253 The University 3

The lessons, as Jake hoped, were very easy for him, and Jake was very pleased because it seemed that as he was deep down no matter what he did the teachers didn't care about him as long as he didn't disturb the classes.

That way, Jake knew that he would have no problem with the teachers just because he was a scholarship holder, he had already determined that if something like what happened at the Elite school would happen again, he would drop out of school and start paying tuition.

He only accepted the scholarship because it was easier to get into university like this and was also indirectly proof of his basketball skills, but if he caused any problems he would not hesitate to start paying university fees.

Unfortunately, even though classes only spoke of things he already knew Jake had no interest in reading other books during his classes, after all, Jake had no plans to continue studying after this university.

He thought if he could do an MBA at Harvard after a few years, but now he didn't think about it, Jake definitely wanted to join the NBA after finishing college, in fact, he was wondering which teams he could join the NBA in and what year.

By the end of class, he and William had returned to the dorm, they had arranged with Zack to go out for dinner after a few hours, Jake wanted to enjoy before Coach Guthridge appeared to be closer to his friends.

When they returned they saw that the other dorm bed was finally occupied, which meant that their last dorm mate had appeared just in time for the first day of school, Zack who arrived later realized that too.

"Looks like our fourth dorm roommate has finally arrived, what do you think we wait a while to see if he shows up and so are we 4 going to eat something together?"

Jake thought it was a good idea, after all, he was also very happy with the consideration of his roommates when he arrived, so he wanted his new colleague to feel the same, William also agreed with that.

Even though their intention was good the reality was not quite so, after waiting for several hours no one had appeared and William wanted to go out to eat soon, so they decided they would not wait anymore and just left the three.

When they returned it seemed that no one had arrived the entire time they had left, so they were relieved that they had decided to go out to eat only the back, otherwise they would have been without food for hours.

The three slept very early and when they woke up the other day this new roommate seemed to have arrived quietly after they slept and left before they could wake up.

"Now I'm really curious to know who our new roommate is, let's do it like this, when we get back to the dorm we'll bring food out and so we wait until he comes back, I don't think he'll take so many hours to come back today either."

Jake and William agreed with Zack's idea, they were also curious to know who this mysterious new dorm mate was, Jake realized that Coach Guthridge would not show up that day either, so he wanted to discover this mystery.

Jake's second day of class was with a teacher who taught a very interesting class, the subject itself was not so interesting, but the teacher had a good teaching dynamic that made the class more interesting.

William thought so too, especially since unlike Jake he had come to university to really learn, and it was not like Jake who already knew everything the teachers said.

Jake hoped more classes would be like this, yet knowing the subject he wouldn't mind listening to the teachers talk for a few hours, after a few hours the classes were over again.

Jake and William went to buy food at the place where Zack had shown before, they bought some more food and some drink to share with the new roommate when they arrived at the dorm Zack had already arrived and also seemed to have bought extra food.

When they realized this, the three of them laughed that they had the same idea, at least they knew there would be no shortage of food, and after a few hours of waiting the dorm door opened and a tall man entered.

Upon entering he was surprised that the three roommates were all looking at him as if they were already expecting him, so he did not know why and also faced the three, so inevitably the mood of the room tensed, realizing that Zack decided to undo any misunderstanding.

"Hi, we were just waiting for you to let everyone in the dorm know each other, so we can be more comfortable later, my name is Zack Roberts, the taller blond over there is Jake Smith and the short one is William Thompson."

Zack realized that this new roommate didn't seem to have much of a sense of humor and introduced himself by speaking their full names out of respect, after all, he didn't want to get in trouble.

After introducing the three of them, they waited for the other to introduce themselves, but it seemed that he had no such intention and said nothing and just stared at the three, after a while, he finally spoke unwillingly just to get it over with.

"My name is Aaron Williams."

After introducing himself he just sat in his seat and picked up a book to ignore Jake and the others, William was annoyed by it, but Jake stopped him when he tried to complain, after all even though they were trying to be friendly, Aaron had no obligation to like them.

Jake was also upset because he looked like he couldn't get another friend, Aaron seemed to be six foot four, he's black and had a face that looked angry, Aaron was also very strong and had more muscles than Jake.

"See Aaron, we were expecting you and we wanted to invite you to dinner with us yesterday, but you came too late, just as we wanted to meet you we all bought more food, if you want to eat with us we have here for you."

"I don't want to eat with you, just leave me alone."

So even someone like Zack didn't know what else to say, but Jake realized that Aaron seemed to have some personal problem, in which case as they were not known it was better to wait for Aaron to solve this problem before trying to talk to him again.

Jake just took the food he had brought and started eating, Zack and William saw that they had nothing to wait and started eating, in a few minutes they chatted excitedly while eating.

As for now they couldn't approach Aaron without irritating him, only the three of them talked in the dorm while Aaron always read when he was in the dorm with them, the other day, they had classes normally.

Jake saw that Aaron was not in the same class as he and William, after classes on day Jake was coming back with William to wait for Zack to eat together again, but Coach Guthridge seemed to be waiting for him on the way, so Jake said goodbye to William and went to talk to the coach.

"Hi Coach Guthridge, how have you been?"

"I'm fine, do you seem to have forgotten to talk to me after you got into college?"

"That I didn't want to bother you when I had nothing important to say."

"I was joking, congratulations on winning the national championship and MVP prize and also the gold medal in the Olympics, you made things a lot easier for us by making an exception for you."

"Thanks, it was a good year for me."

"I kept waiting for you to appear on the court a few days ago, yesterday I got your message."

"It's like I said coach, I'm worried that I might have problems with my teammates for getting this exception for sponsorship."

"I think you did well to call me before you came, we and we had not thought about it, it shows that you are really worried about the team, I'm happy about it, now come on I'll introduce you to the players."

After a few minutes, they arrived at the Dean Smith Center for Jake's first training on the team, by the time he arrived on the court they had all arrived at a while and were doing training exercises.

Coach Smith also got closer as soon as he saw Jake come, after all, he had never talked to the player in person, the other players also knew Jake through television, after all, they knew that Jake would join the team a few weeks ago.

Just as Jake hoped they were really feeling jealous that Jake had sponsors and they weren't, but they could understand that Jake got it because he was an Olympic medalist.

As much as they wanted a sponsorship they knew they would not have the ability to perform well in both basketball and other sports, yet they were still very jealous of Jake who could do that.

"Well tube, come over here and listen to me, this is the new player for our team, Jake, some of you should know him, some of you should also know that he got an exception and will get sponsorship even playing on our team."

"But this has nothing to do with basketball, he has sponsorship contracts since over 4 years ago, and mainly because he is one of the best athletics athletes in our country, he will not mix his sponsorship contracts with our university."

"I was the one who invited Jake to our university with the support of Coach Smith, so Jake wants to make sure that everyone will be teammates and have no disagreements over jealousy."

"Coach Smith and I support this attitude, you are all the most talented players in this country, I don't want a disagreement over money if we realize something like that the perpetrators will be punished."

With this warning everyone understood that they should not continue with this subject, after all, no one there had problems with money and even though they thought they were better than Jake in basketball, they knew they could not do Jake does.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seeing that everything looked good Jake was relieved, so Coach Guthridge introduced all the team players to Jake, Jake was thrilled to see some well-known people like Vince Carter and Shammond Williams among others.

Jake was very humble talking to them and everyone accepted him more easily seeing that he was not arrogant even having so many achievements and just coming from high school where he was a star.
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