243 Preparations For The Olympics 9

If Jake could ever win several gold medals and win some NBA awards, the director would be considered a visionary for talking about it in the movie, of course, the director was probably not thinking about it.

In fact, Director Crowe didn't even count on Jake being able to win the marathon at these Olympics, he just knew that Jake was really talented and that they would compete at this Olympiad and perhaps several other Olympics.

So the director was thinking more about the short-term impact that Jake could have on the movie if Jake was good at the Olympics the director could use Jake as part of the movie's marketing and attract more people to watch the movie.

After all Director Crowe didn't know about the future like Jake, he had no way of knowing that his movie even without Jake helping in marketing could become one of the box office champions that year 1996, if that happens after Jake appears the director might even relate Jake's appearance with the success of the movie.

Jake hoped something like this would happen, so he could have more invitations to perform in other movies in the future, so Jake could choose to appear only in movies where he knew the movie would be a hit or had good reviews.

So Jake could be known for only acting in hit movies which would be good for his image as an actor, Jake was only 17 now and could still stay in the movie business for another 25 years with his looks.

On the first day, Jake spent a few hours shooting the scenes that director Crowe wanted as the director hoped Jake had great acting skills and went through exactly what the director wanted in a few tries.

It was impossible for Jake to get it all at first, even knowing what the director wanted him to do after all This was not just a regular commercial but a Hollywood movie that was known for its quality.

After a few hours Principal Crowe and the film crew left school, the principal did not have time to check on the video if the scenes had turned out well, but the time they had asked for the recording school was over.

As a guarantee, the director had asked for three days, but he didn't think it would be necessary after Jake was acting after they returned to the hotel the director checked the recording and saw that they got better than he expected so the recordings of these scenes with Jake were closed.

Jake still had one more scene to record and then his participation in the movie would end, after all the movie was more about American football than other sports, and Jake could not participate in those scenes.

Jake was thinking that he could play Frank Cushman the "Cush", Cush was a quarterback that would be the number one pick in the NFL Draft, but even that Cush didn't have many appearances in the movie.

After checking Jake's recordings for the day, director Crowe called Jake to dinner with him at the hotel, after all the director was also a big sports fan and hoped that Jake could really succeed in sports not just because of the movie.

Because the director thought Jake was very talented and could also add a lot to the sport in the coming years, Jake didn't know what director Crowe was thinking but accepted dinner with the director because he thought they would talk about the movie.

"You were very good at recording today Jake, I thought you had talent when I saw you recording those commercials, but the way you performed today it seemed like you had taken drama classes before."

"I've never done any of this in my 17 years of life, not because I didn't want to, but because I never had time, having to go to school all these years I found it hard to have time to train for basketball games."

Crowe also agreed with what Jake was saying, someone who played basketball and studied should not have time for anything, let alone do some drama classes, if that still showed Jake had a huge talent and potential for film.

Prior to this movie director, Crowe just considered inviting Jake to his movie on a whim, but now it seemed that in the future he might give Jake a chance to play a bigger role in one of his future films.

"You must have spent many years training to be so good at marathons too, haven't you?"

"Not really, I've started working hard for athletics in the last 2 years, but I was so successful because I've been training my body for basketball since I was 10, so I was over 4 years old before to start training."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Crowe was impressed by this, he had heard that basketball and football were the most demanding sports and training in the world, especially in the United States that had the NFL and the NBA.

He even once heard that a player who can excel in the NBA or NFL could compete at a high level in any sport, now he had to believe that because Jake was proof that this was true.

"Do I have to shoot any scenes, tomorrow director?"

"Yes, luckily you did very well today so we could get our work done a few days, so let's try to shoot this scene in the next few days so you can get back to your training."

Jake was happy to have more scenes to shoot the other day, even if he wanted more scenes he knew this was impossible, so it was better to get it over with quickly and so Jake would be totally focused on his training until the start of the Olympics.

Even if he had been expecting so much Jake knew he had a good chance he might not even appear in the movie after director Crowe was edited, but he would be happy to have recorded for that movie just the same.

Not to mention that he had today's recordings on his camcorder as well, after that they talked about a few more things before Jake left for his hotel, the next day he would record with Tom Cruise, so he was anxious.

Arriving at the hotel Jake thought of sleeping early to wake up well-rested, but was very eager to sleep, he knew he had done well on the day of recording because he was alone and so could just do the way he knew.

But he did not know how the scene would be recorded the next day, after all in the script just said he would have a dialogue with Tom Cruise, but did not say exactly how it would be done, Jake knew more or less in which scene this speech could happen, but that it was impossible to happen in Miami.

Jake tried to calm down because he knew that being nervous and insecure could cause him to fail to act properly the next day, so while he was thinking about how to calm down and sleep the system spoke to him again.

[If you are not confident that everything will work out of course why not make acting as your fourth job?]

"You yourself said that having too many jobs could affect my focus, even if you said that for sports I think this goes for all my jobs, after all, I am trying to increase the statistics of my second job after I got it."

[If that's what you're worried about, you can rest easy, this work won't create any new statistics and can still give you some useful skills.]

Jake was excited after hearing this, he knew that when the system said something was good that thing could help him a lot in the future, so Jake decided not to hesitate anymore and accept the councils of the system as he always did.

"Alright then, Fate, I want my fourth job to be an actor."

[So that's done, do you want to see your statistics window?]

"Yes, show me."

[Here it is.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 17 years]

[Job: Actor]

[Intelligence 59]

[Luck 99]

[Charm 39]

[Eloquence 39]


Active Techniques

[Emotion Control D]

[Communication Skills B]

[Photographic Memory B]

[Positioning B]


Jake was happy to see his new statistics window for his fourth job, just as the system had already said no new statistics were created and just as Jake had thought before the charm and eloquence statistics were the most important he had received from the system. in your second job.

In addition, the skills he had received were as important as the system had said, in terms of maximum utility and rarity they lost a little to the skills of his second job that were the most useful he could have for his life.

But even if those skills were put in his fourth job, they could also be used in basketball games, even more, positioning was a fundamental skill for a Center and for him who was fighting for rebounds.

Jake could also know that if he raised these 4 skills to the S rank he would be the best actor in the world, but of course Jake knew well that raising his skills to the S rank would be much harder until the skills of his third job and just a little easier than basketball.

[I'll explain these skills to you Jake, Emotion Control must be a skill you understand as it works the higher the rank of this skill the more you can control your emotions, you can hide the sadness or start crying suddenly.]

[With the rank of this skill increases you will also be able to perceive the true emotion of others as well, so something that happened to your mother in her past life of hiding that she was depressed can never happen again.]

[Besides, you can also express your emotion much better by your facial expression, so you could even act in a silent movie.]

Jake was surprised that this Emotion Control skill was more useful than he thought before, he could literally control his emotions and know all about it, along with his See Through ability from his second job no one in the world could lie or hide anything anymore for him.

With that Jake could start working as a detective or police officer and even get into the FBI, most importantly that he could better understand his mother and women in general, it would be much easier for him to find a girlfriend now.

If the system knew what Jake was thinking he would go crazy if the statistic of charm and eloquence increased further with his current skills he could win any woman he wanted and would be the ideal man for many who expect to be understood by their husbands.
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