and a firm defense is the best countermeasure for a talented RB, seeing how difficult it was for his team's RB to advance 2 yards in training, Jake saw that the easiest move for him was not Very helpful on staff.

For lack of a good QB after the best student in that position invited by the school that the team was having difficulty winning the state championship again, in the other move Jake would try a race again.

So RB advanced just 2 yards again and the attacking team had advanced just 4 yards and needed at least 6 more for the first dawn, so from what he saw on television Jake knew the coach would ask Jake to try a pass now.

After all, even though there were 4 attempts usually the 4 attempts were made a punt so that the team would not risk losing the ball, Coach Jim asked Jake to try a pass this time as he thought.

So with two WRs on his team, Jake had only two attempts, as the opposing team knew that Jake was not very experienced they could exclude Jake's option by making a race, as this was the 3rd attempt they usually thought the team in the attack would try a pass.

But what Jake didn't know was that he only had one attacking team and one defending team didn't need a punt on the fourth try, but Jake thought he was out of options, Jake received the ball in Shotgun position and moved quickly to the right where I had the most protection.

The coach recommended that Jake make the move with the left WR that would run straight and cut in the middle, but midway through the play, he saw that the defensive team's CB was waiting for this move.

So he decided to play with the right WB who would run straight and cut out getting close to the sideline, luckily the right WB was more free when he cut right and Jake made a Lob Pass and the WB jumped to get the ball safely.

With this move the attacking team had advanced 8 more yards and achieved the first dawn and would continue on the further attack, Jake was happy to get his first dawn playing as QB, he thought it was as satisfying as making points in basketball.
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