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The Tar Heels team continued to press in defense and attack while the Maryland Terrapins team still tried to press in the attack to get a turn in the game even though it was almost impossible due to the advantage that the Tar Heels team got after a few minutes of the 2nd half.

In another move, the Maryland Terrapins team managed to score 3 points in their attack and it was the turn of the Tar Heels team to attack, the players of the Tar Heels team were not concerned with these points because they knew they were playing well.

Jake advanced the ball until after the middle of the court and passed the ball to Williams on the right, Williams advanced to the three-point line and passed the ball to Carter on the left, Carter held the ball and passed it back to Jake who was closer behind.

Jake received the ball and made a beautiful feint that tricked the opponent and advanced, another opponent came to defend and Jake pretended that he would advance and made a step back and tried an outside shot to make three more points for the Tar Heels team.

The Tar Heels team continued to play in the same way while the players were calm and increasing the advantage on the scoreboard because of the mistakes of the Maryland Terrapins players who were in a hurry to try to recover in the game.

So the 2nd half ended and the Tar Heels team won the game with 109 points against just 61 points from the Maryland Terrapins team, with this victory the players of the Tar Heels team could rest this week before the next game without losing any more games. one year.

In this 2nd half of the game, Jake played for 20 minutes and made 17 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, 5 steals, and 3 blocks, with this triple-double Jake helped the Tar Heels team to get another victory and could relax when he went home knowing that next week he would have to dedicate a lot to the next game knowing that in the past the Tar Heels team lost.

"And so we follow the victory of the Tar Heels team in today's game, another victory for the Tar Heels team that is on a winning streak that looks like it will never end."

"Another great game for Jake who made another triple-double and from what I saw at the end of the game the fans forgot that they were mad at him and shouted Jake's name at the end of the game."

"That's right, it really was an excellent game for the Tar Heels team that won another one even if the Maryland Terrapins team tried to win too, Jamison also played very well in today's game, making over 30 points in a game again."

"But again the highlight of the Tar Heels team in that game was Jake who managed to further improve his defense this season which could be his only weakness, even though last season he was already one of the best defensive players in college basketball."

"Jake made 5 blocks and 10 steals in that game, so he has an incredible average of 1.3 blocks per game this season that is bigger than most of the best defensive players from all universities."

"There are now only 3 games left before the start of the ACC tournament and we will see two difficult games after an easier game that will be next week, we will see if the Tar Heels team continues without losing any games."

The players were tired after that game, even if they were tired they were happy for this good game and were happy to have increased their winning streak, even more, all the players on the Tar Heels team wanted to continue this sequence and go down in history.

Coach Guthridge was not so excited about this, he was a coach who was only in his first year as the head coach of the Tar Heels team, but he has accompanied Dean Smith for over 30 years.

So he could see how the players were under a lot of pressure because of these games in a row without losing, in addition, there was pressure from the media and the fans, because of that the fans were even angry with Jake who was the main responsible for this achievement because he did not participate in a game.

So Coach Guthridge preferred the Tar Heels team to lose the next game, so the players could get rid of that pressure if they won the next 3 games the pressure would increase even more because they definitely couldn't lose after the ACC tournament started and the NCAA tournament started.

So he preferred the Tar Heels team to lose before the ACC tournament started, of course, he couldn't ask players to lose the game to relax or let Jake out of the game for the team to lose.

If he did that it seemed like he had no confidence in his players and that would greatly decrease the confidence and morale of the team, in addition, he also wanted if it was possible to win all the games and that the team won the NCAA tournament again this year.

After that, the players went back to the dorms and Jake soon prepared to go to Miami, he would travel at night to get home early and have more time to stay home that week, if he went the next day he would see his mother only later in the afternoon after she returned from the restaurant.

Jake was going home to see his mom because he missed her, but he had a lot more to do besides talking to his mom, he had to talk to Matthew and finally have the report and get the money from the profits from the company in the last year.

He had to talk to Clara also because it seemed that this year she would also give part of the profits to the shareholders as a share of the profit, he had 10 percent of the shares so he could receive a few million dollars.

After that he still had to speak to Emily because he wanted to invest some of the money he would receive in shares of the company Cisco again, especially the money he received from participation after Emily's father and his friends sold their shares.

He had a lot to work out in just a week and still wanted to make the most of his time to be with Eva, after which Jake could return to Miami only after school was over.

Not to mention that Jake would still have the film to start shooting and so he would have much less time to be with his mother if he went to the NBA after the basketball season started it would be almost impossible for them to have much time to talk.

This time as he would arrive home very late at night Jake told Eva that he was going home, so she was the one who picked him up by car at the airport when Jake arrived, Eva was very happy to see Jake home after a few months.

She had been very nervous about having to watch the media people who always spoke well of her son to start criticizing Jake, she didn't understand why the media people criticized Jake if they knew well that Jake always ran marathons and would ever have to lose a game in order to compete.

And it was not because Eva was his mother that she thought so, for her it made sense since Jake missed several marathons because he cannot compete for being at the time of the basketball season when he decided not to participate in a game to run an important marathon everyone criticized him.

Of course, the biggest reason was that Eva couldn't understand why the Tar Heels team's winning record was so incredible, for her it was normal for Jake's team to always win because he also almost missed any game in high school.

As it was very late and Eva had to sleep to go to the restaurant in the morning, Jake went to sleep and they would leave to talk more with his mother in the morning or when she returned home.

Jake had already decided that he would tell Eva that he was going to the NBA after this season, but to do that Jake would have to leave university before he got his degree, he had promised his mother that he would go to university and that he would finish.

And he would not break that promise, Jake had already gone to university and stayed for two years, he got great grades and even advanced some subjects and credits he needed to graduate, so he could easily finish university even entering the NBA.

Jake had learned little at university after reading and almost decorating dozens of books on economics, financial affairs, and administration, so he would keep his promise to his mother, yet Jake thought he had to tell him what he intended to do to Eva.

Jake thought that nothing would change after he said that, but he felt he had a chance that she might want to change with him when Jake moved to the city where he had his NBA team he would most play.

For now, it looked like he would have to move to Los Angeles, the deal had already been made and if all went well the Los Angeles Clippers team would choose the first draft and select Jake and then he would go to the Lakers team.

The deal between the Lakers 'team and the Clippers' team had already been completed and when Jake was chosen everything would be decided, so he had to tell Eva where he would go after college.

The other day in the morning they talked about various things before Eva went to the restaurant, an important matter like this Jake could not speak to his mother before she went to work, otherwise, she could be worried and distracted at work.

Jake called Emily to let her know that he was going to be in Miami for a week and that he had to talk to her, Emily had been busy for the past few months and even Jake had to let him know before he wanted to talk to her.
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