334 The Major Marathons 8

Coach Davis had always thought Jake had only the talent for long-distance sports, and it was hard to find anyone who could run the 10,000-meter and 5,000-meter marathon in an Olympics.

Jake could soon be able to run even the 1,500-meter race, so he could win in 4 modalities in just one Olympics and would surely go down in history and become a track and field legend, but if he could compete too Between sprints he can also try to beat the other 4 modalities by winning 9 medals in total.

Of course, Coach Davis was thinking in the best scenario that was impossible for him, which he could not imagine was that this was exactly what Jake was hoping for and so wanted to train for it.

To train more seriously during this vacation, Coach Davis suggested only the 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters that were races that Jake was more likely to run at the next Olympics if he trained more.

Jake wanted to try the 1,500 meters and 800 meters, but Coach Davis told him to take it easy if Jake got the 800 meters the 400 meters would be possible as well as the 200 meters, so it was better to train in parts.

Jake understood that Coach Davis wanted to see first what he was capable of and hoped, after all, he knew he had time and in the coming years would impress Coach Davis to be able to run at least 1,500 meters at the next Olympics as well.

For the 10,000 meters, Coach Davis was very confident that Jake would make it because Jake was an athlete who had a lot of speed as shown in his basketball games, and he could already run at 2 minutes 54 seconds per km currently for 50 km.

Jake would have to run just 10 seconds faster than that for miles to be considered a great 10,000-meter runner, knowing Jake Coach Davis knew that would be easy for him.

In the early days, Jake focused on learning the right way to run as he had been doing for several months and now with more time with coach Davis, Jake's only defect as an athlete having the system to help was the technique and what the athletes learned of professional coaches.

So now that he had a good athletic trainer, Jake first wanted to learn all the technical stuff correctly because he was confident of doing the modalities training thanks to the system he had.

Coach Davis didn't understand Jake's calm, he was eager to know how long Jake could have in the 10,000-meter race, he had a feeling Jake would have a good enough time to participate in the upcoming Olympics, but Jake who was the main interested didn't seem to care.

What Coach Davis could not know was that Jake was in no hurry because by the next Olympics he would get at least 2 Resistance points and 2 agility points if he won the remaining two major marathons and could run those modes much more easily.

After more than a week spending time with his mother and training with Coach Davis, Jake received an invitation he had been waiting for a long time, it was the invitation of director Crowe who made the movie Jerry Maguire.

Just as Jake had expected the movie had now come out of theaters after several months and had raised a lot of money at the US box office and international box office, Director Crowe had promised to throw a party if it went over $ 100 million and Jake was just waiting.

He didn't know how much the box office had grossed correctly, he just remembered that in his past life had gone over $ 250 million, it was an excellent box office for a movie that was very good and much praised by movie experts.

Jake didn't know, but who was happiest about it was director Cameron Crowe who expected this movie to be a hit because of Tom Cruise and many other renowned actors, but didn't expect it to be such a hit because of the theme. sportsmanship that was usually not so successful at the box office and the fact that the movie is not for all ages.

So there was no way he wouldn't be happy to see that this was the biggest success of his career even being such a young director, director Crowe couldn't help but think that this success had anything to do with Jake's small part in this movie.

This movie premiered well when Jake had his best time in both marathons and college basketball, so some of Jake's fans definitely decided to go to the movies to watch this movie.

Also, Director Crowe realized that Jake had a talent for acting and was already thinking of inviting him to participate in other films of his own thinking that Jake would not accept at this time because he was so busy.

Even though Director Crowe was very fond of Jake, he can't have this party in Miami because most of the guests lived in Los Angeles, so he had to have this party in Hollywood, Jake didn't mind and took a plane to go.

Jake was even given a gift Armani suit that he personally went to the store to take measurements before leaving for the party, Jake could buy one if he wanted, but did not have time to think about which suit to buy and a gift like this helps in choosing his future.

Jake had rented a hotel room for a few days to stay in Los Angeles and so asked for a limo to go to the party, he thought about renting a car, but it would be more complicated to return the car after so renting for a night was much better.

Not many people at the party knew that Jake would attend the party, and even if they did, they probably wouldn't care much, because at that party other sports stars who had more fame than Jake were invited to attend the movie.

Many movie stars and singers were also attending this party that even someone like Jake would be forgotten if he attended such a party, at least that's what Director Crowe thought.

Jake arrived at the party and many pictures were taken of him, he just waved at the cameras and quickly walked into the hotel where the party was taking place, he knew that everyone who entered these parties had photos being taken and so did not care.

As soon as Jake came in many looked at him, Jake just paused for a moment until he saw where the director Crowe was and so went to the director, he knew many people here were famous and if it was another time Jake would not hesitate to ask for an autograph to a lot of them.

"Congratulations on the success of the movie, director Crowe, since I saw you talking about the movie I knew it would be a big hit."

"Hahaha, thanks, Jake, I think part of the success of this movie has to do with you too, your success in these two years in the sport has made you part of the movie something special."

The two exchanged accolades and director Crowe led Jake to the table where he was sitting with Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Renee Zellweger, the film's top Oscar-winning stars were at that table.

Meanwhile, other sports stars were sitting at another table like NFL players Art Monk and Kerry Collins, as well as others who participated in the movie and were invited to this party.

"So, Director Crowe, you still haven't told me what was the total box office of the movie that was the reason for this party."

"Hahaha, I knew you had not heard from anyone yet, we got $ 330 million in the worldwide box office and $ 190 million in national box office alone, our movie was fifth in the total box office and third in the national box office with 190 million of dollars. "

When he heard that even Jake was surprised, he remembered that this movie was ninth in the total box office with just over 270 million dollars, it seemed that in this life this movie had almost 60 million dollars more and almost 40 million of those 60 were in America.

So even Jake had to accept that his participation in this movie had greatly increased the total box office of the movie, thinking that the budget of the movie was 50 million only that increase paid the initial costs of the movie.

Jake was happy because the first movie he appeared in was a bigger success than he expected, it was no wonder director Crowe said so many times that the increase in the movie's box office was related to his achievements in sports, the directors usually they knew what they were talking about and some research must have been done to know that.

Jake congratulated Cuba Gooding Jr for the Oscars and they talked for a while Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger talked to other people at the party, then for a few more hours at the party, Director Crowe talked about his upcoming film projects.

Jake listened attentively because he thought about participating in some movies by director Crowe or another Hollywood director in the future, after all, Jake has always enjoyed acting, but in the next few months, there will be no movie to shoot in the coming months. could not think of participating.

He didn't have to think about how much he could get with these movies because he didn't need that money to live well, but it had to be some good movie like this and a movie he could shoot at the time he had free.

While everyone was talking a young girl entered the party long after the party had started, at parties in Hollywood this was very common so few people noticed who entered.
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