344 Busy Holiday 8

After arranging his participation in Matrix Jake was very happy, even though he did nothing after that he could say he was a successful actor after making just this movie, and it was a movie he liked a lot.

It seemed that everything was working out for him again, he was fine with basketball, with marathons, and he was already preparing to surprise the world again when he competed in other sports as well.

His mother was fine with her friends as well as the restaurant and Eva was very happy, the businesses Jake was investing were all very successful that after a few years when he sold these stocks he would no longer have to worry about money for all life.

His personal life was fine with all his friends Jake was able to make at university, and now with Kate who had everything to work out this relationship in the future, now even his dream of acting was coming true by making one of his favorite movies that It was The Matrix.

The time had gone by since the accident in his past life and everything seemed to be going very well in this second life, Jake was very grateful for the system that helped him achieve all this and would also continue to strive to keep going well.

The other day Jake resumed his normal training with Coach Davis as if nothing had happened, Jake knew he had to take his time before the break to train daily because when the basketball season resumed he would have to miss training on match days.

On this vacation Jake also had a special gym training done by Coach Davis that drove Jake to his limits and focused only on athletics and not basketball, Coach Davis came up with this idea because he knew that in the months he was at university he had training that was just for basketball.

Jake trained for a few more weeks and then July came and went, with less than one month left for the World Championships in Athletics maybe just Jake was more relaxed with his normal training every day.

He knew and Coach Davis knew that even if he didn't train Jake he could still easily win this World Championships in Athletics, Coach Davis was impressed that even though he was training at a faster pace than his own world record, Jake looked like he had improved a lot in the year he trained with him.

Especially on the technical side, which for Jake had been almost nonexistent before, now he had greatly improved his posture in the race and even if it did not improve his time it still helped to lower his energy expenditure in the race.

Coach Davis even suggested that Jake could improve his daily training time by increasing his running pace, but Jake denied it and said it was better to focus on 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters training before thinking about improving his own record his.

Coach Davis was impressed by Jake's dedication to track and field and realized that Jake was right, but in fact, Jake refused because he wanted to first win the two remaining major marathons and get 2 points in endurance and 2 points in agility before improve his time in marathons.

After all, after these two major marathons, Jake no longer knew where he could get the most statistics points, he figured that ordinary marathons might not get any points like these six major marathons in the world gave.

Of course, even if I didn't get any more statistics points in the marathons Jake would still be satisfied with what he had and would keep running, after all, Jake knew well that with the more than 41 stamina points he would have after those marathons he would no longer need statistics to be the best in the world in long-distance races.

Not to mention that he hoped to get more statistics from basketball games when he entered the NBA, Jake's current goal with statistics was to have 50 points in each of his physical statistics.

He'd be pretty close to that after earning his resistance points as a reward for major marathons, if he did that, Jake would surely have physical advantages over everyone else in any sport he played.

Jake was just thinking about training nonstop until the World Championships in Athletics, but he can't do that because after a few days of training two unexpected guests showed up at his house.

It was Mark and David, Jake's two former high school teammates, even though Jake matched everyone's remaining friends, he didn't expect anyone to show up before the internet age where it was so much easier to find anyone.

"Mark, David, I didn't expect to see you, it's a nice surprise."

"Hahaha, of course, we would show up here at one time or another, we played together on the same high school team and we were always good friends."

"True, even more so now that you're so famous, you're appearing in almost every newspaper and magazine, a famous girlfriend, winning the ACC tournament and the NCAA tournament and breaking a lot of individual records, we're proud to have played with you."

"Hahaha, thank you. I said you don't expect us to meet anytime soon because I know you lived in other states before you came to play in Miami and now you are at university."

"Yeah, but we got used to living in Miami after so many years since middle school, and my university is actually in Miami too."

"Yes, mine is not in Miami, but this city is much better than my family and I used to live, my parents also got good jobs here in the city."

Jake was glad to hear that, he didn't know David went to a university in Miami, he must have made up his mind in recent years, and Mark was a different story, he remembered that Mark's family preferred him to go for a good college than playing basketball on a good team at the university.

"It's good to know you're going to be near Miami, you know that as long as my mom lives here and has a restaurant where I'll always consider this place my home."

"Yes, it was she who told us you were here during the holidays, we thought you were traveling or with your girlfriend."

"Kate is not my girlfriend, it's a more complicated story than you might think, but who knows what might happen in the future, but let's stop talking about me, how was your first year at university?"

"For me, it was very good, I did very well with my classes and my grades, in basketball my team is only in NCAA Division II, but at least I can play as a starting player, my team is very offensive just the way I like of play."

"We did well in the conference championship, but we didn't win or qualify for the NCCA Division 2 championship."

"I also did very well in my classes and my basketball team is also from NCAA Division II like David's, I played as a starting player and I'm the main player of my team, we haven't had such a good season, but my style of game was highly praised."

Jake understood that Davis must be really happy because he realized that he would never have the ability to play in the NBA one day, so he would rather play as a starter on an NCAA Division II team than always be a spare on an NCAA Division I team.

But Mark didn't look that happy, he had the talent and ability to play as an NCAA Division I team starter like Jake and even if he didn't become an NBA player he would still be happy to do what he could.

But because of his family, Mark had to choose a university that had better classes than one with a stronger basketball team, he even tried to get into Princeton, but they didn't want him there because this season's team was so strong.

Jake felt sorry for his friend but didn't know if Mark really had the talent to be a pro, but he hoped that Mark could do what he wanted and then see if it was right, now what he could do was support Mark in his decision.

After that they were talking for a few hours about the year at the university, in fact, much of the conversation both asked what was going on at the UNC and Jake's team that was the NCAA tournament champion.

In fact, they were both very surprised when they saw on television how well Jake played well on the star-studded Tar Heels team and yet became the team's best player and had such a great first season.

They even thought to see that Jake couldn't play as well as he could because the team was bad and he couldn't play the best he could, that wasn't true because Jake improved when he faced tough opponents.

"I have a basketball court here at my house, if you wanted to play we could play some games to relax."

"No, I don't even think about playing like you are so good now, instead we go to a court near here that always has young people playing, we can make a three against three and win easily."

Jake and Mark liked David's idea and so they went to a place near the Miami beaches that David knew always had young people playing, it would be a little cowardly Jake who was almost professional and David and Mark who also played on college teams.

But they just wanted to have fun and the other players were unlucky enough to face these three college players, they got there in David's car because Jake's car was in college.
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