264 Starting the Season for Sports 6

Jake was continuing this sponsorship deal just to help Clara and Tiffany's company as they helped him a few years ago, most of all for the friendship they had.

Right now Jake had to be very careful not to disclose his contract with Tiffany and Clara's company, otherwise, John and Alan's companies wouldn't want to know that they were paying 5 times what Tiffany and Clara's companies were paying.

When Jake left college and joined the NBA that would be even truer, after all any Jake contract he got from the NBA would be at least $ 4 million a year, so he couldn't keep getting so little from Tiffany and Clara's companies.

In fact, it would come to a situation where it would be better for Jake to give them both money than to continue with the sponsorship deal, Tiffany and Clara knew very well what Jake was in and understood very well and were grateful to him.

"I understand that and I'm sure Clara also understands, we are very grateful for what you have been doing for us, if we are unable to greatly increase our profit in that time you still have to contract with our companies and buying those stocks would not deserve your help. "

The sponsorship deal with Jake was the same as several television commercials and a lot of advertising that the company could invest, it was a worldwide ad with the visibility that Jake had now, and they spent the least on it paying Jake.

So in the next few years they would have to secure enough profit to buy the stock from Robert's hands, this year they had to use the money to repay Tiffany's illegal loan to Clara by taking money out of the company, so in the next few years, they had to secure it close to 50 million to buy these shares.

Tiffany and Clara regretted an agreement that they could not use their shares to make a personal loan, otherwise, Robert's shares would have been bought long ago.

"How is university life, Jake?"

"Okay, I'm making a lot of friends these months, I'm also fighting for a spot on the Tar Heels starting basketball team and the classes are as easy as ever, you know me."

"Hahaha I know well, they should have given you the diploma by now."

"And how are you and Clara?"

"I'm fine, as I promised you I never drank like that, I'm still recovering emotionally, it's not easy to forget a love of several years, and Clara is fine too, as she always says she can't really be happy until she buys the stock from Robert."

It had been a long time since Jake had talked to Clara in person after they had a nice chat last time whenever he tried to talk to Clara about something she sent Tiffany to talk to Jake.

Jake then thought that Clara should be bad because of the problems she had faced in recent years, and no longer tried to talk to Clara and always preferred to call Tiffany who always talked to him.

After talking about a few more things Jake called his mom, he talked to Eva whenever he could and so allied a little to the longing he missed her, Eva said he'd watch Jake's marathon on television and Jake wanted to hear her voice mom.

"Hi son, you were slow to call me, I'm here at the restaurant with Anna, we watched your marathon on television, congratulations on winning and breaking this world record."

"Thank you mom, I'm very happy about that, tomorrow I have to travel to university again."

"I miss you, when you can come home, you said you would come whenever you could and you haven't come yet."

"I'm getting ready at university yet, so it's going to be long before I can go out for many days like this to get home to Miami."

"I understand, rest now so Jake, I'll call you in a few days again."

"See you later, I love you mom, send Anna a hug for me."

After talking to everyone Jake decided to get some rest, the other day he would have to travel to Miami and get tired again, he could still remember the adrenaline he felt after winning the marathon, as he hoped won no reward this time even for victory and not for the world record.

This was normal, if he earned one statistic point in each world athletics record he would have to earn another 10 points after beating everyone at the Olympics.

After winning Jake felt that in this marathon was much easier than in the Olympics, it shouldn't just be the 2 statistics points he earned in all for all physical statistics, so Jake decided to look at his statistics window again after so much time."

"Fate, show me my third job statistics window."

[Here it is]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 17 years]

[Job: Runner]

[Height: 1.95 m]

[Weight: 97 Kg]

[Force 35]

[Agility 36]

[Resistance 39]

[Intelligence 60]

[Luck 99]



[Second Lung A]

[Iron Body A]


Jake finally understood why he improved so much, and while 2 points in all physical stats improved his two skills also improved, Jake knew how important those two skills were to him, so he earned much more than he expected from the rewards of the Olympics.

That would probably be the maximum for Jake too, maybe in another 4 or 5 years, he could raise the rank of these skills again, at which point he would be the best in the marathon and other track and field history.

Jake can also see that his height and weight had increased again, he was 1.95 m now, he didn't know how much the system would help him grow in the next 2 years he still had, after all, he was much taller than in your past life.

Being tall wasn't such a good thing, but for Jake who wanted to be the best in basketball that was a sport where height mattered he wanted to be as tall as he could, maybe no more than 2.10 m, but wanted to pass from 2.00 m, so he could compete with everyone for a rebound and make several blocks.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At the beginning of his basketball training Jake had decided to be a PG because he had very good passing skills and knew how to organize play, but most of all because he knew he could not be very tall and was not very good at defense.

After more than 7 years of training Jake felt these reasons no longer mattered, he corrected his weakness in defense, even if it could not be a Center he could play defensively in any other position.

The system also did what Jake found impossible again and increased his maximum height so Jake had no more limitations in basketball, in high school he wanted to improve with PG and so fought not to play in another position.

But he always thought that after entering university he would play where the coach asked him to play, he wanted to continue as PG but knew he had no ability to demand it yet, after becoming an NBA star he could choose where to play.

Jake also saw that his intelligence statistic had finally increased after so many years, initially increased by over 5 in a short time and Jake thought it was easy to increase, now he realized why the system said it was random.

Most worrying to Jake was his strength statistic which had only increased by 2 points with the system reward, was falling behind the other statistics and this difference would only increase over time.

He could not easily increase his strength now and could no longer train with the football team, so Jake just had to accept seeing his strength statistic falling behind, thinking that was what he had always struggled to train at the beginning for the cause of the accuracy of your shots outside.

Jake had finished this marathon early in the morning as he started before 8 am, before lunchtime he was at the hotel and called all his friends, so even though he wanted to rest he had to have lunch and couldn't think of sleeping in the afternoon.

So after launching at the hotel he got the call saying that someone was waiting for him in the hotel lobby, this was the same hotel he stayed in when he last won last year, so he thought John was the one waiting for him.

But as he went downstairs to the first-floor hotel lobby, Jake remembered what happened last year, he remembered the reporter who came looking for him asking for an interview after winning last year.

So Jake thought it might be her again, after all, John had his cell number and could just call him, thinking about it Jake went back to his hotel room and changed his clothes, he had showered as soon as he arrived, but wearing a regular outfit to relax.

After slowly getting ready Jake was finally satisfied and headed for the lobby when he arrived and saw the same woman who came to him last year, she seemed bothered by Jake's delay in appearing in the lobby.

"Hi Miss Chloe, I hoped it was really you looking for me again with the same trick as last year."

"Jake, how inelegant to call it a trick, it took you a lot longer than last year to show up after I called."

"I had not arranged anything with you, so I knew a beautiful woman was waiting for me and I had to dress better."

"I will forgive your delay for your compliment and consideration, just as you hoped I came again to request an interview, will you accept?"

"Of course I accept, I won't be so rude and reject an interview when you came here and showed me so much respect."

"I heard you denied the interview with NBC after the Olympics, I thought you were arrogant after the success."

"It's because you don't know the full story, but let's not talk about it, I accept the interview, however, it has to be today because tomorrow I have to go back to university."

"Today is fine with me, but it won't be a live interview but a recording, do you mind?"

"That's fine with me, let's go?"

"Yes let's go."

Jake had already gotten ready because he intended to do this interview the same day and didn't want to delay, after all, he had his responsibilities at university the other day and could not delay.
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