283 Small Vacation at Home 1

"I'm coming home, this year's games are over and next year we'll have a sequel of over 3 months of nonstop games and I won't have a chance to visit my mother."

Jake had to tell his roommates that he would be coming home even though it wasn't for long, that's because they were his friends who stayed at the university to keep him company, even though some just didn't want to go home he Liked the consideration of his friends.

"Of course we knew you'd go home when you had the chance, you only talk about your mother and how much you miss her Hahaha."

"Zack's right, we all knew you'd go home in less than two weeks you'll have to come back even, bon voyage."

His friends naturally knew Jake well and knew that he did not see the time to have time to return home, In fact, Jake even says that he regretted not missing a week of classes at the beginning of the semester to go to Miami before starting the games with the basketball team.

Of course, everyone knew that Jake was just joking, he would really miss classes if he could and just go home, but he can't do that this semester because he wanted to show commitment and gain the confidence of coach Smith to play more time.

It turned out to work and now Jake played more than 30 minutes per game, but he can't go home ever since he arrived at the university as he had previously promised his mother, so Jake sacrificed a few things to have more game time.

"I know you guys already expected me to go home as soon as I had a chance, but I wanted to say that you guys should take advantage of going home for a few days at least, I'm sure your family will like it."

Jake still wanted to convince his friends to spend more time with their families while they had the chance, but their friends said they didn't want and that a few days did not make difference, just Zack who did not care because he could see his family whenever he wanted how his parents lived nearby.

So Jake ended up quitting convincing his friends and packed his bags, he'd travel to Miami on the first plane in the morning in a few, hours, even if the coach got mad he was determined not to come back in at least 1 week and a half.

He knew that it was now important to the team and wanted to just spend more time at home even if it ended up irritating coach Smith because of this, after all, Jake could not even spend his birthday with his mother because of the games.

The other day Jake left early to travel and was soon in Miami again, he ended up even missing the city after a few months out, so he asked for a taxi and went to the restaurant.

He knew that Eva should not be at home as he had not warned that he was going home, so it would be a good surprise for his mother and the others at the restaurant when Jake entered the restaurant the first person he saw was Lola.

It's been a long time since he'd seen or talked to her, the many times he called the restaurant or his mother Lola never showed up, Jake thought it was better for them not to have any kind of misunderstanding between them.

"Hi Jake, how have you been?"

"I've been fine, a little homesick for my mom and my friends these months, but it went well at university, and with you?"

"With me is fine too."

The two were staring at each other while they were in awkward silence, Jake did not know what to say to Lola that he hadn't seen in a long time and Lola did not want to lose more pride trying to show Jake that he liked him.

In those months she tried to forget Jake, she tried not to talk or think about him and even when she knew that Jake was communicating with Eva, she didn't even come near the kitchen, she couldn't forget Jake these months, but at least she didn't feel another Feeling so strong, until he saw him again that day.

When Jake suddenly appeared in front of her Lola felt as if she had gone back four months before he went to college, she felt a dereliction at that moment as if everything she had gone through was for nothing.

Jake didn't understand what Lola was feeling at the time, he also thought that Lola was trying to forget him and so he didn't want to talk to her much, so in this situation, the two could only remain silent.

Fortunately soon Julius came to talk to Lola and realized the situation in which the two were, Julius was very happy working in the restaurant of Eva, at first he was very tired of both making sweets and cakes besides several desserts.

He was very happy that his work was being recognized and soon he and the restaurant were popular and were always crowded, besides the hotels that were the place where they received most customers the restaurant also began to have frequent customers of the city of Miami.

So Julius naturally thought that his work would always be the hardest as he the main reason for the success of the restaurant, even tired he did not care because he was happy with the work and liked to cook and see satisfied customers eating the desserts he made.

But he was wrong about that, after a few months Eve and Anna organized and divided the schedules and some employees could work less time, even if Anna hadn't arranged a right time for Julius at that time because he was very important to the Restaurant she managed to organize a timetable that Julius could rest much more hours than before.

Julius was already satisfied with it, but just as Anna had promised she succeeded with a few more changes in the menu to maintain the quality on the menu and give more time for Julius to rest and an almost fixed time to work.

While he worked almost all the time he still had time to realize the situation in which his daughter was, as a father he naturally hopes for Lola's happiness, but as a man, he understood and respected Jake's attitude.

It was clear that Lola liked Jake and even Jake had noticed this a long time ago, but he had no feelings for Lola and so did not give up hopes and even diminished the interaction between the two.

Even though he was a father, Julius naturally knew that his daughter was a very beautiful woman, so if someone without character could lie that she was also in love with Lola just to take advantage of her fragility, but Jake wouldn't do that.

"Lola, I want to talk to you about something, can you come with me for a moment?"

"Sure, Dad, I'm coming."

"Welcome Jake, Eva is in the kitchen talking to Anna, I'm sure the two will love your surprise."

"Thank you, Julius, good to see you after so long."

So Lola went out with Julius and Jake can finally breathe relieved to get out of this troubling situation, it was even more uncomfortable than it was justly Julius who was Lola's father who ended this embarrassing situation.

Soon Jake went to the kitchen to meet with his mother and Anna, he hoped his mother would like the surprise when he entered the kitchen Anna was the first to see Jake coming in and making a sign that Anna did not deliver what he had arrived to surprise.

Anna smiled and nodded and returned to pay attention to Eva who had her back to Jake while developing a new recipe for the restaurant menu, she was so focused she didn't even realize that Jake was right behind her.

Even though Eva was the owner of the restaurant, she and Anna always talked about the next plans to improve the quality of care and customers in general, Eva had been Anna's student and even now she always lets Anna make the final decision for An To take.

Anna naturally likes it because it showed the confidence that Eva had in it, so Anna suggested that Eva also participate in the development of new recipes that next year would enter the menu.

Eva at first did not want to prepare new menus because she was afraid to present something less quality to the customers, but after a while, she got excited and began to work seriously on it.

Jake realized that maybe Anna was trying to prepare Eva for when she could no longer work in the restaurant because of her age and was passing her experiments to her, Jake hoped that Anna would still be well enough to do what she liked for many years.

After a few seconds still explaining about the new dish for Anna, Eva realized that someone was standing behind her a long time ago, she had noticed this before when she was explaining, but she thought it was someone from the kitchen that always passed through there.

"Jake, you're here, what a surprise I didn't really expect you to have time to come yet this year."

When he turned and saw that he was his son, Eva soon got emotional and gave Jake a hug with tears in her eyes, she was really missing her son after staying 4 months without seeing him, so when she saw him again she couldn't stand it and cried.

"I came as soon as I had a week off, I'm sorry it took me so long to come home, I said I'd come before, but I didn't have time, I wanted to surprise you, but if I knew you were going to cry you wouldn't have done it."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"She's crying for joy, Jake, Eva has always missed you, but she didn't want anyone to be worried about her and so she held on and didn't talk to anyone about it."

Jake always felt bad about seeing women crying near him, especially when this woman was his mother, in his past life even having died of depression he never saw Eva crying near him, in this life, on the contrary, he was getting used to seeing.

At least this showed that Eva was also different in this life and trusted Jake more to show the feelings near him, which would leave Jake more relaxed because it seemed that he had no more possibility that his mother would get sick without him to know.
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