379 Continuing the Winning Streak 3

Jake was going to shoot in May 1998 and stay until September 1998, where he would be almost 5 months and that would change the film's official schedule slightly, so Jake remembered Keanu Reeves was also injured and so was better than the movie started filming a little later.

The Wachowskis brothers could also start shooting some scenes in which Jake's character would not appear before, many things could be done so that Jake arriving almost 2 months after filming began was not a problem.

And Jake would still have to leave for a week or so if he really decided to join this year's NBA draft on June 24, 1998, at General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This showed how Jake's vacation would be a lot busier than the basketball season, after which he would have much more time with the NBA standstill that would make the basketball season begin only in 1999.

When Jake considered starting training the day after the Tar Heels game, he got a call and a number that was unknown to him, but how few people could get his number Jake decided to answer the call.

"This is Jake, who's this?"

"Hi Jake, this is Kate speaking."

"Hi Kate, how long, I'm sorry if I caused any trouble talking to you at that party."

"No, you're not to blame Jake, the media always do these kinds of things, I have to apologize for taking so long to call you."

"I was glad you called, I know you must be very busy with the shows."

"Yes, I called because I'm in Durham to talk business and I know your university is close to here, so I was wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me today?"

"Of course, you give me the address that I'll be there soon."

Jake was very happy to receive a call from Kate after so many months, he sometimes thought of looking for her to talk to, but he knew well that Kate had to take care of her image as an artist and so couldn't meet Jake without preparation before.

Besides, he thought that if she didn't look for him it was because Kate didn't really like him that much, thankfully Jake got that call and after getting the restaurant address went getting ready to go out in his car.

He soon went to the address Kate passed, and soon Jake was in the restaurant, just as he hoped it was a simpler but also very discreet restaurant, a place where paparazzi couldn't easily find her.

Kate was 19 now and would be 20 this year, Kate was white and fair-skinned, Kate's face was simple, but in a way that was very beautiful and pure, she had green eyes and a very good body. proportionate and beautiful.

It was hard to describe Kate's face, but if Jake tried he would pick a few models and actresses that could form a Kate-like face, she looked like a mix of model Tanya Mityushina, and actresses Sarah Gadon, Grace Kelly, and Rachel McAdams.

As a famous pop singer, Kate had already recorded 2 albums and had 2 songs on Billboard, even though she was considered a successful singer she was going through a difficult time in her career.

She had to make a transition in the style of her music and also the image she was giving her audience, as Kate was most successful after losing her parents and while she was a teenager, the songs she wrote were about losing and youth in the sense they conveyed.

That, according to the media and her manager, was most of the reason for Kate's success, but now she was almost 20 and older, and her feelings of loss were diminished by the image of Jake in her life.

Thinking about it Kate decided to make a change in her music style and also in her image showing that she had changed and that was the identity she would have as a singer in the future now that she was an adult.

And she was sure of that decision when her fans reacted wrong when they knew she could be dating Jake, so she thought that if fans accepted this change from her it would be easier for them to accept future relationships she might have.

But if they didn't accept it could be the end of her career, Kate talked it over with her manager who after hearing Kate's story decided to support her in this fundamental change for her career.

Of course, the biggest reason was that her manager had confidence in Kate's talent and also agreed that a change was needed if Kate wanted to continue succeeding in the future.

Now that Kate was thinking of making a career change that might take away all the fans she had, she decided to meet Jake again without much fear of being discovered, if she was seen multiple times with Jake in the future would make it easier for fans her to accept Jake.

The truth was that a magazine survey showed that Kate's female fans liked and supported her to stay with Jake, so having set her fears aside she decided to call Jake to talk again.

Of course Jake didn't know that Kate was in a lot of trouble because when she met Jake she forgot all her problems, after all, it was something she would have to do anyway and she was prepared in case she lost her reputation.

"You look very pretty today, Kate."

"Thanks, you're fine too, Jake."

"And how has it been for you in recent months?"

"It's okay, I keep on the shows with the songs from my last album that will continue for a few more months and then I'm thinking of making a new album with a new style after these shows, I hope it's good."

Kate said it all naturally as if she really hadn't worried about it, but Jake knew she wanted to change the style of the songs and her image as a singer because now she was an adult and had different thoughts than when she was a teenager.

But Jake knew this was a hard thing to do and many singers lost their fans with the change of image, in fact, not many were able to do that and keep the same fans and have the same success as before.

Singers who succeeded after becoming adults when they started their careers in adolescence or childhood actually lost most of the fans they had when they were younger and then got new fans who liked their new style of music.

Jake understood that because he lived in the time of the internet and where information was accessible to everyone, so he knew a lot about the music world, the problem was that even though he knew the future he couldn't give Kate good advice about music.

"This must be something very hard for you to do, but I listen to your music and I know you are very talented, I believe you will succeed even with a new style because you make up your music very well."

"If I had a tip to give you would be to make some songs with a style similar to what you do now with more mature lyrics, and along with those songs you could put the songs in your new style of music."

"So you can have your fans keep up with your change without any drastic changes like a new album with no music in your current style that everyone likes so much."

Kate was surprised to see that Jake knew all about music and liked the county he had given her, she really thought of making a new album with only songs with a different style to see what her fans would think.

But hearing what Jake said she saw that it really made more sense to do things calmly and not scare her fans that way, but her personal image would change completely so that her fans would get used to it.

"I think it's a very good idea, but let's not talk about my problems, I watched some of your games on television and saw the news about you in sports, last year was very good for you."

"Yes, I did a lot of things I wanted to do last year like winning a few marathons, I broke some of my records and I had a great debut season in basketball too, it was much better than I expected."

"This year will be even better, I hope, it would be nice if you won the NCAA tournament again, and maybe you could keep winning more university titles in the next few years and even break that team record with the most victories."

"It would be nice, but it will be hard to win so many games, there are a lot of good teams in the same conference as our team and the NCAA tournament as well."

Jake had to talk indirectly to Kate because he couldn't say he was considering joining the NBA this year, so it was impossible for him to win more NCAA tournament titles in the coming years and break that winning record.

But he felt bad about it because she had just told him about the changing style of songs she would have that could be very bad for Kate if Jake said that to anyone else, it showed that she trusted him so much.

But Jake couldn't say that not because he didn't trust Kate, but because he wasn't sure if he would be joining the NBA draft this year.
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