234 Last National High School Championship 12

After playing basketball for many years at High School Jake came to understand that the players in his imagination training space even with better statistics played worse than the real players.

The reason for that was simple, it was because the players in the imagination training space just having too many plays were all programmed like a computer, which meant they didn't have the ability to improvise as humans did.

So Jake thought that the high school students on the strongest teams played better than the players in his imagination, even if those players had college skill ranks.

But since the system that knew everything had suggested it Jake decided to play as he practiced in his imagination training space, after all, he had few choices in a game like this, even if he hits all attacks and scores several points if opponents do The same is no good.

Juan received the ball and began to arrange another play, after passing through the middle of the court he passed the ball to Ivan who was on the left, Ivan advanced before the three-point line and passed the ball to his team PF.

The PF held the ball a little and passed it to Rowan who was inside, Rowan was no longer afraid of Jake's defense, even though knowing the opposing PG was excellent in defense Center's position was not easy for anyone to play.

Rowan spun again using his ability and tried to finish the play with a layup, this time Jake stood still and with his incredible speed of reaction climbed along with Rowan to make the block and end the play of the opposing team.

Rowan was shocked that Jake got a block on him, because Rowan was six inches taller than Jake, even if he was unaware it wouldn't be that easy for Jake to do that.

The crowd applauded this move and cheered for the Elite team again, this was a much more boring game than usual for the fans, they expected to see a show from both teams, but there were not many dunks or beautiful moves being made.

All of Jake's friends who came to watch this game were excited too, and they waited again for Jake's victory in the game, Tiffany and Clara as Eva and Lola were the tensest about this game.

After all, they were the ones who most understood how important this game was to Jake and also understood basketball enough to realize that even Jake playing this game very well was hard for the Jake team to beat.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Eva was mostly being the most emotional in the crowd, she could still remember how Jake told her that he thought this game would be too hard to win, Eva wanted to see her son happy and came to see the game for Jake to win again.

Mark was another cheerleader who was deeply emotionally involved in this game, he was just like the players almost giving up waiting for an Elite team win in a game played like this if the third period ended with more than 6 points lead for the team From Dogs the game would be over.

Even though it was not his fault that he was injured, Mark suffered when he saw that the strategy that was killing his team was to attack in the area he was usually responsible for defending.

Eric was also apprehensive, even though as a journalist he should remain neutral in a game like this and not cheer for anyone, Eric has been following Jake for many years now and they are friends.

So it was impossible for him to remain without bothering to see his friend's team losing, but unlike the others in the crowd, he hoped Jake could do something amazing and change the outcome of the game, and it looked like it could start happening now.

After Jake's block, the Elite team again felt like winning the game, realizing that the Dogs team decided to strike the same way again to show that what Jake did was a lucky move.

So after Juan commanded another attack the ball passed Ashton until it reached Rowan's hands again, in a similar move Rowan tried to layup again, but this time he was alert to Jake's attempt to intercept the move.

Jake again reacted quickly and climbed along, Jake was playing just as he did in his system space drills and as a move, he made hundreds of times he was quick and decisive in moving his hands and making the block again.

When Rowan can react Jake had already taken the ball if his hands with a touch, so the same block play was repeated again for the cheer of the fans and to raise the cheer of the players of the Elite team.

At the end of the third period, the Dogs team was ahead by just 1 point again, it was amazing to think that the difference in the scoreboard reached 8 points in this game period, Jake made all the difference by making 15 points.

In addition, Jake made 4 blocks in this period of play, so in total Jake had 35 points, 13 assists, 10 rebounds, 9 steals, and 4 blocks, he already had a triple-double and was going to further improve his statistics in the game.

The Dogs team coach could not believe what was happening, a game that was practically won changed completely because of only one player, even worse was that Jake was a PG and was playing better than his team's Center in position from Center.

In the fourth period the Elite team returned to play well and missed much less in the attack, it seemed that they had confidence in Jake who was the captain and could play with less pressure and miss fewer attacks.

The Dogs team was in a dilemma, with Jake's incredible plays in defense. The defense of the entire Elite team improved a lot, so they were even less likely to attack with mid-range shots and outside shots.

Even though knowing that Jake would get several blocks the Dogs team had no choice but to attack inside, of course, it was impossible for Jake to block every move, if he tried always would end up making many fouls and being sent off.

After a fourth period played again the Elite team finally managed to win the game by 4 points, with a minute left before the end of the game. Jake made a steal and got a three-point shot, so the Elite team eventually won.

First, they complimented the opponents for playing very well, if it wasn't for Jake on the Elite team the outcome of the game would be another for sure, then they finally celebrated, Jake and Carter went to the stands and brought Mark to celebrate the title too and catch the medal.

Jake went to the stands again and gave his mother a hug near Lola, then Jake stayed close to Eva until they called him to the court again, Lola got a little jealous of Eva and also wanted a hug, but Jake just He smiled at her before returning to the court.

After all Jake already knew that Lola liked him and did not want to act with her doing things that could generate misunderstandings and give false hopes to Lola, even though after a few years Jake intended to date her if Lola still wanted nothing was definitive.

Jake returned to the court and celebrated with his teammates again, as the awards went on, some players like Mark, Harrison and David were crying to hear it was their last game together.

Carter didn't cry and Jake just smiled, he had been through a lot to cry for something like that, he understood the emotion well, but everyone would still play at university so it wasn't like they were saying goodbye to basketball.

And they could meet again in the future, with the emerging internet Jake knew well that people just wouldn't talk if they didn't want the distance would no longer be a problem, Jake received the national champion trophy again and celebrated again with his colleague's Team.

After Jake received the MVP prize of this year's national championship too, in this final game he made 51 points, 16 assists, 15 rebounds, 12 steals, and 11 blocks, it was a quintuple Double that just for that Jake deserved the prize.

After the awards, everyone from the stands left and Jake didn't have time to say goodbye to his friends who came to watch the game, not even Eric had stayed after the game, after all, Eric was no longer responsible for interviewing high school players nor College players.

Jake made a brief interview with the reporters nearby, again for the photos he tried to show his various sponsors along with the school uniform, after this game Jake would go back in history as one of the only players to score a double quintuple.

Jake invited all his teammates to his house, eat his mom's breakfast feast, Eva just laughed when she saw Jake invite his friends, after all, she was just kidding earlier when she told him to do it.

All were less Mark was injured and had promised his mother to come home soon after the game, everyone was impressed with Jake's new home, they still didn't know that Jake was rich now as at the beginning at school he was a scholar and middle class like all of them.

Luckily everyone was smart and no one talked about it, otherwise Jake wouldn't know how to explain how he had so much money, after all, Jake now made money in many ways, only the marathon he won this year could pay his employees' salary for a few months.

Not to mention the 10 million that Jake still had in the bank, after everyone had eaten there was still food left, seeing that Eva had to assume she had actually overreacted for breakfast after everyone left Jake can finally rest.

This game ended happily with the Elite team's victory, and also marked Jake's farewell to high school basketball, even though he lost 2 years in which he could have played it was a good experience those 4 years at Elite school.

Maybe after a few years, Elite school becomes famous like many others for being where it studied one of the NBA basketball stars, but that is still just a possibility in Jake's life as an athlete.
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