339 Busy Holiday 3

In addition, Emily was now overseeing Charlie and his team who worked at the company in Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, California, which Jake had just created for now to develop multi-touch technology.

As someone who didn't know about the future and what the internet would mean in the future Emily thought it was a huge waste of money that Jake was doing, she could just see a smart calculator that would cost a lot to be worth it.

And there were a lot of other investments that Jake had that Emily was responsible for taking care of, of course. To do that Emily had authority and respect given, she was president of Jake's investment company and received a huge salary directly from him.

Plus she would get some of the profits from all Cisco stock when they were sold, Emily estimated that the 1 percent she now had was worth at least $ 10 million.

"Hi Emily, you look pretty tired."

"Of course I've been tired, you know how many things I have to take care of, I'm responsible for billions of dollars and I'm doing my best not to disturb you while you're busy playing or training."

"I know, I'm just kidding, it's a shame you're very busy right now, but in a few years I'll hire a few more people to help you, and the investment company won't do anything for a few years after that either."

"I understand, this can be hard to come by because a few years with the investment company closed means a lot of money will be lost, I need only a few months of rest when this phase passes and I will be fine again."

Emily didn't complain much because she knew Jake was very talented and even busier than she was, and she was so happy to work with so much money, even her father had never had so much responsibility and it was all thanks to Jake.

Even if someone offered her some quieter job that paid her better she wouldn't accept it, she felt she would make a lot of money when Jake decided to sell all the stock that the investment firm cared for.

She was no longer so stressed because she knew it was impossible for investors to lose money even if the bubble burst as many investment analysts said because investor money was already more than double invested.

Also, thanks to the contract that Jake made with those who wanted to invest in the company, besides complaining who invested money could only trust that Jake knew the right time to sell everything, it was a contract she didn't know for sure, but she knew no one would risk contesting this contract.

Her father would also make a lot of money when Jake decided to sell these stocks, which showed how much better it was for her to work with Jake because there might be more opportunities for her and her father to get rich after that.

"I told you to hire more people for the investment company to relax, but I know you keep going the same way as before checking the market, you don't have to do that Emily, that's what tires you the most."

"You know how impossible this is, our company takes care of over $ 1 billion in investments, anything that happens in the stock market can make our company lose several million, me and I don't know how you can be so calm about that."

"Alright, let's not talk about that anymore, tell me the investment company reports."

Just as Jake asked Emily said the investment firm reports, with Matthew's investments alone over $ 900 million, even Matthew was surprised to learn how much money he had and regretted not investing more at the end of last year.

Even so, Matthew still wanted to just sell the stock and take all the money he was afraid of losing more money after, but Matthew knew that Jake didn't care about his investment opinion, so Matthew just had to keep trusting Jake.

The entrepreneurs who invested with Emily's father had over $ 90 million at the time as well, it was three times as much as they had invested, so they also wanted to sell the stock if they could.

Jake didn't care what they thought because he knew that this money now was nothing compared to what they would earn over the next 3 years, that money would still multiply sometimes and they would complain in the future if Jake sold it all now.

What also made investors sadder was the fact that 10 percent of the money they would earn would be given as a commission to Jake's investment firm, at the moment was a lot of money, over $ 66 million, and would be even more in the future.

After Emily said about the investments Jake had, Jake currently had over $ 40 million invested in equity, it was less than the others had because Jake also made other investments that would earn him hundreds of times that amount in the future.

One such investment was the silicon valley company that Charlie and the others were working on to develop multi-touch technology, with nearly a year of investment and a lot of work the touch screen technology had already been developed.

Jake received the test product and saw that it was very similar to what he used in the future, which gave him confidence that Charlie and the others were on the right track, maybe later this year or early 1998 Jake could apply for a patent that would make him a multimillionaire in the future.

Just investing in the development of this product would make Jake have more money than with all the actions he invested, another investment, the best he had done so far was the Amazon company that would make him a billionaire in the future.

"Amazon company as you may know officially made the IPO this year, you invested $ 12 million for 25 percent of the company's stock, after the IPO you have just over 20 percent of the stock."

"Jeff Bezos has asked to reassure you that his shares will not fall below 20 percent in the future of the company, his shares that have been further diminished, he has just over 35 percent of the shares."

Jake knew Jeff was saying that because he still hoped Jake would support him in all his decisions as he had promised and not just decide to sell the shares now that they were much more valued as some investors had already done.

"You can tell Jeff that I would still fully support all of his decisions and not sell my shares no matter what happens for at least 12 years."

Jake could promise that because he knew what the future would be like and also needed to calm Jeff down so that he would work as Jake remembered in the future, that 20 percent of the stock would be worth over $ 80 billion.

When the company is worth more than $ 1 trillion, Jake would have $ 200 billion worth of these shares, investing only $ 12 million a few months ago, so Jake didn't regret not making any more money with Cisco shares.

Of course Jake thought he could also help Amazon in a number of things in the future that would make him and Jeff Bezos even richer, Jake also knew it was only a matter of time before the media knew he had tens of millions of dollars invested in it only 18 years old.

He hoped he had just finished college before that happened, Jake was using Emily's name for the investment firm for the time being and hiding his stake from Amazon, so the media didn't know he was the one who had so much money.

After that Jake already told Emily some more details before leaving, the next day Jake went to meet Matthew, he had to talk to him if he could help anything in the company before he could go back to training.

This time the conversation would not be in any restaurant, but in Matthew's house, when Jake saw that Oliver was also in the house, and to his surprise Joseph was also in Matthew's house.

Of course Jake knew Joseph was on vacation from Princeton University, too, but he didn't expect to see Joseph in Miami and hoped his friend was enjoying his vacation with Liza somewhere.

"Joseph, how long I haven't seen you, I thought I'd see you only when I finished college."

"Jake, I missed you too, you're very overdone, it's been less than a year since we last met, with you working with my dad and grandfather on some holiday we were going to meet."

"You say like this is a bad thing, as my friend I want to see you at least every month, it's good to see that you're fine and came to visit your family."

"He came to visit the family because I sent him, it's good to see you, Jake, you've been doing great things these past few months, me and Oliver have been following your games and your marathons."

"Thanks, Matthew, I came here to talk to you and was expecting to see Oliver here, but I didn't expect to see Joseph here really."

"It's like I said, if I didn't order him to spend this vacation here in Miami he would be traveling around with his girlfriend, I should have broken up while Joseph was still in high school."

"Stop talking about it, Grandpa, I've come here as you said and I really love Liza, you can't separate us."

"Because of this girlfriend of yours you don't care about your family or your best friend anymore, Jake is much busier than you and yet whenever you can come to see his family and even us here."

"That's because he works with you."

"You don't know anything, Jake didn't even have to come here because he's a partner and not an employee of mine, he sees just because he wants to help, and you? The company will be yours in a few years and you don't even mind coming here."

"You see in the magazines, Jake has a much better girlfriend than his and yet see Miami every vacation and still works hard."
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