402 Rest and Business 6

They would receive 75 percent of that amount in profit sharing and the rest would be reinvested in the company, so Jake received $ 227 million and $ 700,000, and Matthew would receive $ 3 billion,415 million and $ 500,000.

Jake thought it a shame that Matthew was not confident in investing everything he had in Cisco stock like he would if he did that he could earn even more than $ 100 billion.

Of course, if he did that, they would have a significant percentage of the company's shares and that could interfere in the company's future when they sold everything, even so, Jake never intended to invest in Cisco again and just wanted to know how to earn as much as possible in 2000.

The biggest problem for Jake was that he couldn't just invest all that money in Amazon, otherwise, in the future, he would be guaranteed more than 60 percent of the company's shares because if he did that, the future he knew would change.

"So let's talk about the future of the company, we are developing the next digital camera putting the improvements you suggested, Jake, but this camera will not be as superior to the current one and sales will not be that good."

"That's right, in fact, the first camera that our company sold was just to let the market and consumers know about our company, this current camera is what we know how to do best."

"The technologies used in this camera were developed by our company and many components that are used to make this camera are also manufactured in our company."

"So the next digital cameras cannot be much better than the one we are currently selling, we have to improve its quality little by little and we have to be careful not to be overtaken by competitors."

Jake explained what he had already thought to Matthew and Oliver who thought it was true, after all, it was Jake who helped the company to have all these technologies much more easily, so it was reasonable that they could not improve much.

But that was not really true, Jake had the knowledge to greatly improve the technology of the cameras several times still until the quality of the camera is 8k, but many of these things were not possible with current technology.

So Jake thought it was best that they add things to the cameras that would make the customers they buy find interesting and that it was worth what they paid for, the real quality of the images would improve only slightly.

"Besides, I already said that we will probably sell just two more different models of cameras that will have such good sales, after that the camera technology in cell phones will start to appear and we have to be involved in that."

"This year, the current camera we have will still have a good sale, so at the end of next year, if possible, we can launch the next camera for a slightly lower price than the current one and warn in advertisements that the quality of the cameras is almost same."

Matthew and Oliver agreed with Jake, they had already talked about the business strategies they had and they knew that perhaps this was the digital camera that they would gain most from her sales.

In the next sales, it would not be so interesting anymore and those who already bought would not want to buy the new camera if the quality was almost the same, so they would have to depend on the company's brand to be able to sell a few billion dollars.

The other companies have not yet managed to make a digital camera that is as good as the previous camera they were selling, so they knew it would take several years for them to outperform their technology company.

In addition, Matthew had already submitted several patent applications and some had been approved on the components they created to make these digital cameras, so other companies will have to worry about making their cameras in a way that would not violate any patent or earn less by having to pay a commission to Matthew's company.

Jake was thinking about how to help Matthew in the future so that they could continue to earn even when smartphones started to be used, he already had several ideas that could keep Matthew's company leading the market for many years.

The problem was that some of these technologies were from companies that Jake wanted to be a partner in, so he would be stealing technologies from himself to help Matthew being that he would always have a 5 percent profit.

But that was something to think about in the future because for the next 5 years Matthew's company would still have products to keep making billions of dollars, after talking for a few more hours Jake came home.

Jake had raised more than $ 227 million with his profit share, with the money he received from selling shares of Emily's father and their friends and with the money he had before Jake had more than $ 242 million.

Seeing this with all the money Jake had invested in stocks he was proud of what he had achieved in the last 9 years, he worked hard to achieve all this and thus managed to accomplish almost everything he wanted before returning.

He managed to get his mother out of that bad job and made sure that she fulfilled her dream next to Anna who was a friend that Eva didn't have in Jake's past, and so she was happy in a way that Jake never saw in the past before to go back in time.

He had fulfilled his dream of running and still managed to win some marathons which were something he did not even expect, and soon he would fulfill his other dream of going to the NBA, having all that money was something he did not expect to achieve.

Jake just did the things he could do and didn't want to miss out on the opportunities he had, but he really hadn't thought what he would do with so much money after selling his shares in Cisco in 2000.

He certainly would not invest everything again because it would be very greedy, he would already have billions of dollars with Amazon guaranteed and would also earn billions of dollars by investing a few million dollars in future companies.

Even more, because he knew that money invested was something he could earn more in the future, but he could not spend and use what he wanted, it was the case that he wanted to buy a better car and could not because he was saving the money for the future investment.

So he would invest the current money in stocks and then take advantage of the money he earned from sponsorships and wages to do what he wanted, after 2000 he would not invest anymore unless he found an excellent investment in companies that were starting in the market.

Jake set up a meeting with Clara the next day to talk about the business he had and after that, he would have to talk to Emily the other day to tell her how much money he would invest in Cisco shares and how much money he would save for an investment that he had been planning for many years.

The year 1998 would be the year that another of the biggest companies in the future would start, the company Google would start that year and Jake planned to meet Larry Page and Sergey Brin that year and thus befriend them.

In early 1999, when they failed to sell the company to Excite's CEO George Bell, Jake would offer a large million-dollar investment in exchange for most of the company's shares.

He knew that if he bought the company or did something different the development of the company would be different, so when they thought about selling the company and Jake offered to invest for most of the shares it was obvious that they would accept.

Even more because Jake was someone very famous and the two would certainly recognize him, Jake would also say that he had invested in Amazon and so it was almost certain that this deal would be a success and Jake would guarantee a few billion more dollars.

So Jake always had to save a few million dollars without being able to use it, so he wouldn't have to sell his stock to make that investment, and the profit share of Matthew's company was not certain how Matthew could decide to reinvest everything in the company.

He would talk to Clara because she said that this year her company would also make a profit share for the shareholders, Jake wanted to know how much he would receive, he knew that this year Clara's company should have made a big profit because she was not trying to invest in company after Jake bought Robert's shares.

But before that he was waiting for Eva to come home because he had decided that he would talk to her about going to the NBA that year and leaving college, he was sure his mother wouldn't care about that because he would still finish college as had promised.

Jake made dinner because he knew that Eva didn't eat at the restaurant when he was home, he always worked hard in the kitchen when he was home because at university he never cooked because they lived in the dorm.

Jake prepared a four-cheese lasagna because he didn't want to do anything very special as they would have to talk about a serious matter after dinner, Eva arrived and was happy to see that Jake had made lasagna.

After a nice dinner talking about good things that happened at the restaurant with Eva and at the university with Jake, they went to the living room to talk about the most serious matter, Eva knew Jake well and knew that he had something important to say and was curious to know what it was.

Jake didn't normally talk about serious matters with her and always dealt with his own affairs, so whenever Eva got serious, she knew it was something very important for Jake to decide to discuss the matter with her.
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