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Jake knew, of course, that webcam sales could not come in even a portion of digital camera sales, but it was only for webcam sales to fund future development for smartphones.

Matthew understood this and agreed to do so and had this technology immediately researched, so Matthew's company would have more products to sell, after which Jake left Oliver's house and prepared to visit his sponsors.

Since the technology that was better than the current webcam was ready, Matthew had only to worry about the cost of production if it would be much lower because Matthew had an excellent factory for production.

When he got home, Jake began to think about the things he had said to Matthew, after he gained his fourth job skills. Jake's memory improved a lot and he remembered one of the technologies he could leverage after his time back.

Jake didn't write famous movies of the future as his own because that would be a big change in the future of cinema and it would also be like stealing a person, but he just didn't start a tech company before 2000 to take advantage of this great time for investments in the movie because he had neither financial capital nor the ability to run a business.

But he remembered a great idea that just needed a bit of technology development and a patent to make Jake very rich in the future, so he couldn't see why he didn't take that chance.

So Jake talked to some people who worked as developers of Matthew's product technologies and asked them to recommend to him a group of university geniuses they attended for Jake to hire them.

Jake just wanted to start a small tech company to develop this technology and didn't need to hire these people for long if they didn't want to if they wanted to keep working for him, Jake didn't mind paying a good salary for a few years.

After a few days, Jake asked Emily to register a technology company in his name, Emily didn't ask the reason and just did what Jake asked, she really needed to talk to him about the yield on the company's stock investments.

Jake didn't mind buying a building for the new company, after all, he would ask the young people to develop the technology at their own university, after all, Jake only imported the patent.

After a few days 3 men showed up to talk to Jake, they were doing Ph.D. at Stanford, Jake thought it was very coincidental that they studied at the same place the google founders would study.

The three seemed curious about the work, they knew that Jake, although younger than them, was very rich and intelligent, after all the friends who called them said that Jake was the one who gave the ideas for the technologies they developed.

So the three who were very close friends decided to accept if it was a well-paid job like their friends at Matthew's company, the most responsible of the three was named Charlie and he was going to talk to Jake about the job.

"Hi Jake, my name is Charlie and I will represent my friends in this conversation, we want to know which technology you want me to develop for you and what is the salary."

"Well Charlie, I want you to work for me at least until after the technology is developed, you'll get the same as your friends at Matthew's company for as long as you work for me."

"Once the product is developed until it is enough for me to be able to file several patents on it, we'll see if you want to continue working for me or if you want the freedom to work elsewhere."

Charlie and his friends thought it was really best for them, so after they finished Ph.D. at Stanford they could decide if they wanted to stay employed or want to go to another company, the salary their friends earned from Matthew's company was great for them too.

Jake was pleased when he saw that Charlie and his friends liked the proposal he made so he first showed what the rewards were before telling them what restrictions they would have.

"When the patents I want are authorized I will give you a bonus, but if you agree to work for me you will have to sign some confidentiality and intellectual property agreement agreements."

The three of them didn't get bored because they needed to sign a contract for that, but they understood what the contracts meant and figured out what they had to create was very important for Jake to create these restrictions.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jake was just being cautious, he really had a lawyer as an assistant and wouldn't waste much time creating those contracts that would guarantee his rights, Jake was very pleased when he saw that they accepted.

After that Jake asked Emily to have someone bring the contracts for them to sign as soon as she could so Emily saw that Jake must be doing something important and set the investment firm aside to take Jake's requests quickly.

"The technology I want you to develop actually already exists, so I believe it will be much easier for you, I want a product that this technology can be used with, the technology is Multi-touch."

In fact, they didn't know this technology and so Jake explained what the technology was and what he wanted to be created from it in detail, the three of them were impressed with Jake's knowledge and insight into explaining a product that didn't even exist.

So they could understand why Jake could help his friends develop Matthew's technologies and products faster, after all, having a clear picture of a product of a technology that already existed was so much easier.

Unfortunately, unlike Jake's idea for this patent to be created, Charlie said they needed somewhere to work and more money to buy the components that needed to be created.

So Jake understood that he was being very naive after all even though he wasn't trying to create a smartphone he was trying to create the technology that was the fundamental part of the smartphone.

Jake was also smart and just explained how the touchscreen worked and not what it could be used for, so it could stimulate their interest and not tell the most important application of the product.

Jake was also thinking that if the three of them did a good job he could keep them in business by developing a prototype smartphone and android operating system that was the future of technology.

But he was not in a hurry because he knew it would be many years before this technology was fully developed and patented, the android operating system could be a good contribution for Jake to buy Google in the future.

Even though he had many plans Jake had to wait for the things he started now to be done before thinking so far into the future, Charlie and his friends stayed in Miami while they waited for Emily to organize the necessary things.

Meanwhile Jake talked to Charlie about where they could open a place so they could develop Multi-touch technology more easily, after all, Jake said he wants to see it in at most 1 year ready to apply for the patent.

After a few days, Emily arrived with the contracts ready and also with the company registration that Jake asked her to create while Charlie was studying the contract Jake went with Emily to another room because Emily wanted to show him the results of those months of investment.

Jake wasn't that excited because he already knew the future, but Emily was thrilled to see that the money invested had almost doubled with the stock price increase, it was normal for her to get excited, after all, she would receive 1 percent of everything Jake earn after these shares are sold.

Jake said Emily would have to meet him at the university from now on if she wanted to talk business, and Emily understood that the least important things could be said over the phone.

Charlie and his friends had already read and signed the contracts and so were officially hired by Jake after Emily left Jake began to fully explain the product he wanted to see and what functions the touchscreen would have to perform.

So they finally began to see Jake's ideas and visions and surprisingly found the idea viable and were excited, but they said that for the patent to come out they would have to plug the screen into something to be more valid.

This was a bit more complicated in their view, but Jake quickly worked out what a smartphone would look like, so to get the patent he just asked for a calculator and could write some texts.

After all, the biggest problem with creating a smartphone was making the connections with the signal, the battery, the memory, and the internet, so just using the touchscreen to make small texts and a calculator would allow Jake to get the patent on the touchscreen and Multi-touch.

Charlie and his friends were impressed by Jake's imagination and intelligence, probably in the future, they would say that the world's first smartphone prototype had been imagined by Jake in 1996, but cannot be created by the limitations of technology.

Jake was excited to see if his patent would be approved, even though in the future the original patent creators and Apple could exploit a patent loophole it was impossible to use this technology without paying Jake anything.

They decided to start the company in Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, California, even though it was never one of the technology giants just because of the patent they would create would make them worthy of having a company in this place with so many companies.

Not to mention that in the future Jake would often have to go to this place if he could invest in big business in the next few years as he planned, it would also be much easier to try to find the components needed to build a prototype smartphone.

So Jake thought it better to start a business there now, after many years it would be much more expensive to buy a property when big companies came up, so Jake told Charlie to find a good place and then Jake would send Emily to buy the property.

It was necessary to be quick and decisive in this kind of business, even more, when Jake already knew it could work, yet he impressed Charlie for being so decisive.
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