266 Starting the Season for Sports 8

In addition to his mother and Anna, it seemed that his friends at the university were watching Jake in the marathon, Jake had already said a few things about what happened to Aaron so Zack and William had no problem with him anymore.

As the three watched Jake's marathon they got closer and even talked and ate together and celebrated when Jake won and broke the world record, so things would be easier for Jake when he returned to approach the three.

When Jake returned nothing different had happened, some who liked marathons and followed the news about the evidence would know that Jake won in Chicago, but these people would probably already know Jake from other marathons.

Those most affected by this were the basketball team, Coach Smith and Coach Guthridge were impressed when they learned that Jake had won a big marathon again.

Especially when he learned that he broke the world record, this was not something that was easy to do even for the best athletes, it seemed that Jake would continue to go out of training to compete and they could not complain because he really competed to win and brought more advertising for the university.

His teammates watched the marathon because they knew Jake would be running, and were surprised to see him winning and breaking the world record, they understood that he was really different from them and deserved sponsorship just for what he did in marathons without regard to basketball.

Everyone found it funny when they remembered trying to compete with Jake in training intensity a few weeks ago if he could break a world marathon record you could imagine how strong stamina he was.

Vince and Charlie who were closest to Jake were the happiest with their friend's conquest, all teammates were even happier when they saw him talking well about them and the university in an interview.

When Jake arrived at the university he went to tell Trainer Smith that he had arrived and was soon to his classes, Jake had come to the first flight of the day, but had still missed some classes.

He can't even talk to William in the room so as not to disturb his classmates, so after class, Jake had to go to basketball team training and was happy when everyone came to talk to him about the marathon Jake had won.

Even if everyone was basketball skill and some could join the NBA, it wasn't every day that they knew someone they knew played well and could still participate in another high-level sport.

Jake was happy to join the group, in another two weeks he would have to go to New York to participate in the marathon, so it was good that his coach and his teammates were not angry that he missed training,

Normally it would be crazy to take part in a marathon two weeks after running one, John and his sponsors were not really specialists in the competition and so just followed what Jake wanted to do.

So few believed that Jake would try this and only commented on it as a joke that he missed it last year, even Chloe said Jake chose Chicago because he thought he would rather run in Chicago than in New York.

Jake would run because he had no problem with that, in fact, the day before he was in Chicago he had recovered after the marathon, he was just a little tired from the plane trips he had to do in addition to the marathon.

But the next day he intended to train with Zack again in the morning, so running in two weeks would be no problem for him, after the lighter training he went to the dorm to talk to his friends.

"Congratulations, Jake, for winning this marathon and breaking the world record."

"Congratulations, we all watched your marathon on television and saw how well they spoke of you, even called you Captain America Hahaha."

"Thank you all, I was very happy to have won."

Afterward everyone chatted happily and even Aaron joined the conversation sometimes saying a few things to Jake, with Zack making some fun comments it was a nice conversation, Jake also saw that Aaron was talking more with Zack and William and so Jake decided to make the celebration dinner of his victory as a place for everyone in the dorm to be friends.

At dinner everyone performed again and Zack and William understood what happened when they heard about Aaron's story, everyone soon agreed to be friends and so Jake achieved his goal of making the dorm a nice place and making 3 friends.

The other morning Jake went running again with Zack in his daily training, Zack took advantage that Jake went to Chicago and missed training in recent days, so he had to run the 4 km today to regain his running pace.

Jake still did the same training as before, he ran the 50 km and at a much faster-running pace and speed than he did in the marathon breaking world record, Zack was impressed by Jake's tenacity in his training.

If he ran a marathon and just finished he wouldn't think about reigning for the next two weeks, but Jake was still training every day whenever he could even win a marathon.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With this commitment easy to understand because Jake could win multiple marathons in a short period of time, Zack began taking Jake as his goal and decided to train with him and stronger until at least he could finish a marathon.

Zack always suspected that Jake ran more than 40 km every day, but never thought about the speed Jake could run, he thought Jake ran slower and so it took almost 3 hours, he could never imagine that Jake ran faster than its time in the world record and for 50 km.

So after Jake finished training he went to talk to Zack, Jake was thinking it was maybe time for Zack to increase his training to 6km race every day, so before the mid-year break, Zack could run a marathon. quietly.

"Jake, I want to increase my daily training, I think I can handle running more than 6 km every day."

"I was thinking of telling you exactly that, but what happened to you suddenly deciding to come to talk to me about changing training?"

"I realized I was being very relaxed in my training even though you were taking your time to help me when you were in Chicago, for example, I didn't train any day."

"I really love running, but I didn't think of being a marathon runner, so I thought your training could be very hard."

Jake really thought his training was too hard and would get even harder over time, Jake didn't tell Zack but hoped his friend wouldn't train when he was in Chicago and it might be good to relax Zack's muscles.

"But I don't think so anymore, I saw you training with me every day and much more willingly than me to finish a marathon in the first place and still break the world record."

"So I understood that I was actually missing out on an incredible opportunity in life to improve, who else can say they do the same training as the best marathoner in the world?"

"I don't think I have the talent or the desire to try to win marathons, but at least I'll follow your training and finish a marathon and then I decide what I can do, I mean I'll do my best in training going forward."

Jake was very pleased with his friend's change of mind, often a person's will and attitude can influence the outcome of training and run, so as discouraged as Zack was Jake couldn't do much for him.

Now he would try to give the best training possible so that Zack could take it and in a few months to finish a marathon, Jake couldn't give Zack a very heavy training that did not think of becoming a pro.

If Zack decided to become a professional marathon runner like him after the first marathon, it wouldn't be too late for Jake to improve his friend's training, not to mention that Jake was first trying to improve Zack's fitness and train him in a way that runs a marathon It was normal for him.

So Jake told Zack to increase his daily training to 6 km and also reinforced the physical training that Zack had to do at the gym, Zack accepted the change of training and seemed excited to try.

Over the next few days, Jake's routine was back to normal, there was nothing Jake thought of doing other than attending classes and training with the basketball team, classes were as easy as ever for Jake.

Zack had also been exhausted every day from the change of training, but he was still eager to continue with this difficult training, William and Aaron found it amazing that Zack was holding the training without complaining this time.

In training the basketball team Coach Smith was more satisfied than ever, several players he already knew the skill well, but the newcomers were a pleasant surprise for him, Jake and Ed Cota were competing for the same spot in the team.

In this match, Jake had the advantage in terms of overall skills and the coach realized that Jake had improved in skills since he began training with the team.

It showed how strong his potential was, Ed Cota was the same and also improved after he arrived, but Jake was more complete in skills than Ed, Jake was much better in defense and in making points beyond passes.

Even though the coach's favorite was Ed to start playing, the reason for that was still Jake's rapport with the not-so-good team, but that had changed a lot last month and Jake had already been accepted by his teammates.

Even though the coach considered putting Ed in first because he thought he was the best for the team, Jake would definitely be in the game and could play many minutes even though he was not the starter.

From the mentality of both, Coach Smith realized that Ed fought a lot more for a starting position and Jake didn't seem to care much about starting out or not.
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