460 Marathons and Business 4

But in fact, those who were most happy with this announcement by Jake were his sponsors, mainly Adidas and Gatorade, after all, they were two companies very related to sports and athletes and that was a pleasant surprise for them.

Of course, these companies would never pay such a huge sponsorship contract to Jake if he was just a marathon athlete and 10,000 meters, but since they already had a contract with Jake because of the NBA, that was just a bonus for him.

On the first day of training just as Jake did with the marathon, Coach Davis asked him to run at the pace Jake did before 2 minutes and 45 seconds per km to see how he was doing at that pace.

Jake still remembered trainer Davis's tips on positioning and pace that was different from when he ran in the marathons, just as expected. Jake managed to run at that time easily and was not too tired.

This was normal if it was thought that Jake used to do the 10,000 meters 3 times a day at this pace for training, thinking about it Coach Davis talked to Jake who also agreed with this and so after resting for 1 hour, he ran the 10,000 meters again and then a third time.

This was the training that Jake did before going to Tokyo and then stop with normal training, the difference was that this time Jake did not need to eat a stamina bar to run the third time and was not yet exhausted.

This showed how Jake had improved his fitness a lot after gaining more stats in resistance, strength, and agility after that first day of training Jake was much more confident to run the 10,000 meters at the pace that Coach Davis had spoken.

The other day Jake was prepared to run at a pace of 2 minutes and 40 seconds, he had to get it at least once so they could know what his limit was if Jake's limit was not that he could try to run even more another day.

Jake started training by running at a pace of 2 minutes 40 seconds per km, it was a faster pace than he had tried the day before and it was 11 seconds faster than his pace to run the entire marathon.

As expected Jake managed to run 5 km with ease and still did not feel tired, after all, Jake had good resistance and managed to keep his body in a constant effort for a long time.

Jake kept running and so he passed the 7 km and was still not very tired, contrary to what they thought Jake was maintaining this pace with ease, it seemed that they had underestimated the resistance and agility that Jake had.

After a few minutes, Jake went through the 10,000 meters and was much more tired than the day before, but he did not feel that he had tried his best in those 10,000 meters and was not as tired as when he finished the marathon.

Coach Davis also realized that Jake didn't try as hard as they thought, so he asked if Jake wanted to run again after 1 hour of rest and Jake accepted, he wanted to see if this could be a good time for training.

If after 1 hour Jake managed to run the 10,000 meters again at this pace it was certain that he would be able to run at that pace in the Olympics and win the Olympics for sure, and that was a good time for Jake to run in the coming years.

Of course, they still wanted to know what the limits of Jake were in the 10,000 meters after all this could help to know what the initial training time for the 5,000 meters could be.

Jake relaxed and rested 1 hour just as they had thought and after doing the warm-up exercises he started running again, Jake had a different body from the others so in that 1 hour he managed to recover a lot.

Of course, that was because he hadn't been exhausted and he hadn't had any muscle in his 10,000 meters the first time, otherwise, he wouldn't have recovered so quickly, but that meant he might have been able to run the 10,000 meters at this pace again.

Jake managed to run the 5 km again, but this time he was much more tired than the first time he tried and he started to feel his muscles ache because of the effort that he expected the first time he ran the 10,000 meters.

After Jake passed the 7 km he felt a lot more tiredness and pain in his muscles, it looked different than when he ran the marathon at the fastest pace he could, but Jake knew he could run the 10,000 meters without difficulty the way he was.

Just as Jake thought he managed to run the 10,000 meters, but he was much more exhausted than he thought he would be and with a lot of pain in his muscles, it was different than when he tried too hard to run the marathon at his current pace.

Jake decided not to eat a stamina bar even though he knew he would be in pain all day because Jake knew that this was the best for his training and also that the next day he would recover.

\"Okay Jake, I know you must be feeling very tired right now, but if you managed to run the 10 meters at this pace twice in one day I think this could be a good training time for you.\"

\"And it also means that you can with great chances win the next Olympics in the 10,000 meters modality running at this pace, after all, the time you achieved in the 10,000 meters is much better than the current Olympic record.\"

This made Jake very excited because being able to run in that very fast time meant that he could also be able to run the 5,000 meters in a great time, after all before Jake went back in time in 2019 who had the Olympic and world records in the 10,000 meters and us 5,000 meters was Kenenisa Bekele.

As Kenenisa Bekele managed to do this, Jake thought he could also do it because he had the help of the system naturally, this gave much more confidence to Jake who had the dream of winning several gold medals in the Olympics.

Of course, Jake knew that Kenenisa Bekele was the greatest long-distance athlete in history and Kenenisa Bekele's best time in one of the marathons he won was slightly longer than the time Jake currently had in his training.

And currently, Kenenisa Bekele was a little younger than Jake and in another 3 years he would start running in various athletics modalities, so Jake wanted to win in this next marathon because in the next he would have a lot of competition in these two modalities.

\"As you managed to run at this pace twice today, we will try tomorrow with a pace of 2 minutes and 38 seconds which I think is your current limit, if you do that you will have the time to break the current world record.\"

\"If this is really your limit, we will train at a pace of 2 minutes and 40 seconds twice a day so that you can soon exceed your current limit.\"

Jake agreed with what Coach Davis was saying, for sure if he knew he could run in time below the current world record he would have a lot more confidence in winning the Olympics in 2000.

Jake came home to rest, he would not go out with Kate and so he risked not eating the stamina bar and so resting all day at home, Jake's focus now was to adjust his training for the next Olympics.

After he was able to guarantee that he would win the 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters he could train in peace, at least before the start of the NBA season when Jake thought he probably could no longer train for the races.

Jake would have to use his vacations wisely to do the training and so he would be prepared to win in the next Olympics that was in less than 2 years, Kate and Eva who knew how Jake was training and have already seen how tired he was after all the effort they felt even more admiration for him.

Especially his mother, who knew that Jake already had money to spend his whole life well and had his career as an NBA player, even so, Jake continued training for the marathons until he was exhausted.

Even though Kate didn't know that Jake was that rich, she knew that Jake was in the NBA and had great sponsors and so he certainly made a few million dollars a year, so she also admired Jake who worked so hard even when he could rest.

The truth was that Jake had a mentality that as he had a disability in his legs in the past life that prevented him from walking, Jake thought he had rested too much when he could neither walk nor run and this second chance was for him make his dreams come true with a lot of effort.

The other day Coach Davis arrived at the track that was at Jake's house and saw that he was already doing the warm-up exercises, Jake was fully rested as he expected and was ready to run again today.

Jake knew that he would suffer even more by running 2 seconds faster per km, after all in this 10,000 meters mode with those 2 seconds per km he would take 20 seconds out of the time he did the day before, which was a lot in this mode.

Jake started running and Coach Davis was following, he found it amazing how fast Jake adapted to changes in pace in training, many athletes took several days to run constantly when changing pace.

But Jake adapted quickly as if he were a machine, which of course was something that coaches thought was great because Jake saved a lot of training time to see if he could run at a faster pace.

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