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It seems that Haruto was also a movie fan as well as a basketball fan and was such a fan of Jake because he saw that he was also a good actor, was the first person Jake knew that was really his fan and became his friend for it.

Jake had a good memory and so still managed to talk about the talk with Haruto and the two did well in the report at the end of the talk unlike the other two who didn't even pay attention to the talk.

So Jake and Haruto became friends because Haruto was a fan of Jake and because Jake wanted to hire Haruto to work with him in the future, after returning from the lectures Jake returned to his dorm to rest.

After a week since the Boston Marathon Jake could finally return to training, he himself felt that after resting for almost 3 weeks between these marathons he was much more rested.

Now he would just have to train normally because he would have no marathon to run until September, Jake had been asked to do an interview with ESPN to talk about basketball and marathons.

Jake had already become a sports star after being able to do all this at the age of 18, in the NBA many teams have already shown an interest in having Jake play on their team.

Jake was already seen among teams the same way as some current NBA stars because Jake had high-level skills that could help lead any team to victory and had infinite potential that all teams wanted to see in a young player.

Some NBA team managers and big companies also knew that David Falk was Jake's sports agent and would negotiate his NBA contracts, which made many teams respect Jake even more.

Jake naturally accepted and went to one of the ESPN stations that would be broadcast to commentators at ESPN's sports center, he was naturally very happy about it and was already used to doing interviews.

"We're talking to Jake Smith today who is one of the new college basketball and marathon stars in the world, Jake emerged in the sports world over two years ago in his third year at high school and shortly after winning the Chicago Marathon with 16 years."

"After that, we just saw Jake in sports news winning several high school basketball championships and winning multiple marathons and even the Olympics."

"In that 1997 year that is not even halfway through, Jake has had several impressive achievements, he won the ACC tournament and the NCAA tournament with the Tar Heels basketball team and won the London Marathon and the Boston Marathon."

"Jake, what do you feel after you got all of this at the age of 18 and convinced everyone in the sports world that you're already a big star?"

"First of all I would like to thank you for the invitation to speak here on ESPN, I have always enjoyed this channel."

"I feel that even though it seems that things happened quickly and very early, everything happened with a lot of work and preparation over many years, I ran into Chicago two years ago when I thought I was ready and so I won."

"As for basketball I always train a lot and this season I was lucky to be part of an amazing team like the Tar Heels team that has great players, it is thanks to a lot of hard work and my amazing team that I could win so many things this year and last years."

"Of course, I'm sure you had to train and work hard to achieve everything you have today and win so many competitions."

"Let's talk a little about your first season in college basketball, what was it like having such an impressive season with just 2 losses in 36 games and winning every tournament this year?"

"I am very happy with that, as I said I am on a team that has excellent players and an excellent coach, I learned a lot during the season and could perform better in games."

"This is my first season and as a freshman, I'm happy and couldn't expect a better season than this one, next season I hope that the experience I got this year will help our team win several games and maybe have a season as good as that was it."

"That's right, I could say for sure that this must be the best freshman debut season of a college basketball season."

"In addition to winning all the individual awards, he could in addition to the best defensive player award, Jake broke many individual records and helped the Tar Heels team break a few more records."

"I'll show you some records that Jake broke this freshman season."

Jake's 1996-97 Season Records

Jake tied Shaquille O'Neal with 11 blocks in a single game in the 13 Mar UNC 94 x 61 Fairfield Stags game.

Jake broke Mark Wade's record of 18 assists by making 21 assists in a single game in the 6 Feb UNC 97 x 64 Florida State Seminoles game.

Jake broke the record with more steals making 12 steals in one game in the 29 Mar UNC 92 x 52 Arizona Wildcats game.

Jake has done 8 triple-doubles and 13 double-doubles this season and 2 quadruple-doubles.

More steals in an NCAA tournament final four-game with 12 steals in the 29 Mar UNC 92 x 52 Arizona Wildcats game.

More blocks in an NCAA tournament final four games with 8 blocks in the 29 Mar UNC 92 x 52 Arizona Wildcats game.

More assists in an NCAA tournament final four games with 20 assists in the 31 Mar UNC 92 x 69 Kentucky Wildcats game.

"These were just a few and we will talk during the interview about a few more records, we also have the records that the Tar Heels team broke this season."

With Jake, the Tar Heels team broke some records this season.

More assists in one game with 41 assists in 6 Feb game UNC 97 x 64 Florida State Seminoles.

More blocks in a game with 16 blocks in 13 Mar game UNC 94 x 61 Fairfield Stags.

More steals in a game with 21 steals in the 29 Mar game UNC 92 x 52 Arizona Wildcats.

"After seeing these records that Jake broke this season, I'm sure many who doubted before will agree that Jake had a great season that will be in college basketball history."

"With these records, you can even do a triple-double that Jake made 8 this season, and Jake has done something that had never been done twice a quadruple-double in a game."

"What do you think about these Jake records?"

"I honestly didn't even know I had broken any records this season, I just played the best I could and took the opportunity."

"But knowing that I was very happy to hear that this great season of mine will be remembered in history because of these records."

"With these records, I think it's only fair that you won almost every single award this season, what do you think about that, Jake?"

"I didn't receive many national awards at the time I played in high school so this is all new to me, but I have to say that it is very gratifying to know that my work was recognized in this way."

"I think you deserve these awards you received this year, let's pass some more records that you broke this season."

The highest number of right field goals in a 501 season.

More points made in a single season with 1170 points.

A best percentage field goal in a season with a 75% hit.

Highest 3-Point Field Goals in a season with 205.

Best 3-Point Field Goal Percentage Single Season with 70%.

Fourth with more assists in a season with 373 assists.

Most steals in a single season with 217.

In fifth with the highest average assists per game with 10.4 assists.

First with more steals per game with 6 steals per game.

In seventh with the most points per game with 32.5 points per game.

"These records are very hard to break, remembering that even though Jake doesn't have number one number of records this season Jake did it all just this season while other players focused on just scoring or assisting."

With all that doubting Jake's talent has to agree that he was the most important player to win this NCAA tournament on the Tar Heels team and deserved to win all the prizes he got.

None of the television channels were allowed to talk about Jake being the only one sponsored in an interview with Jake, so commentators and reporters never talked about it, but when Jake wasn't he was just praised with everyone saying he deserved to be an exception.

"Jake, many have said when the Tar Heels team won the NCAA tournament this year that you could go straight to the NBA draft this year without waiting any longer than you would surely be one of the stars of that draft and next NBA season."

"But it looks like this year you still don't intend to participate in this NBA draft and maybe wait in the coming seasons, why do you think that?"

"I think it's just not the right time for me, I still want to enjoy this amazing university environment a little more, it's a unique experience in life that I want to spend more time here before going to the NBA."

"Also, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I'm on such an amazing team as Tar Heels this season to try to win the NCAA tournament next year too, I know it's tough and a lot of good teams want that too, but we have the opportunity to try."

"That's right, as a talented player and an amazing team like the Tar Heels team I think it's right that you think about winning the NCAA tournament next season too, and if the Tar Heels team succeeds you will surely enter into very prominent history."
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