278 New Stage at College Basketball 2

"I was also happy when I won my first MVP award, I was very thrilled when I won my first marathon when I won the gold medal in the Olympics too, I was happy when I broke the world record, there were several moments."

"You can see that you've had a lot of exciting moments and so you can't decide."

"It's true, that's because every time I conquer something I feel that all the hard training I've had has been rewarded, so there's no way I'm not happy at all my achievements."

"This year you have entered your college life too, what you have found so far."

"I really liked the university, the classes are interesting and as everyone has to stay in the dorm I ended up managing to make new friends, the basketball team is also very good and all the other players and coaches are very kind to me."

Of course Jake did not talk about the uncomfortable situation that he stayed with the basketball team at the beginning of the season, he was determined not to talk about his sponsorship in this interview, he did not want to create an uncomfortable situation with his companions of Team.

"At the beginning of this interview we talked about your basketball team Tar Heels that has a sequence of 5 victories followed at this beginning of the season, you also had a lot of importance in this sequence of victories."

"You have 122 points in these first 6 games, with an average of over 20 points per match and still starting the first games as a reserve, how do you feel about it?"

"I'm finding everything amazing, I was lucky to be in good condition to be able to make so many points in these first games and my teammates also supported me, it is natural that as a freshman I start in the reserve in the first games."

"When I got the best results on the team the coach gave me the opportunity to start playing as a holder, I think our team is very strong that year and so we have this sequence of victories."

"Do you think this sequence of victories will continue?"

"I think so, this winning streak can be even greater and our team is struggling for that year to win the NCAA tournament."

After answering several questions The interview ended, the reporter was very happy because Jake was very open and answered all the questions he did even when he responded evasively on some question that could cause problems for him.

After doing the interview Jake returned to the hotel and soon went out to catch the plane back to the university, the next day he would have more evidence and could not waste time strolling, Moreover, he wanted to return to his normal training after resting for a few days.

Returning to university Jake told his friends that he had won a prize and would appear in a magazine, his friends were very happy for him and were impressed by Jake leaving so quietly at the university when the week of evidence was Happening.

After all, usually this is the tensest time for students, even for athletes who need to have good grades to keep playing, even the most confidence did not think to travel during the week of proofs as Jake did.

Jake also told his mother about the prize he won and that he would appear in the magazine, Eva was very happy to know it, also was proud to know that his son had been recognized for his achievements even internationally.

Eva was also very homesick for her son, it was the first time Jake spent so much time away from home, she wanted all of Jake's games to go on television and so could see the son even though not personally.

She naturally knew that Jake was busy at the university and so could not go home, he could not just leave the university for no reason saying that he missed his mother, Eva just hoped that Jake could have time at the beginning of the year and Spend your birthday at home.

In the coming days Jake returned with his normal training routine, he ran all the moves alone because Zack was still focused only on the week of evidence, and in the training of the basketball team, all appeared to train even with the week of evidence.

It was different from Zack's case because they had an appointment with the basketball team and Zack just did the training because he wanted to, and right after the week of evidence would have new games, so the Tar Heels team couldn't stop training.

Jake was now a holder and was respected by all his teammates, even by Shammond Williams and Ed Cota who lost the seat of headlines to Jake, so the environment was very good for the team to train.

On the basketball team Jake was still closer to Charlie Mcnairy and Vince Carter, besides Antawn Jamison who approached him more thanks to Carter's help, unfortunately, on team Charlie did not have many minutes of play.

So Jake, Carter, and Jamison often joined up to train together, a few moves and even tactics that they could work together, Carter and Jamison also trained like this before and so they had so much rapport in the games, but with only two of them Could not make many moves in the training.

With Jake training together with them it would be easier to do several pieces of training of different moves, even if these pieces of training do not bring immediate results still helped in the hardest games where sometimes a play can decide the result of the game.

Coach Smith was also very pleased to see the three coaching together, they were undoubtedly the most important players of the team and besides being friends also train more time together, it was good for the team as most of the plays pass by them.

Training with Carter and Jamison, Jake also discovered that his friends had a great physical preparation and so they could play for so long, so Jake found it a pity that Carter had injured himself in his past life playing in the NBA, it was a pity because he could play much better if you were never hurt.

After a few days had passed half the week of evidence, so Jake received a call from director Cameron Crowe, a few months ago that they did not speak, the director Crowe was very happy to have invited Jake to Participate in your film.

He thought Jake could do a little promotion for the film after participating in the Olympic Games, but in the film besides acting very well, Jake still won a gold medal in the Olympics and would do marathons after that and was playing very well in the Team Tar Heels in college basketball.

That's still because the director didn't even use Jake's name in the film's publicity and just said that Jake would make a cameo as well as many other famous players, yet Jake's popularity in the country was very high.

Basketball is one of the most beloved and followed sports nationwide, athletics in the Olympic competitions have also always been proud of the country and hope for medals, and Jake managed to participate in a high level of the two sports gaining the affection of a part of the American public.

He even got a nickname from Captain America that shows how he is representing the American people that year, not to mention that with Jake's appearance he can win the favor of the feminine audience much more easily.

So Jake's sponsors were all very happy and we're earning a lot and saving on advertisements, Tiffany and Clara mostly who did not pay a high sponsorship value to Jake and were taking advantage of the same as the big companies had to Advertising.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Their case could portray perfectly because companies sometimes gave a percentage of the company's stock as payment to have some sponsored players because sometimes a sponsored athlete is worth a lot more than several advertisements on television.

"How have you Been, Jake?"

"I have been very well, I can say that by taking some things that were the best year of my life, both professionally and personally."

Jake just couldn't say that this had been a perfect year because he was very sorry to have to get separated if his mother for several months, but he was happy to see that she was being independent as she liked and was happy working at the restaurant.

"Glad to hear it, I called to tell you that today will be the premiere of the film, soon I go to a premiere section, the premiere already happened, I did not invite you because I knew you were busy."

When director Crowe said this Jake finally remembered that the premiere of the film should even be at this time of the end of the year, this left Jake excited again, he had accomplished his dream of acting in a Hollywood movie and was still a great film.

Now he could finally see himself in a Hollywood movie, so Jake couldn't stop going to the movies and watch his movie personally and he would also invite his friends to watch the movie with him, and he would have to tell his mother that the film would be in the movies.

"Thanks for telling me director, I had forgotten to check it out and could end up losing my movie debut."

"Hahaha, of course, I would tell you, having you participating in my film helped a lot to attract the audience to watch the movie."

"I thank you, but as you're saying this means you let me appear at least for a few seconds after editing, don't you?"

"Hahaha this you will have to see personally, but surely you appear in the film, who knows we can work again together in the future."

"I would also love for this to happen, director, do not forget that you promised me that if the film succeeds you would make a great celebration party, then I will appear."

"Of course I haven't forgotten that, but for that to happen we will have to be a success in theaters all over the world, so it will take a few months for this party to happen if we make a great success."

"Then you can start preparing the party, I guarantee that we will have more than 150 million dollars in all of America and more than 250 million in total income worldwide, will be among the 10 movies with more box office this year."
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