248 The Olympics 4

Jake just said he'd come back whenever he could just to comfort Lola for some reason if Jake was really a 17-year-old he'd never stop dating a girl like Lola who was beautiful and affectionate.

But Jake had a mindset of over 45 now, so he knew that if he did that he would be a scoundrel and would end up hurting Lola even more now, in fact, what kept Jake from trying to stay with Lola the most was that she was Pure of heart.

He didn't love Jenny either, but she was a girl who wouldn't be heartbroken even if Jake broke up with her, so he tried to have a relationship with her, of course, he wasn't just playing with Jenny and was really thinking about taking the relationship of them the serious.

He didn't expect it to be Jenny who would eventually break his heart, so Jake didn't want to do the same to Lola, he quickly went out to meet his mother and Anna so as not to embarrass Lola who was almost crying.

"Hi mom, hi Anna."

"Jake, I didn't know you would come here, congratulations on winning that gold medal, I was very proud of you, if you were in another country or even another city I'm sure you would ride the fire truck, you're in Miami, the people here are used to champions."

"Hahaha I'd say I was lucky then, I didn't want to be ashamed of that, I know it's an honor for some, but I'd be very embarrassed to do that."

"My son is too shy to do something like that, but he looked like a proud peacock waving and celebrating with the stadium of thousands after winning the marathon."

"Of course I would be proud of it, I trained a lot to win such a victory."

"You didn't bring me any autographs from Tom Cruise, Jake, you should get one for me too besides your mother."

"You didn't ask for me, I can give you an autograph instead, it's not worth that much, but it's a mix of an actor's autograph and a gold medal winner at the Olympics."

"So give me your autograph, that's what I really wanted."

After that Jake talked to Anna and Eva a bit more and left the restaurant, Anna wasn't that sad about Jake going to college, after all, she knew Jake would come back whenever he could, and a city like Miami wouldn't be home forever of Jake, Jake would be someone who would travel across the country after joining the NBA.

The other day Jake wanted to talk to his sponsors, but Oliver called Jake to his house, he said Matthew would be there too, so Jake decided to say goodbye first of both, he knew he would still have to see Matthew a lot because of the company, but Oliver he wouldn't see that much.

"Hi Jake, sorry for calling you suddenly, I don't know if you were busy with anything."

"No problem Oliver, I'd come here after any way to say goodbye before I go to university."

"I thought you wouldn't come here, Joseph already went to New Jersey to see the university, I just wanted to say goodbye to you and thank you for helping Joseph so much in those years, if it wasn't for you, he wouldn't get this vacancy at Princeton."

"He's my friend, of course, I would help him out, besides, he's smart and would get this vacancy on his own with a little more effort."

"Glad to hear it, my dad is there in the office, you can go talk to him."

So Jake went to see Matthew in the office, Jake believed he could still see Oliver many times in these upcoming semesters while Oliver still lived in Miami, after all, Oliver always helped Jake a lot when he could.

"Hi Matthew, Oliver said you wanted to talk to me."

"Jake, first congratulations on winning this gold medal, I watched that marathon and was very happy to see you win."

"Thank you."

"I called you here to talk about the company, with you at university it will be difficult for us to talk about the company easily like that."

"Whenever you have something important to talk to me you can talk to Emily or to myself, I can come here or you go to college."

"I know that I mean I can't talk about things that aren't that important, so it's always good to hear your advice about the company's products."

"I invested some of that profit last year on factory improvements and building a new factory, and I hired a few more employees and definitely hired those who were temporary last year."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I also increased the salary of those working on digital camera technology development and to shrink and refine the camera to be placed on cell phones in the future as you suggested."

"Part of that money I left for product inventory and part of that I invested in advertising and new product developments, the camera we were expecting is ready and much better than what we're selling now."

"So early next year we will put this new digital camera on the market, and in the coming years we will start trying to talk to some mobile companies to partner with."

To others, it might seem funny that Matthew who was the oldest and owner of more than 75 percent of the company was reporting the company's progress to Jake who was much younger and had only 5 percent of the shares that were given by Matthew himself.

But Matthew didn't think it was wrong, Jake had saved the company and made their value so high in recent years, so Matthew believed everything Jake said until something could go wrong.

Jake also knew that Matthew was very competent and so the company can improve so much with just a few councils he gave Matthew, it was always important to invest in technology and product development.

How Jake helped the technicians who were developing the technology by guiding them on the right track, Matthew's new digital camera was already far superior to other competitors and different from the camera currently on the market.

"I think you are doing everything right Matthew, but tell the techs to continue and develop this new digital camera, we have almost 6 months for it, this camera that we are currently selling has served to open the doors of the market and put the name of your company to the international market."

"But the next digital camera that your company puts on the market will have to be far superior to all competing companies, so that will be the pillar for you to negotiate with the mobile companies over the coming years for a partnership agreement."

"Unfortunately, I did some research and I think it will be difficult in the next few years to partner with computer companies, Apple has already developed their own digital camera and a contract with Microsoft could end up bad for your company."

After improving memory Jake realized that it would be much harder than he thought to partner with a cellphone or laptop company, the companies that started putting cameras into laptops after 2000 were the ones that had started producing cameras before.

Even smartphone companies at first didn't care so much about camera quality, they just cared about having a basic camera on their cell phones, so Jake knew it could be problematic for Matthew's company to find a suitable partner.

Not to mention that although Jake helped Matthew's company he didn't want to change the future, so Jake would have to have a partnership that would be worth it to Matthew's company like Samsung or Apple.

Matthew also understood that it would be difficult to exploit a new market and they would have to have a good business partner to secure a good future for the company, so for now, they would have to keep focusing on digital camera sales.

"So you think we have to keep investing in this technology even if we don't know if it can work?"

"The technology is sure to work, the problem is just finding a handset company that has good sales and that won't betray us by starting to develop its own technology while having an exclusive contract with your company."

That was really the biggest problem Jake had with the new technology, it could easily be stolen and researched, so they had to have a partnership that would guarantee the company billions of dollars and thus finance their company's future technology development forever being in the lead.

Jake had the advantage of knowing the market by 2019 so unless they are not able to create the technology Jake knows it shouldn't be too much of a problem to stay ahead of the rest of the market.

Matthew also trusted Jake a lot, so he would continue to invest a lot in this technology, in the future they could at most sell what they developed to recover the money invested.

Not to mention that developing this technology also helped Matthew's company to better develop the technology of his new digital cameras, so none of this was lost, nor would Matthew have to spend much on an investment after the initial investment he had already made.

"I had an idea, Matthew, your company is currently focused only on digital camera sales which made a lot of profit last year, but what do you think about taking advantage of this ready-made technology you developed to start selling a webcam?"

Matthew was a businessman who always wanted to know everything about the tech industry, so he knew what a webcam was, he had a QuickCam in his office himself.

But he didn't have such a broad view of the market and hadn't even thought he was developing a webcam-like technology, in fact, Jake had given him several insights into a technology that was ahead of QuickCam.

"It's okay if you don't understand how Matthew can be done, just have one of the technology developers we were investing in for cell phones to do reverse engineer and disassemble QuickCam, so they immediately understood how to produce and file a patent if their company hasn't done it yet."

Jake knew that a webcam would be one of technology's best inventions for years to come, so it was much easier for Matthew to dominate this market and do even better than Apple that would try to dominate this market in a few years.
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