225 Last National High School Championship 3

Even though everyone was training even harder to be able to play even better in the final two games of the national championship it was obvious that everyone was very confident and many were right about the victory.

That was not strange after all the Elite team was almost the same as it was last year's champion, in another year it was normal for everyone to think they got better and now they still had two great new players on the team to further improve their chances to win.

Of course, the biggest confidence of them all was Jake who was a great player who had no one like him in today's high school even though he didn't break any records in every game like last year Jake was still doing a media 35 points per game in this national championship.

Not to mention that Jake was still the team's best player in defense and controlled the game with his assists, so Coach Mike expected Nathan and Lucas to play much better so they could replace Jake next year.

Coach Mike knew it was impossible to find another player of the same rank as Jake to replace him next year, so he hoped that Nathan and Lucas together could do that, even if the team's skill level dropped, they could still try win again the national championship next year.

Coach Mike had heard a report that this year's Middle School basketball team had two great players coming into high school next year, they were the Center and PF of the starting team when Lucas and Nathan were in Middle School and won last year.

It looked like they should win the Middle School national championship this year too, so even though next year it was difficult for the Elite team to be national champions again in two more years they could try another two-time championship.

But that had nothing to do with Jake leaving school after the end of this semester to go to university, this week he was doing his best in training if he put in hours his full training beyond his time in school would give 10 hours per training day.

More than 4 hours for 60km running training, close to 1 hour for football team physical training, close to 1 hour of individual physical training, more than 2 hours for team play training at school and 1 hour doing the 3-point shooting drills he did whenever he could.

Before his training was no more than 6 hours normally, and before starting marathon training he trained less than 4 hours a day, so the more time passed the heavier Jake's training had to be in order to earn statistics points.

If anyone saw his training routine he would not doubt that Jake could compete in both athletics and basketball, of course on days when he had a business to take care of his routine it would decrease by many hours and sometimes he would not do his longer running training.

So while Jake was still doing his training during the week Oliver said he had something to talk to him about, even though the two of them were friends Oliver rarely called Jake to his house when he didn't have an important subject to say.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

So Jake usually got tense when he was called, after all the last thing Oliver had to talk about was the problem with his friend Joseph's dating, luckily Matthew seemed to have completely forgotten about that after the successful digital camera sales.

"Hi Oliver, what happened to you calling me here?"

"You're my friend Jake, I can't just call you to talk."

"Of course you can, I'd be happy if you always called me in to talk and had no problem."

"I called you here for two matters, the first is to say that your house is ready for you and your mother to move, even if the court and athletic field you asked for is not ready yet this place is too far from your home and shouldn't bother you if you want to move there."

Jake was glad to know that he could finally go to his own house, it was very uncomfortable to be at Matthew's house even though the house was great and Jake was a close friend of Matthew's, and Eva must be even happier about it than he was.

As for the court and his athletic field would be something Jake wouldn't have to worry about at the moment, after all, he didn't need a place of his own yet, after finishing the national championship Jake would take a break for the Olympics and then go to university.

That would be things Jake hardly even thought of using for now, what Jake cared about most was that his mother was comfortable in the new home and that her safety was assured, after all, Eva would be home alone when Jake was in college.

"The other subject I wanted to ask was which university are you going to after high school?"

"It will be the University of North Carolina."

"So it's a shame, but I don't think Joseph is going to study at the same university you're not?"

"I don't think so Oliver, actually I don't know if he was in the same university as his girlfriend, but I think you can rest easy now Oliver, Joseph is no longer that boy from a few years ago."

"He has changed a lot and is much more confident now, I'm sure he will have no trouble finding new friends at his new university."

"I believe that too, but I would feel much safer if Joseph was at the same university as you Jake, you always took such good care of him."

"I think it's going to be good for him to mature even more by this time, he's almost an adult now and he has to know how to take care of himself too, not to mention that even though we were going to do the same course at university he has to choose with the best teaching and mine will be the best basketball."

Jake also thought that studying at the largest universities in the world like Harvard or Princeton among others, but he knew very well that a university degree meant nothing to his future.

After all Jake wanted to be a professional basketball player and play in the NBA until he was 40 and still play other sports and win a lot of Olympic medals, even after that Jake spent a lot of time studying since he was 10 and also in his past life to learn about Business.

In fact, Jake didn't expect to learn anything new and just wanted to get his degree later, plus with Jake's investments now in the stock market he would have tens of billions after retiring from basketball and would not have to worry about working ever again if you didn't want to.

But Joseph still had a lot to learn at the university, and it would be best if he continued to study after that, after a few more years Matthew's company would be worth billions of dollars, and Joseph had to know how to handle it.

Fortunately, Matthew was still in good health and could run the company for at least another 10 years, which would give Joseph time to learn what he would need, and Oliver would always be by his side for advice whenever Joseph needed it.

"Not to mention that after Joseph University you probably think about getting married, maybe you'll soon be Grandpa Oliver."

"I don't think they will do it anytime soon, but we have to see if my dad will approve of this relationship, at the moment he may be busy and has forgotten about it, but I don't think it will always be that way."

"And you Jake, are you thinking of having a girlfriend?"

"Not now, maybe after college, after all, I'm very young yet, but you're the one who needs to meet someone in Oliver, you get older every day and it's best to find someone to stay with you now that Joseph has grown."

"I don't think about meeting anyone now, I don't like people I know my age very much and I don't think it's right to meet someone younger than me, so I'll have to wait and see if I can find anyone."

After talking for a while Jake returned home after calling the moving company he had already booked since he bought the house, the other day Jake would finally move to the new house, he had to wait another day to warn your mother that she would come home at night.

When Eve got home she was very happy to know that her new home was ready for them to move, she was also feeling uncomfortable living in a house that was not hers, but today would be the last day.

In fact, she was the one who had been saddened to have to move to a new home, after all, she had the most memories of the house where she lived before Jake was born, but for her and her son's safety, she agreed to move to a new home Larger house.

The other day Jake made all the move to the new house while his mother worked after he handed the key to Oliver because he thought it was safer than leaving in the concierge, so Jake now finally had a mansion as he had always dreamed of in his past life.

Several of his dreams had come true on his second chance, he was already very wealthy and had a mansion, the best cars, and a yacht could wait a few more years, his dream of entering a university to fulfill his mother's dream it was also close to fulfillment.

Jake had also been able to let his mother live happily, but that was something to do for a lifetime and was accomplished now, getting into the NBA and being champion would also take a few more years, the hardest thing was finding a woman he loved and having a family.

But Jake knew he still had many years to live to fulfill all those dreams, now he just had to think about the weekend game that would be the national championship semifinal game.

Nathan, who had started as a starter, played very well and received more praise than Lucas in the game, so now Carter was the player who contributed the least to the team in the games and yet he was still very good and could play on any team in high school.
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