393 The Last Major Marathon 7

After that, Jake talked to the marathon representatives for a while and went to thank John who had organized this whole marathon for him, then Jake had to say goodbye and go back to the hotel.

Even though he was more tired than after the other marathons he was not really in the mood for sleep and he recovered very quickly from his fatigue and had recovered a lot by eating the stamina bar.

So Jake still decided to walk around Tokyo for a few more hours and eat in some restaurants with local foods and buy some souvenir gifts for his friends at the university and for his mother and Anna too.

Jake got to know some places he always wanted to go to, like Tsukiji Market where he ate sushi, Jake also went to Ueno Park, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Jake ate ramen too and it was to Tokyo Skytree, there were a lot more things that Jake wanted to do that he wasn't possible because of the time.

He would still have to sleep to be awake when the Tar Heels team game started, he had to look in some hotels until he found one that would broadcast the game and for that, he had to change hotels.

But as he couldn't be playing he wanted to at least hope for his team to win that game, Jake had a lot of confidence in his teammates and knew that they had the ability to win.

After winning this Tokyo marathon, Jake had won all 6 major marathons and saw that he had gained one more agility point and one Resistance point, he didn't know how he would get more statistical stats points after that, but he was happy to be able to complete his goals before joining the NBA.

Maybe if he managed to win other important marathons in the world even though he wasn't Major marathons he could get more stats points, but Jake would wait until he had time to do that without having to lose games.

And Jake didn't think that he still needed more statistics to run in marathons or other athletics, he knew that his statistics were already higher than that of several athletes who won several gold medals in the Olympics.

What Jake thought was missing was just the training he was starting to do so that he could make the most of his statistics, Jake didn't know if he would have time to train to run in short distance too, but if he could win even the 800-meter race he could win 5 gold medals per Olympics.

He had to sleep to be able to watch his teammates' game, but before he was really curious to see how his stats window was that he hadn't seen in a long time.

"Fate, show me my statistics window for my third job."

[Here it is.]

Statistics Jake


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 19 years]

[Job: Runner]

[Height: 2.01 m]

[Weight: 103 Kg]

[Force 42]

[Agility 41]

[Resistance 44]

[Intelligence 63]

[Luck 99]



[Acceleration D]

[Sprint C]

[Full Speed ​​A]

[Flexibility S]

[Speed ​​Endurance S]

[Poise S]

[Second Lung S]

[Iron Body S]


Jake was thrilled to see how his stats had changed in a short time, his height had been set at 2.01 m, it was very good for a basketball player, Jake had the ability to get the most out of his height.

The two skills he had reached the S rank after winning all major marathons and many hidden statistics he had appeared after he started to further train his skills with Coach Davis.

Now 6 new techniques have appeared and 4 of them were in rank A or rank S, Jake understood why Coach Davis said they had skills that he had to learn to run better than he was lucky enough to be able to use the base he learned in basketball.

The more specific for short distance races the skill was lower was her rank because Jake had just started to learn this from Coach Davis not long ago and hadn't even learned much because Coach David said Jake wouldn't need it now.

But he was happy to see that because before Jake thought he had few skills in his third job, now he really could feel like a professional athlete, he didn't even want to see his skills in the statistics window of his first job because he couldn't move on to the skill level of the NBA.

Jake deduced that he would only achieve this when he actually arrived in the NBA, it was a shame because he wanted to do his imagination training against NBA-level opponents, so he could be more prepared for when he entered the NBA.

After a few hours, it was time for the game to begin and Jake was already watching on television, after the last game in which the Tar Heels team won and took first place in the ACC conference by easily winning a game that everyone expected would be very difficult, everyone was confident that the Tar Heels team would win.

The opponent of that game was the Georgia Tech team that was not doing very well this season and was at the bottom of the ACC conference, yet Jake often warned his teammates not to underestimate the opponent.

Even more, because the Tar Heels team would play as a visitor and the Georgia Tech team had dangerous players that the Tar Heels team needed to watch out for, especially in the three-point play because Jake would not be in that game and that would be a weakness of the Tar Heels team.

"Welcome to everyone who came to follow today's game with us, we will follow the game between the ACC conference's number one team and also the season's Tar Heels team, against the Georgia Tech team that seeks this victory to increase their placement at the conference."

"Even before the game starts, we already have a big surprise, which is the absence of Jake Smith, who has been the main player of the Tar Heels team, this took everyone by surprise and we recently learned that Jake won the Tokyo marathon in Japan today."

"We all know that Jake is also a marathoner in addition to being a basketball player, and it is also incredible that he won the Tokyo marathon, but because of that he will not play in today's game."

"The Tar Heels team is in an excellent sequence of games without losing that is close to making history this season and today they as a visitor and without the main player of the team who was not even out for a minute is much more pressure."

"It's true, I'm really a big fan of Jake and I think he's one of the best college players of recent times, I also think it's incredible that he can be the best marathon runner in the world even though he is a basketball player, today he was the eleventh marathon he won."

"But I don't think it's right that he misses an important game like this for the Tar Heels team and for all the fans, we have several marathons during the year and he ran the last 3 years without ever losing a game, so I don't know what he's thinking."

"Let's see how the Tar Heels team can play without Jake leading the team as in all games of the season, it seems that Ed Cota will play in his place, a lot of pressure for Ed Cota who is very talented and also very good in assists, but he will have to lead the team to victory today."

Not only commentators but all Tar Heels fans and basketball fans found it strange that Jake chose to run a marathon rather than participate in this important game, the media that didn't know about it was also taken by surprise.

But the players and coach Bill Guthridge clearly knew about it, it left fans very disappointed and if the Tar Heels team lost that game it would be Jake's fault that he hadn't even participated in that game.

What was most impressive was that the fact that Jake did not play in that game mainly took the Georgia Tech team by surprise because they trained the last few days thinking about various ways to defend against Jake and Jamison.

Everyone knew that Ed Cota was an excellent player who assisted as well as Jake, so their training to defend against Jamison would not be wasted, but Ed Cota was nowhere near as skilled as Jake to score.

Ed Cota's normal was a quarter of a point that Jake averaged per game, so any defense that was made at Ed Cota would be a waste, and that was what the Georgia Tech team had trained more after the last game.

Of course, coach Guthridge had already thought that something like this could happen and so he put Ed Cota and not Makhtar N'Diaye and play in a different style, even if Ed Cota was good in assists like Jake, their playing style was different and that would take the Georgia Tech team by surprise.

From the start of the game, the Georgia Tech team started pressing in the attack because they knew that the Tar Heels team would lose a lot of quality in defense without Jake, especially in the three-point line.

The Tar Heels team players were prepared for this and tried to defend, but the team managed to make some three-point games with Matt Harpring and Michael Maddox who were doing very well in that game.

In the attack the team Tar Heels was also good because Ed Cota attacked in a different way which left the Georgia Tech team without being able to defend well, Ed Cota took the opportunity to make plays with Jamison and Carter and so the two teams were very equal in this game.

In training before Jake went to Japan he talked a lot with Ed Cota and Shammond Williams, he was friends with Jamison and Carter and just spoke normally with them because he was confident that the two would play normally even without him on the team.
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