217 Bright Future 3

Jake had seen many stories of people who knew about the future and used the best first ideas and became millionaires from it, some even hiring the original owners of the companies to be the presidents.

But Jake knew this wasn't real, even if he created a lot of things ahead of time and created patents for it didn't mean it would work because he wasn't aware of it as the original creators would have.

Not to mention that these big companies often had too much luck to earn so much in the future, and hiring the original creators to work was even more impossible unless he gave them a large percentage of stock.

After all, they created these companies with these ideas because they had talent as entrepreneurs and for technology, so even if they didn't have that idea they would have other ideas to be independent, not so successful anymore these people liked independence.

So Jake knew he had to deal with this opportunity to buy Google very carefully, it was best that he just come in as an investor, but he couldn't wait a few more years and pay many millions, so that would be his opportunity.

Besides, he remembered the many investment opportunities he could make if he could seize all these opportunities it would not be impossible for him to become the richest man in the future.

After that Jake got another good news, her mom could finally organize her work schedules and stay less time in the restaurant, she would come in at 5 am as usual and leave at 6 pm so she would work 5 hours less.

Julius also had a similar work schedule, but he would have to work harder to make various desserts and cakes and prepare before leaving for dinner time, the less important restaurant staff were lucky to have more time to rest.

After all, the restaurant could hire employees to work both shifts, who would have to work the most was Anna who was the person who best understood how to take care of the restaurant, she would come in at 10 am and stay until 11 pm to close the restaurant.

So Eva and Anna would work for a few hours together and take care of lunchtime, which was one of the periods when the restaurant was getting fuller, the restaurant was now almost completely prepared for the new routine that was supposed to last for many years.

Anna and Eva did not think of opening other branches and even if they would open it would be in the franchise system, after all, Jake bought a great spot for the restaurant and the restaurant was very large in space, and now that it was completely full there was nothing else to develop.

Eva just wanted to fulfill her dream of having a restaurant and not being out of work, Anna was paid a very high salary at Eva's restaurant and was like a restaurant partner, so she just wanted to work for a few more years until she couldn't take it anymore when I got older.

Since he had no rent to pay the restaurant income was very high and he could quietly pay good wages for all the employees and there was still money left for Eva to keep and use as he pleased.

Perhaps this was one of the only places in Miami that had good quality service and happy employees, Eva and Anna always came up with ideas for improving customer comfort, which in turn increased the restaurant's popularity and income.

Jake also knew that the new menu was almost done and he promised he would try their new dishes soon, Jake was glad that everything was going well for his mother, now he didn't think he had to worry about her getting depressed again.

Her other friends were fine too, Joseph was still dating Liza and they both seemed to be thinking of getting married after graduating from college, luckily it seemed that Matthew was so busy with the company that he had forgotten to demand that Joseph break up with her.

Now only Clara's situation that could not be resolved in a short time, but Clara had recovered somewhat from the shock of divorce that her ex-husband was trying to end with his company selling to the competitor.

On the subject of Robert's actions, Jake was sure he could buy a share within five years, but he didn't know if Clara would be happy about it, after all, she seemed to want to put all the actions she could in her name, not even Tiffany It was different.

After all, Clara asked Tiffany to lend the money so she could regain Robert's stock and control of the company, but she never talked about Tiffany buying the stock and keeping it for her that Tiffany would surely do.

If something like this were to happen when Jake decided to buy the stock to help Clara, he would not lend them money so easily, after all, it would be as if Clara was saying that she didn't trust the people who were trying to help her.

So Jake was just concentrating on his training now, he went back to doing his training easily running 50 km every day, he felt that he was fine and that this training was very easy for him.

But since he knew it was not a good idea to risk increasing his running speed before increasing his Resistance after what happened in New York, he decided to try to increase his training load in a different way.

Now he decided to increase the distance covered in his daily training, first he increased this distance to 55 km to see if he could run just as easily after all this would not disturb the official marathon even if his condition was not well on race day.

After all, he needed to run just under 43 km anyway, after trying he saw that although it was possible he was still tiring him more, so he decided to continue this same training routine and if he thought it was too easy he would increase some more km.

This training was only temporary, after all, Tiffany had been looking for some time for a coach like Jake had requested, it was not easy to find someone with the necessary qualifications and was still reliable in a short time, so Jake would have to wait.

After a few more weeks the first game of the national championship was getting closer, nothing had happened at that time for Jake.

But that day he had received the money from the distribution of profits and repaid the loan to the bank, at the same time Oliver texted Jake that he had found some homes in Miami that were in safer neighborhoods.

Since he had been living in Matthew's borrowed house for a while, he was eager to buy and move to his new home, as it was more to his mother than to him, so Jake called Eva to choose the house he wanted to live in.

All the houses were mansions and were two-story thousands of square feet in size and dozens of rooms, the houses also had large space near them where Jake thought of making a field for his running training and also a basketball court.

Even though he knew that soon he would have to move. Jake thought that since his and his mother's house was, he would always live there whenever he had free time, so it was better to have a house that would meet all his needs.

The houses also had large pools and other special things that even Eva might like, so it took longer for Oliver to find some houses for Jake and Eva to live in.

Even though she thought all these houses were big and very exaggerated, Eva knew that this house would be bought by Jake because that was what he wanted so Eva didn't complain as always that Jake was spending a lot and just focused on choosing a good house.

After all, even though Eva wasn't sure what Jake was investing in, she knew he was making a lot more money than she could imagine, so she was just so proud of Jake who did all the things she dreamed for her son's life.

Eva chose a beautiful white house that Jake had liked a lot too, so all that was left was to wait for Oliver to prepare all the contracts and the house would be theirs, yet Jake would still have to stay at Matthew's for a while longer.

Because he would have them put an athletic field and a basketball court on the grounds of the new house, Jake also asked his mother to take care of the decoration of the house and buy all the missing furniture.

Meanwhile Jake asked Clara to send a team to set up a small gym in one of the employee houses so that he could do his exercises without worrying, even if he received the free products for sponsorship Jake decided to pay for it.

So they would still have to spend more time at Matthew's house, Jake didn't want Eve to know more about the house cost more than $ 2 million and hundreds of thousands more dollars would have to be spent on decorating the house and renovating what Jake wanted.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jake also asked Emily to take care of hiring new trusted employees for her new home, he had already asked for a security team to be hired after the new home was ready, so Jake would make the excuse that they were new home employees for his new home mom.

So Jake would send a driver and a security guard who would always be protecting Eva when she was away from home or in the restaurant, other security guards would take care of the new home and some would take care of Jake himself when he was out of school.

So he could rest assured that nothing bad happened to him or his family, while Jake also took the opportunity to make a new purchase, he would need to set up a better office for Emily and her investment firm employees to work with.

Jake chose one of the places he had set aside to make Eva's restaurant to buy and make his new office, this place was actually a well-located office building that would serve as a small restaurant for Eva's business expansion.
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