252 The University 2

That would be very difficult to happen in Jake's opinion, first because his teammates would all be talented players and people who would have confidence in playing in the NBA if they made the most effort.

It could be different for other universities, but at UNC things would be like this after all this was the university that had the basketball team Michael Jordan played and has one of the teams that won the most NCAA tournament.

Jake remembered that many times this team had many players in the NBA draft, few universities were like that across the country, Jake chose this university even though he knew it would compete with the position on the team because he wanted to get this big university to have several. titles in a few years.

Jake had confidence that he had the ability to do that, even if in the first year it was harder next year would be easier, it was important for Jake to earn the confidence of the current team coach Dean Smith.

Maybe only Jake knew in the team that this was Coach Smith's last year on the team, so he wanted to earn his trust this year because as he already had the confidence of the future team coach Coach Guthridge would be easier for him to receive. an opportunity in the team.

Another problem for Jake to adapt to and befriend his teammates was jealousy, after all, he was the only player on the team who would be sponsored by this team, even if he was a Freshman and many of the more experienced players would think they deserved more than him.

Of course, everyone would know that Jake only got this exception by winning a major marathon and a gold medal in the Olympics, yet it was impossible that they would not be jealous and unfair about the difference in treatment.

This was something Jake would have to try to solve during the first few weeks of training, after all, it was important to have a good harmony with the team, maybe Coach Smith would leave Jake out of the team just to keep the team together.

After thinking about it for a while Jake began to feel more hungry and remembered that he told his mother that he would look for a place to eat while he thought about going out to look for food two people entered the room.

These two people seemed surprised to see Jake too, so the taller of the two began to laugh and closed the door after pushing the shorter one into the room.

"You must be our roommate this first year, my name is Zack and this short one here is William, let's share this room here the first year with one we don't know yet."

"Don't call me shorty, you guys who are very tall and introduce us correctly, I'm sorry friend, my name is William Thompson and this ignorant is named Zack Roberts, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, my name is Jake Smith, I'll be counting on you for years to come."

"I don't know why presenting the full name, this is no business meeting, so we'll all be calling each other by the first name, right Jake?"

"I guess so."

"Did you see that? I'll get along better with him. "

"Don't give him a lot of room, Jake, Zack is too nosy, we met a few days ago and he wants to drag me everywhere now, who sees us thinks we've known each other for several years."

Jake was surprised by what William said, he also thought that the two people who were so close should be friends for several years, but it looks like Zack has a lot of social skills.

Jake was also very happy about that, he wanted to get a new friend at this university as he was no longer with Joseph for years to come, but he was always bad for making friends.

Now he had 3 people living in the same dormitory as him, and one of those 3 was very sociable, Jake felt that if he became friends with Zack he could get a lot more friends in his college days if he had his 3 roommates as friends he would be very pleased already.

"So Jake, did you look like you were going somewhere? Where are you going?"

"Saw? You gave him the freedom and he's already being nosy, what do you care where he was going, Zack?"

"I just wanted to help, I came a few months ago to get to know the university campus and the city better, so why you complain that I take you everywhere, William is because you don't know how to go anywhere alone."

Jake saw that William was embarrassed after what Zack said, so it seemed to be true that Zack knows a lot about the city.

"I just arrived and I really don't know anything, so I would go out looking for a place to eat before it was too late."

"You'll eat? So we'll go with you, I'll show you the places I know around here."

"You go, I'll stay here."

"No need to be shy William, we go back to the room just to take a shower and change clothes to go out to eat right? I say we'll have to live together for a year at least, have to be friends quickly to avoid embarrassment. "

So William gave up arguing with Zack and went to take a shower and then everyone went out to eat, Jake found the two very fun, he was happy that it seemed that he would not be alone in this time of college.

That way he didn't mind continuing to live in the dorm until the end of his college years, they left and Zack found a place with really good food, Zack also seemed to know a lot of people at the university and several people greeted him as they passed.

As they ate, they talked about a lot of unimportant things and didn't talk about their personal lives or about college, it seemed that Zack wanted Jake and William to be comfortable first before broaching them.

Jake noticed these things because he was given some skills that made him more sociable, a pity that even those skills didn't help Jake's natural shyness much, so it was important for him to have someone like Zack around.

In a few more days the classes would officially begin, yet their other roommate hadn't shown up yet, but Jake knew he would have to come in the next few days, it would be nice if he could be friends with that person as well.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

William was 1.64 m, was white and had black hair and eyes, was 18 years old and was thin with just a little belly, his face was quite common and so he had no girlfriend before college.

Zack was 1.72 m, was white and had blond hair like Jake, Zack had blue eyes and was thin too, was uglier than William, Zack was more sociable than both, but also had no girlfriend.

The fact that the three had no girlfriend made them sympathetic, it was interesting to see the three walking together, after all, Jake was over 1.93 m, Zack was 1.72 m and William was 1.64 m, so the three had big differences tall and looked quite different walking the streets.

William wasn't very small, but he was a little complex with his height, so Zack played with him, so probably if Zack wasn't with him he wouldn't walk with Jake, after all, he looked like a child near Jake.

Jake left a message for Coach Guthridge to meet him as soon as he could, after all, Coach Guthridge told Jake to talk to him when he got to university, and Jake wanted to do that a lot more now.

After all, he was afraid that he might feel left out of the basketball team if Coach Guthridge didn't bridge that gap between him and the other players, Jake was sure the coach would be willing to do that.

Over the days he got even closer to his two new friends, so he found that William was in the same class as him and would have the same classes at the same times, Jake felt that his luck was helping.

So Jake no longer had to look where he would have classes and could only follow William, Jake now had an excellent memory, so after only following William he would remember the way to class and also the schedules and teachers.

Jake felt that university classes should be easier than classes at the end of high school, after all in high school classes in recent years there were a lot of subjects to study and some difficulty to learn.

But these economics classes and everything related to Jake's business spent more than 13 years studying the same subject, he read every book he found on this subject when he went back to his 5 years of study.

Prior to that, he spent even more time studying with much more advanced study material and a much easier to understand teaching methodology thanks to several video lessons.

Jake had not yet met his new dorm buddy and Coach Guthridge before school started, Jake and his dorm mates did not want to get involved with any fraternity if they could in this time of school.

Even though Jake wanted to make the most of this new experience of studying at a university and making many friends, a fraternity and parties were not the kind of atmosphere Jake wanted and liked to attend.

His roommates thought the same as Jake, so they decided to try to avoid these fraternities or just nominally enter in any case they needed, they didn't want to participate in any of the activities.

For Jake who didn't even attend his own prom could be imagined how he disliked parties, at business dinners or cocktails where it was only necessary to talk and socialize how was Clara's party or the hotel where Director Crowe invited Jake, he didn't mind participating.

On the first day Jake went to his class with William and Zack went to his class, Jake found the teacher very normal and also thought that there were too many people in each class that was given, Jake had to sit deeper because even with the layout from the living room he was still very tall and disturbed the classmates behind him.

William, who had a tall complex was very happy to see Jake having trouble being tall, but still went to sit next to him in the back, thankfully Jake had good hearing and vision and can usually follow the class in the back.
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