250 The Olympics 6

After resolving all of this, Jake had a few days to go to college, so he first called John and Alan to talk to the same restaurant they always met, Jake had to talk to them because he hadn't warned them that could have sponsors at the university.

These companies had signed a 4-year contract with Jake, so it was still just under 3 years before this contract ended, but John and Alan had already asked him to record the commercial earlier this year because if Jake couldn't have university sponsors this The contract had a clause that could be canceled.

The contract with Tiffany and Clara was longer and was still over 4 years old, Jake had told them that he was trying to continue this contract at university too, but they didn't believe in Jake after all no one ever got it before.

At lunchtime, they met at the restaurant and John and Alan didn't seem sad even though the Jake deal would end this was because they also earned so much more than they thought even though they didn't pay long after Jake won that gold medal in the Olympics.

"Hi Jake, congratulations on winning that gold medal, everyone at the company is very happy for you and us too."

"Thank you, John."

"It really was surprising to me too, Jake, congratulations, we were so glad we made that sponsorship deal with you."

"Thanks too, Alan, so I get to the point, I got a deal with the university and the college basketball organization so I can continue my sponsorship at the university."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

John and Alan heard this and had no reaction in a few seconds, they thought Jake was lying or playing with them, but knowing Jake's character and the fact that he had a reputation for caring, they knew Jake wouldn't play with something serious like this.

"Are you serious Jake? This is very hard to believe."

"Yes, this is a problem for thousands of athletes in tens of years and you say you just got a deal with them?"

"Even though it's hard to believe it's the truth, I've been talking to them about it since last year, and now that I'm sure of it I'm communicating to you."

"How did you get this, Jake?"

"I wouldn't like to go into too much detail about this, but we have some restrictions, in no basketball team game or activity I can do any advertising, just not basketball related."

So John and Alan were confused for a while, but soon understood what Jake was saying, but they could still have their marks on Jake's uniform when he competed in marathons and could still do television commercials.

They were both very happy and surprised by this news, so they could enjoy the fact that Jake had a gold medal in the Olympics that had just ended a little longer.

Soon they thought of a problem they had to solve if Jake could have sponsors while on the basketball team and after winning a marathon gold medal for sure, many other companies would like to hire Jake.

So their company would have to think about how much to increase the amount they paid Jake to make sure they had a contract with him at least until college, so they would have to think about how much more they could pay Jake at that time.

In fact Jake had another deal with the university, he could not have any new sponsors at the time he was at university playing on the basketball team, nor could he renew any contract with the companies he sponsored him now.

But Jake didn't tell John and Alan because they were just his business partners and not close friends like Tiffany and Clara that he would do his best to help, of course, Jake figured they would think of increasing the amount they paid for sponsorship him now.

The university said nothing against it in the restrictions and Jake also felt that now it deserved to receive much more, after the end of the year he would appear in a major Hollywood movie, he was also the only sponsored college basketball player.

What's more, he was now an Olympic gold medalist, so even big companies like Nike and Adidas would want to pay a few million to someone like Jake who can reach several different consumer groups.

Not to mention that Jake wanted to use John and Alan's companies to show their advertising value to big companies as soon as he joined the NBA, after saying everything he needed for them, John and Alan left saying they needed to talk to their companies to know how much they could pay the most for sponsorship.

After talking to them Jake arranged with Tiffany and Clara to talk, but only Tiffany said she would talk to him, it seemed that Clara was busy and Tiffany would represent both companies.

Jake also knew that Clara was in a lot of trouble and Tiffany who had shares in Clara's company was really well suited to represent both companies, probably both of them were also waiting for Jake to talk about terminating the contract.

It had been months since Jake had been talking to Tiffany in person, they had been talking a lot over the phone, but Jake had been busy over the last few months with preparations for the Olympics and it had been a long time since he had spoken to Clara in person.

"Hi Jake, congratulations on winning the gold medal, Clara and I are very happy for you."

"Thanks, Tiffany, how are you?"

"Well, I recover quickly for these things, the companies are doing very well too, we hope this year we can make a lot more money after you won this gold medal, it will surely have more effect than any advertising campaign that other companies do."

Tiffany's company was the one that made the most of it, after all, they had a product line that was natural sports drinks, Jake also knew that they were very tasty despite having no sugar in the ingredients of the drink.

So all audiences could consume Tiffany's product, then it was John's company that made the most profit, but that was because in addition to the energy drink being widely consumed worldwide they had invested more with the commercials and their company was much older and reputable in the market.

Otherwise, it would be Clara's company that was trying hard not to increase market value and still make a profit, this year it was impossible for Clara to achieve this without some investigation into sabotaging the company, but surely the company would still profit a lot this year.

That would make Clara gain more than lose from it since as long as she could regain the stock she could still develop the company much more easily, in the end, it was Tiffany who made the most of it.

Her company is valued at 260 million this year in 1996, but with the repercussion of Jake's gold medal increasing further in the next few years, Clara's company would also value even more in the coming years.

"So Jake, you called me here to talk about your sponsorship, didn't you? We understand that you are going to university now and you will no longer be able to get any sponsorship, even if you could still our companies pay a lot less than you deserve to receive."

"I want you to know that even without this sponsorship agreement we will still be friends anyway, Clara also said the same, we want you to be very successful at university."

Before Jake could say anything Tiffany said what she thought from her heart, after all, she really thought they were paying too little for Jake if for the other situation they would think about paying more for Jake, but the company was in development and was now stagnant without being able to invest.

Not to mention that anyway after Jake entered college their company would have to terminate that contract anyway after all a star-like Jake would get millions a year from each sponsor at least a year.

Jake knew that too, but he still believed that Tiffany's company and Clara's company were above all his friend companies, so he would keep these sponsorships as long as he could even receive little just to help his friends.

"Calm down Tiffany, you didn't even wait for me to say what I meant, do you remember what I had told you that I would try to negotiate with the university and the committee?"

"I remember, of course, but this is impossible, I know you wanted to comply with our contracts, but they would make no exception to anyone."

"They made an exception for me, I will continue with all my sponsorship contracts even playing basketball at the university."

Unlike Alan and John, Tiffany knew Jake wouldn't lie about such a thing, so she was just surprised and happy about it, Jake told her all the restrictions just as he told John and Alan, but when she asked how he got Jake explained this time.

"How did you get this, Jake?"

"As I said to you, I have a lot of restrictions even though I have achieved this, and I used as a request to maintain my sponsorship contracts the fact that I am also an athlete and I won some marathons last year."

"And what does it have to do?"

"I said my sponsorship was because I'm an athlete who competes in marathons and not basketball, and I also used the fact that I was trying to get into the Olympics this year."

That was Jake's secret, and Tiffany understood why the university made an exception for Jake, for anyone getting the same treatment as Jake and having a sponsorship while playing college basketball was competing in another sport.

It could have even higher standards, such as having to win one international competition and qualify well in others, after Jake actually qualified for the Olympics and still won Jake knew it was impossible for the university to change its mind.

So Tiffany was delighted to still be able to keep a sponsorship deal with Jake and Clara would also be very happy when she heard about it, at university Jake had entered the story before he even started playing for the basketball team.
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