335 The Major Marathons 9

Anyone who saw the young lady who entered realized that another very famous person had come to this party, was a young singer who was very famous in the music world in recent years and almost won some of the top music awards in recent years winning the attention of all the world.

Kate Annesley had arrived at the party, Kate Annesley was the singer Jake met several years ago while recording some commercials, this had been the only time they had ever met, but since then Jake has always bought all the CDs of the new works from Kate.

Jake even tried to find Kate when he recorded other commercials a few months ago, but unfortunately couldn't find her in the same recording studio where they first met.

Kate walked into the party venue looking around as if searching for something, she looked toward where Jake was and started walking over to the director's desk smiling, everyone thought she would just talk to the director to congratulate on the success of the movie.

But Kate walked towards the other side of the table where only Jake and Renee Zellweger were sitting, Jake also noticed that someone was walking towards where he was when Jake saw Kate was very surprised and was even more surprised when she approached and hugged him as he cried.

This took everyone by surprise and even those who knew Jake and Kate did not know where the two knew each other or that they were so close, and the most discreet all looked toward the two embracing young people.

Jake didn't know what to do in this situation but still hugged Kate and waited for her to stop crying to explain what was going on, the director Crowe who was talking to Jake wasn't quite sure what to do in this situation and just waited to see if Jake explained to him later what was going on.

After a while, Kate kept hugging Jake, but she was no longer crying, after so long even the most curious did not look at the two young men hugging each other and even Principal Crowe began talking to other people.

"I wanted to try to see you, Jake."

Jake felt his heart flutter when he heard Kate say that, he was going to be more polite and call her Miss Annesley, but after that, he had no way of realizing that there was anything different about Kate he had known for several years ago.

He also missed Kate, and even though he didn't want to admit, he had to say that he had liked her since the first time they met, maybe that's why he can never match Lola's feelings for him.

"Kate, I missed you too, but now I was wondering what happened to make you cry like that."

Only after Jake said that did Kate remember that she was hugging him in the middle of the party while crying, did Jake help her get away from the party a bit and they sat at a table away from everyone's eyes so they could talk more calmly.

"It's been many years since the last time I saw you, I knew you would be at this party and that's why I came here when I saw you I couldn't control my feelings and ended up crying."

"That day we met in that studio while you were shooting those commercials I felt something for you, something different, a kind of connection."

"That's why I followed you to see your recording even though I arranged to meet my parents elsewhere at that time."

"After I left I went to the place I had to go the other way because my parents had already left at the time we had scheduled before."

After saying that Kate stopped talking and started crying again, Jake already thought that something bad had happened to Kate and that's why she was so thrilled since they met.

"I got to the place where I had to go, but my parents weren't there, then I found out that halfway through my parents had a car accident and died."

"After learning about it I was very sad and almost stopped singing, whenever I was sad I remembered you and when we met that day, so I realized that if I hadn't stayed in the studio for a while of you I would have died along with my parents in that accident because I wouldn't have been late."

"Even though still sad because of my parents' death I decided to keep singing and enjoying my life that I'm still lucky, and always wanted to meet you to thank for saving my life."

Now Jake knew why Kate was so thrilled when she met him, it seemed that since her parents died she had always remembered him to keep well, Jake believed that Kate really would have died in that accident had she not met him.

"I'm glad you didn't die in that accident and I'm sorry for what happened to your parents, I know it must have been difficult and I wonder what I would do if my mother died."

Jake could really feel what Kate was feeling after all he really knew what it was like to see his mother die, he was glad that Kate was fine thanks to what happened to him that day, it seemed like he wasn't the only one who felt anything special about that day.

After that Jake was talking to Kate for a long time about quieter things and about their career, so she managed to calm down again and so they talked until the party was over, Jake got Kate's mobile number and she got her number his cell phone.

The party was over Jake arranged to meet with director Crowe the other day, as well as several other actors Jake wanted to talk to, but what happened to Kate was very striking for Jake.

After returning to the hotel Jake still thought about it, he knew he might have changed the future a bit, but the system said several things would not be changed even if Jake interfered.

He was very happy that Kate had escaped the accident and had not died just because she met him, but so Jake was a little confused if more such things would happen and how much it could interfere with the future he knew.

[You don't have to worry so much about that Jake, as I told you, fate judges, what you will or won't change in the future based on your actions, but none of that will greatly change the future you know.]

"What do you mean, Fate?"

[Fate must have felt that this Kate was important to you and also that she would not have much interference in the future and so because of the meeting between you she should have died ended up living.]

Seeing the system confirming what he was thinking Jake even had to take a moment to think, he figured that if he didn't meet him Kate would die just because in his past life he didn't remember any singer named Kate who was so famous.

He found it strange himself several times and even though it was he who had changed it, then he thought it had nothing to do with it and that his memory was too bad and he didn't remember Kate being famous.

"You say that doesn't change things, but Kate is a well-known singer and can win many awards from other major singers and thus change the future I know."

[These things only you consider important, fate doesn't change things that much, you also won this year's NCAA tournament and will win some NBA championships that should be won by other teams.]

[These things will change naturally just because you exist, just like the marathons you win and the actions you invest, a few million adjustments have to be made by fate not to affect the future each time you do such a thing.]

[So you don't have to worry too much about these things because there is no way that you or Kate, or who you know changes anything, you won't even realize what has changed.]

So Jake can finally be relieved, he was glad to know that he had saved Kate even if it wasn't on purpose, so Jake went to sleep relieved, the other day Jake returned early to Miami to train early in the morning.

Jake did all the training he did at the university because he hadn't warned Coach Davis that he would be back early to do the training, he knew he had to train his technique with Coach Davis, but sometimes he just missed running without having to worry about the time.

When Jake came home later Eve had already returned because she left the restaurant early when Jake was home, Jake went to take a shower and when he returned to the room he saw his mother sitting with a magazine in his hands.

Jake found it odd that Eva wasn't making dinner like she always did at this time, but he thought she just wanted to get some rest and so got up to make dinner after he came back to see his mother still sitting with the magazine in the hand.

"Mom, I've already prepared dinner, leave this magazine there and come eat with me and then you come back to read the magazine."

"Do you know why I'm reading this magazine, Jake?"

"Because you like it? I don't know what you mean mom."

"I was working at the restaurant today because I knew you'd be back today, and I saw some of the restaurant customers looking at me strangely, it wasn't just the restaurant customers and even the staff were looking at me differently."

"When I asked Anna what was going on, she just gave me this magazine."
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