352 Back for the Sophomore Year 6

"Great time for this marathon, Jake breaks the world record and also the Berlin marathon record, he is the first athlete in this men's marathon to break the world record."

"Jake is for sure the best marathon athlete in the world today and I think he will stay that way for many more years, he is only 18 this year and is already his second time breaking the world record."

"He's been winning a lot of marathons in the last 3 years and won 6 different marathons besides the Olympics and the World Championships in Athletics, just this year this is Jake's fourth marathon, I think it's already clear it's not luck and he's really talented and will keep it that way."

Jake was very happy to have won this Berlin marathon even though he was already very confident of winning and breaking the world record, he personally saw why this would be known as the fastest marathon in the world in a few years.

If Jake wanted he felt he could finish this marathon in less than 2 hours and 2 minutes if he wanted to, it was certainly a good marathon to break his world record of fewer than 2 hours in the future.

But Jake didn't intend to race anymore in Berlin even though he could win a few more seconds running in this marathon, because it was in Germany that was too far from the United States for him to come running with 3 of the world's largest marathons in America.

Also, Jake found the prize too small to lure him here to race, in Boston the prize was almost 3 times the value, even though he didn't care much for marathon prizes it was clear that he preferred to race where he could win more.

John was also very happy to see Jake break the world record in this marathon, he thought the same as Jake and thought it was more remarkable that he was the first American athlete to win the Berlin marathon and still break the world record in this marathon.

For the companies that sponsored Jake to see him winning another marathon and breaking the world record once again was very good, Eva was also very happy to see Jake win the Berlin marathon and break the world record.

Being Jake's mom who was the best marathon runner in the world Eva sure knew a lot more about marathons now, so she knew how amazing Jake was doing winning the fourth marathon of the year and breaking the world record.

She also knew that Jake still intended to race in Chicago because he told her before going to college, so Eva expected Jake to win the fifth marathon after a few weeks.

Jake received his medal and the $ 110,000 prize because he had broken the world record, if he broke this world record in London he would have received more than $ 300,000 and if it was in Boston he would receive $ 225,000.

But since his goal was not money Jake was just as happy and then went to his hotel and later returned to college, he could go the other day, but he didn't want to get Coach Guthridge in trouble anymore.

Certainly with Jake winning this Berlin marathon which was special to the Americans because he was the first and still breaking the world record took a bit of media focus on coach Dean Smith's retirement and would make the players of Tar Heels more relaxed to train.

Coach Davis was also proud because he was known as Jake's coach and even though he didn't help much it was still special to see Jake winning the marathons, now they had to keep on training because next month Jake would have the Chicago marathon to run.

He was going to race with Zack in this marathon and of course, no one but Jake's friends knew about it, John was even more excited knowing that Jake would run another marathon, Coach Guthridge knew about it too and accepted after seeing Jake breaking the world record.

Admittedly, Jake was in great shape for college basketball season this year, and the next month of training was just to improve the fitness of the other players on the team and regain rapport among the players of that team who played last year.

Even though Coach Guthridge thought of this new way of playing with a different lineup, it was actually a tactic that had already been coached by this team in Coach Smith's time, only they never thought they would use this tactic with Zwikker on the team.

Now the team would just have to train this tactic more and learn how to use it in the game, Coach Guthridge relied on Jake's talent and versatility as a player to organize the team's attacks and still defend well.

If the team could defend against the opposing team's Center would not be a problem to use this tactic, they needed to get more total rebounds as well, both in defense and offense.

Jake celebrated with his roommates the break in the world record he got at the Berlin Marathon, Zack was even more excited to race in Chicago after seeing Jake winning that marathon.

After going out with his colleagues to celebrate Jake returned to rest in the dorm, before bed he wanted to see the rewards he had earned for winning the Berlin Marathon.

"Fate, show me my statistics on my third job."

[Here it is.]

Statistics Jake


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 18 years]

[Job: Runner]

[Height: 2.01 m]

[Weight: 103 Kg]

[Force 42]

[Agility 40]

[Resistance 43]

[Intelligence 60]

[Luck 99]



[Second Lung A]

[Iron Body A]


So Jake can see that his agility and resistance increased after this Berlin marathon, now Jake had all the stats above 40 points and his agility was even higher.

Even if it wasn't enough for him to take advantage of the short-haul modes he would certainly have the advantage of long- and medium-distance racing, but most importantly his strength was well over 40 points and for a while, Jake would have the advantage balance between his physical statistics.

Jake also saw that his height really had not changed anymore and nor would it change as the system had said, yet by that time he could have a successful NBA career without having problems because of the height.

Michael Jordan was even smaller than Jake is now and yet became one of the best basketball players in the world catching a lot of rebounds and doing great dunk, Kobe Bryant also got great rebound statistics.

This showed that height would no longer be a problem for Jake and physical statistics would not be a problem for him to fight for rebounds either, so it all depended on Jake to become an NBA star.

So Jake was very grateful to the system that had changed his life and in addition to bringing him to a second chance and giving him every opportunity to get what he wanted even helped to improve the body he had in his past life.

Jake had already gotten everything he wanted at university and knew after this year he could get the training his mother dreamed he would have at university, then he would just have to keep studying differently after talking with the university.

Jake had also developed fully as a player and improved all the way in his first year in college basketball, he would still have this season to improve even further, and Jake had already won the ACC tournament and the NCAA tournament.

This year he would try to win again, but if he couldn't, he wouldn't be too upset about it, early next year Jake would also run the marathon in Tokyo and so if he won he could win all major marathons.

So Jake had already made up his mind to enter the NBA draft after this season in mid-1998, he would go to the NBA with his teammates Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, and Shammond Williams.

He would still have to talk to David Falk's sports agent to try to get a deal and so play on the team he wanted, to do that he just had to get the team he wanted to trade him with the team he drafted and so he could play on the team he wanted.

If it wasn't possible Jake would play on the team that he did the same draft, but he knew how hard that would be because even if he had a great performance it would be almost impossible for his team to win the NBA title.

Maybe he couldn't make it to the playoffs playing with a bad team, NBA tuning wouldn't be like high school basketball so he could lead the team to victory with his skill, even at university if Jake wasn't on such a great team as it was Tar Heels he could forget about trying to win the NCAA title.

But Jake would start talking to David Falk only after a few games this season because if such a rumor started it could disrupt the team's spirits to win the NCAA tournament this season.

Jake didn't plan on earning a great salary in the NBA from the start and just wanted to win great sponsor contracts to make more money, but Jake didn't intend to have a long starting contract with any team for a low salary.

But these were things for after this college season that had not even started, Jake continued training calmly with his teammates and working hard to get the team to play well this season.

After a few days of coaching the team, everyone was regaining their ideal condition and the players' match was coming back quickly, Jake didn't need any time to mingle and was still assisting as if the last NCAA tournament game was a few days ago.
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