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But since his mother didn't seem to want to do that in a short time Jake decided to buy to make an office for his company, but after a few more years this great place could be sold to someone else.

To buy this place Jake had Emily prepare everything, he even let her decorate her new place of work, so Jake would spend a few hundred thousand dollars, along with the house he bought Jake had spent close to $ 3 million.

Soon Jake received another news, it was Coach Bill who had made a call to advise that the university and the NCAA had accepted that Jake would maintain their sponsorships as long as he did not carry any marks for college basketball games.

Everyone understood that Jake's case was really very special and was really unique and would probably never happen to another player, not to mention that Jake was very talented in basketball and also talented in athletics.

So the university understood that it would lose a lot if Jake gave up entering university and went straight to the NBA because of a little sponsorship, not to mention that the university didn't have to pay Jake anything.

So the NCAA could also use Jake's example to soothe the media that was complaining that it was unfair for students not to receive sponsorship while playing for their university teams, they would show that a player would have other means to earn money.

If Jake could participate in this year's Olympics it would be even better for the university to have a national example as a student, it was less than Jake expected, so he was in such a hurry to win a marathon so he could show that he was a Talented athlete too.

In fact, Jake no longer needed the sponsorship money, but he was thinking of continuing this contract to help Tiffany and Clara who can't invest in Clara's companies until they buy Robert's stock.

In addition, Jake already planned to use this money to invest in cisco shares and also pay the salaries of employees of his new home, he did not want his mother to even think of taking her money that Eva now earned in the restaurant.

Other than that Jake had no income coming in every month, so even though he had millions invested in three companies, he didn't receive dividends every quarter from any of the three.

And as far as he remembered, Amazon would never pay dividends until the time he lived in his past life, so the money he received with sponsorship and winning the next marathons would make it unnecessary for him to sell his cheap shares for little money.

Because of this, he thought he would have to invest in a company that paid dividends after receiving the money when he sold the cisco shares in 2000, of course, he didn't need money now after receiving his profit share from the company. from Matthew.

Jake was also curious that Matthew could spend the money he received from profit sharing this year, since if Jake had received 25 million taking 5 percent, Matthew would have received more than the company's former cash value.

Jake knew that Matthew would not use this money to invest this money and was curious if Matthew would consider investing this money, after all, Jake has offered several times to offer an investment suggestion to Matthew, but Matthew always said he was broke.

Now Jake didn't have the heart to talk about investing with Matthew again, not to mention that now Jake's investment company was already best known for taking care of over $ 30 million in the capital.

While Jake thought about it Matthew asked to talk to him again, even though he didn't know what it was Jake went to Matthew's house to talk to him again.

"Jake, I called you here because I have an important subject to deal with you."

"Say, Matthew, if it's something I can help, I'll do it."

"You had talked to me about investing a few months ago, at the time I couldn't do it, but now with this money I received I can take a part to make some investments, and as you and Oliver have been talking, I think I can make a lot of money from these internet companies."

Jake was very happy to hear that Matthew had finally decided to invest, Jake's biggest fear was that he would get rich and his friends would lose the chance to invest in that time and later criticized him for not encouraging them to invest.

So whenever he could he could tell his friends to invest Tiffany and Clara were in trouble and didn't believe Jake much, and Matthew always said he couldn't invest so Jake was worried and at least knew he had tried.

"I think you do very well Matthew, you can talk to Oliver about it, he knows my company's investments right now are all in cisco stock, tell Oliver you want to invest that he buys the stock for you."

"I want to invest for your investment firm Jake, I heard that you and a lot of investors are making a lot of money from your company and I wanted to join in as well."

"I don't think it's a good idea, Matthew, my company charges 10 percent of all the profits our company makes for you on investments, so I think Oliver better make it for you and you get all the profit."

Jake understood that Matthew and maybe his other friends misunderstood him, he was not interested in profiting from his close friends, he just wanted to help them make money after all this was the best time to invest that Jake knew.

Even if his friends started investing now and sold the stock in 1999 to be safe they could still make a lot of money out of it, so Jake wanted everyone around him to make it.

But Matthew did not know this and found it strange that Jake would reject him in his investment firm, in fact, Matthew was a little suspicious if he could make money even with these technology companies and knew that investing in stocks was very risky.

But after several years Oliver had told him that Jake's company had several times earned the initial investment, and now they had several investors who invested 30 million and were making a lot out of it in no time.

Besides, Matthew knew well that Jake was very good at making money and besides having good ideas he seems to be very lucky, so now that he had money he decided to trust Jake and see if he could make even more money.

But he didn't expect Jake to refuse his participation and ask him to talk to Oliver, Matthew well understood that Jake's company could charge 10 percent of the profits and that could be a lot of money.

But Matthew saw it differently, the investment firm charges 10 percent of the investment's profits, and Jake still said he thought Matthew could lose a lot by giving that 10 percent.

This was to show that Jake was very confident in his firm that would work for several years taking care of the investment just to earn 10 percent of a possible profit, plus when Matthew and other investors handed over the money to an investment firm if they lost it would all be Jake's and his company's reputation that would be damaged.

So for Matthew that 10 percent of a possible profit was more than fair to pay the company that would give him many millions if he gave this money to Oliver he knew that his son could not be all the time paying attention to sell the actions at the right time and earn more.

"But did you talk a few years ago to leave with your company to take care of my investment?"

"That was because as you are my friend I wouldn't ask for anything to take care of your investment, but now I can't take care of it without asking anything because I covered 10 percent of Emily's acquaintances."

"No problem, I think 10 percent is very fair, I trust your company can take better care of my investment than my son who is worried about many other things."

"If you think that's okay, I promise to take good care of your investment, how much do you intend to invest?"

Prior to this conversation Matthew intended to invest giving 50 million for Jake's company to invest after all he had to count on losing all that money by investing in stocks, but now he had changed his mind after seeing how confident Jake was in his company, his entrepreneurial instincts said he would regret not investing much more.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Also, next year his company would earn a lot more and he didn't have to worry about running out of money, so he decided to invest almost everything he had received and would get only part of that money, if he made a lot he would be just happier than Oliver and Joseph's future was guaranteed.

"Then I'll give you 300 million dollars to decide how to invest Jake if I make at least a tenth of that I would be very happy."

Matthew knew it was very difficult to make money from stocks, so he also knew that the more he invested the more he could earn in a short time, Jake knew it too and was surprised when he learned that Matthew would invest 300 million, but was soon happy knowing that his friend would make a lot out of it.

When Jake told Emily that she had a 300 million investment in the company she almost went crazy, she was very stressed about taking care of buying and organizing the company's new office and still seeing the 30 million investments.

But now she probably couldn't even sleep with stress knowing she was working so hard, especially in a business that was too risky and uninsured.

She didn't even want to imagine what would happen if Jake's company made a mistake and lost those over 330 million now, so she had to make sure she was doing a good job in the next few years.

The person who was most at ease with all of this was Jake himself, after all, he knew the future and didn't have to worry about any mistakes or falling stocks, he was just thinking of selling these stocks first to make sure it wouldn't be his company that would accelerate the bubble burst.
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