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"And we came to the end of that game, a game that was supposed to be normal as it was just the third game of Regular Season, but it turned out that the Virginia Cavaliers team played surprisingly well today and the Tar Heels team played even better."

"With Jake performing flawlessly throughout the game and making a double-double with 38 points and 12 assists plus 8 rebounds, 6 steals and a few more incredible plays leading the Tar Heels team to an easy win in a tough game."

"That's right, we have to keep watching to see if freshman Jake keeps playing so well by becoming the team star instead of more experienced Carter and Jamison."

Tar Heels ended up winning 85 points against 71 Virginia Cavaliers points, Jake led the team in a good game and Carter and Jamison still played well, so the team was starting well with two wins in 3 games of the season.

Jake was also very happy and called his mother and talked to his friends after returning to university, after all, it was the second game that Jake knew the Tar Heels team should have missed and he managed to change the result with his ability.

So now Jake knew that he had the ability to change the bad results and keep the best results, it remained to know if it would continue like this all season and they could win the NCAA tournament.

Now he knew that he had complete confidence from Coach Smith, in the coming months the team would have more than 10 games in which Jake could earn even more coach confidence and so maybe he could get a release to run in marathons this year.

Even if he only got one day off he could make a sacrifice and strive to run this year's major marathons, so he knew he would get more statistics and could have more chances to win the next games.

The other day Jake continued his normal training routine, the things he had to do every day just increased now that classes had started again, Jake was still careful not to stand out too much in class and even getting good grades couldn't get attention.

Luckily he was in a good university now and many students besides him were able to get the best grades with a lot of studies, even Charlie from the basketball team got the best grades even playing basketball, Jake respected him a lot.

After all their circumstances were different, Jake got the best grades easily because you had a lot of skills and his system stats and had many more years to study in his past life and high school, but Charlie had none of that and could still stand out.

After more time passed even though Jake was getting closer to Carter and Jamison during training outside of him, it was with Charlie who he talked to most, Jake even talked about investing with Charlie and tried to give some tips.

But since Jake couldn't say he had already made a few million investing, he couldn't convince Charlie to invest while he had time, it was a pity, but he couldn't easily expose his secrets just to help his friends, in time Jake could help his friends in other ways.

During those days before the next game who spoke to him was Tiffany, she said she would talk to him in the coming weeks and Jake thought that was impossible because he had to go back to university, but it seemed like Tiffany had not forgotten what he said and decided to come to Jake's university to talk to him.

Tiffany said she would be coming to college after a few days, but Jake had no way of knowing exactly when that day would be and so far he could have a lot of games, so he ended up dropping the subject and refocused on his training.

In recent games Coach Smith found that the weakness of his team was that they had only attacks inside to focus on the current formation of the team, they could do a formation for much three-point play, but it would be with many more players weak individually.

In the lineup that Jake remembered in his past life, they would put Williams, Carter, and Okulaja to try for more three-point plays, so Coach Smith had to normally try in-field play which was the specialty of the team's strongest lineup.

But now Coach Smith had Jake on his team if he put Jake and Williams into the three-point play they would be as strong as the teams that usually did the most three-point play.

And since Jake the team could also stand out more in the indoor moves because the passing quality and the organization of plays were much better with Jake on the team, so Coach Smith decided he would no longer leave Jake out of the team.

Even more so after the last game, Coach Smith began talking to Coach Guthridge about their ability to play a strategy for the stronger teams like Wake Forest that required more attack and defensive versatility.

Coach Smith was thinking of a strategy where they could keep the fort in domestic and three-point attacks, of course, that would only be possible with Jake playing, but if it worked out the team's disadvantage would no longer exist.

So the days went by quickly and the Tar Heels team had more games at that time, they had a game against the NC State Wolfpack team that had an average team this year, Jake started playing for the first time since the last 3 games.

He was 16 minutes before being replaced in the first half, Jake managed to score 17 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals in the first half and led the whole team to have a better game and to perform well.

In the second half he played for another 16 minutes and scored 16 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds, and 2 steals, so the game ended with the Tar Heels team winning by 74 points against 58 points from the NC State Wolfpack team.

This was a game that the Tar Heels team had also won for what Jake remembered in his past life, but it was a much more difficult and close game in which the Tar Heels team won by a few points lead.

This showed how they were playing much better with Jake playing as team PG, unfortunately in this situation, Ed Cota had an average of only 8 or 9 minutes per game, luckily everyone could see his skill within the few minutes he played.

Ed Cota's predicament in Jake's past life was also saddened by his skill, Ed Cota was someone who had everything to be one of the NBA big names playing as PG, but because of his height, he was eventually left out. from the NBA and never had a chance.

Even so, he had a successful career for a few years playing in European basketball, even though he was 1.83 m tall and was considered small by NBA standards even when playing PG.

Maybe that's why the system decided to raise Jake's height compared to what he had in his past life, with Jake's current height he would have no problem even if he wanted to play in positions other than Center.

With another double-double with 33 points and 11 assists Jake had another incredible performance and was once again the highlight in the team, as well as in the other games with his multiplayer passes also had an excellent performance.

Of course, everyone was overshadowed by Jake's performance in the game, if it was in high school Jake would fight for the team to score more points or he would score fewer points to give more opportunities to his teammates.

But in this situation, he would have to show the best performance he could to be sure to get an NBA seat when he left college, even though they were friends the team players were also competitors.

After the game Jake didn't forget to call his mom to celebrate and celebrate with his friends who had watched this game in person as it was a home game, the next game would also be at home.

Such a sequel could help players relax for a while without having to travel to play, the next day beyond their daily running training with Zack and training with basketball team Jake also went out with Zack to do some things of brotherhood.

Jake was interested in various philanthropic actions and the good of the community, usually the sport-related things to raise funds for some sympathetic action was the kind of activity that Jake and Charlie were almost always together.

Even in some cash donations, Jake always thought that after spending his time when he needed to invest a lot of money in investments that were until 2000 he would participate in many donation campaigns.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But in his time at university and especially in the fraternity he learned that he did not need to donate tens of thousands of dollars to help in some solidary causes, he could help with small contributions and with thousands of people coming together for one cause it was possible to help many people.

Sometimes Jake also showed up at some university parties not to be too antisocial and even though it was fun, he always refused to drink any alcohol, he was not yet old enough to drink and never really liked drinks.

Jake still enjoyed some wine or beer on social occasions, but parties weren't the kind of place where Jake liked to drink, especially now that he wasn't old enough for that, he knew that as a basketball player he should be careful if his image social and try not to break any rules or laws.

Luckily with Charlie as a Senior, it was much more reassuring for Jake than anyone would care even if he didn't drink, yet there were few opportunities he had to go to these parties.

Now the team had a 12-win streak and only 2 losses in the season and in the regular season of the conference they had 3 wins and only one loss if things were as Jake remembered in his past life this would already be one of the best. team seasons in history.

But that was unimportant without a title at the end of the season to top off this performance, Jake wanted to win as much of a tournament as possible to get satisfied from his time at university.
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