464 Marathons and Business 8

As in this marathon nobody wanted to run at the same pace as Jake, he did as in the first marathons he ran and in the first km, he found small groups that were running at a pace similar to him and ran with them for a few hundred meters.

In the first 5 km, he always found small groups of athletes to run with them, but after that, they didn't have many groups anymore because few ran at a pace equal to or greater than Jake in this marathon.

Those athletes that Jake ran with at the start of the marathon would probably be athletes who would not even finish the marathon or who would arrive after 3 hours of the marathon, Jake didn't really need to run with other athletes to be able to finish the marathon.

But he learned from Coach Davis to save his stamina as much as possible to ensure he could win the marathon with ease, but how difficult it was to find a group that ran as fast as he did Jake decided to run alone.

Jake continued running in the lead of the marathon and soon passed the 20 km, even though he almost reached the middle of the marathon Jake still did not feel a bit tired and did not feel much difficulty even with this marathon being more difficult than the others.

\"Jake Smith is already over 20 km, he is still in first and unlike the other marathons he is not in an elite group because the other athletes did not want to risk running at the fast pace that Jake Smith runs.\"

\"But it looks like it didn't really matter to Jake Smith who is still running alone and doesn't look tired even after 20 km of the marathon.\"

\"That's what I said, Jake Smith seems to have great stamina and stamina and running a marathon even at a pace to break the world record doesn't seem so difficult for him, for sure in this marathon he won't try to break the world record, so it will be even easier for him to finish that marathon first.\"

Jake continued running smoothly without worrying about anything else, concentrating on running in the best possible way and in a short time he reached 35 km from the Athens marathon after 30 km Jake started to feel a little tired.

So in the 30 km, Jake slowed his pace to run more smoothly, so after 35 km he was not very tired and was still far ahead of the other athletes in that marathon, Jake did not want to break any record and just wanted to win quietly.

After the 41 km marathon, Jake was already feeling much more tired and starting to feel pain in his muscles, but he knew he would win smoothly and that he could run another 10 km without being exhausted.

\"And so Jake Smith goes over 41 km, it's another victory for Jake Smith and he will officially win the Athens marathon, he has a lot more advantage over the runner-up and he doesn't look too tired.\"

\"That's right, this may be the most difficult marathon in the world, but Jake Smith is certainly the most endurance and stamina athlete in the world and does not seem to have any difficulties even after running 41 km.\"

\"And now Jake Smith passes the finish line and wins the Athens marathon, Jake Smith ended that marathon with a time of 2 hours, 8 minutes and 12 seconds, it is the best time for that Athens marathon.\"

Jake was very happy to have won the marathon and the people at Adidas and Gatorade were also happy, Jake was also happy to see that many of the people who came to watch the marathon had been rooting for him since the start of the marathon.

Jake won his medal which meant a lot to him and he didn't care about the money, he participated in this marathon because Mike said Adidas asked and because he also wanted to participate in this marathon.

If Mike had told Jake to run another marathon that he had no interest Jake would definitely refuse, after finishing the marathon Jake quickly spoke to Mike that he didn't have much to say because he knew Jake would rest until the start of the NBA games.

So Jake went back to his hotel because he was going to stay in the city that day to rest and would go back to Miami the next day, after a night of rest Jake went back to Miami very early, but when his mother arrived he had already gone to the restaurant.

Kate also said that she was going out to go to some work appointments that she had left for later because she was on vacation, luckily for Kate, her songs were doing well and her CDs were selling well even though she was on vacation.

It was normal for singers and artists to take a vacation after several years of work without rest, luckily for her also the media had not yet discovered that Kate was in Miami, they went to her house and found no one and did not suspect that she was in a Hotel.

So Jake took the opportunity to rest all day and when Eva came home Jake told his mother how the Athens marathon was and that he had won again, Eva was also happy to see that Jake had won again because she knew how much he had trained the past few months.

After that marathon Jake would return to his normal training routine until he had to go to Los Angeles next year, Jake was happy to have more time to be with his mother and also with Kate.

But Jake had to recognize that he missed playing basketball a lot, even if he did imagination training every day and also trained with three-point shots, it was a difference that really playing with teammates and opponents.

Jake thought it was great that he could stay home until after his birthday, but he really wanted to play basketball again, thinking about it Jake had an idea that he thought could be very good.

He could use some of the money and influence he had to organize a charity game in Miami, Jake knew that David Falk wanted to make a game in December that would be like an All-Stars, so Jake thought about making a game just for the novice players.

His idea was that the younger players who didn't have the opportunity to debut in the NBA this season and the players who debuted in the NBA last season played this game, Jake thought about it just because he really wanted to play and that game could give him more fame for the other young players.

Of course, from the beginning, this game would be charitable and the proceeds would be donated to charities, Jake could also look for a broadcaster to broadcast this game and donate the proceeds to needy institutions.

He himself would make a donation of 1 million dollars to this institution that would be chosen for everyone to know that the players did not really think about the money, Jake was not afraid of the owners of the teams or of the veteran players.

Jake was confident that he would be able to do this because he was a close friend of Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison and also had a friendship with several players who joined the NBA in this draft with him.

Jake would also ensure that the plane ticket and hotel for all players were paid for by him, of course, he would pay all bills with the income that the game would give and only afterward would he make the donation or he would have to spend a lot more million dollars.

But as this was a charity game if he managed to sell it to a broadcaster he could raise a lot of money for a charity even after paying all the costs.

As Jake decided he would do this he called David Falk to see if he could get any help from him to do this, he needed David to help get the phone number of the other players he planned to invite.

If David could help Jake to rent the Miami Arena for the game, it would be good, and if it were possible for him to also help talk to the broadcasters to see if anyone was interested in broadcasting the games.

This was all just things that Jake could do to help convince other players to participate in this game, after all, it was a game that might not attract many fans and it might not be as exciting as the other game that David Falk would organize.

\"Hi David, I'm sorry to call you right now that you must be very busy, I wanted to ask you a favor.\"

\"Hi Jake, I'm really busy right now, but if it's something I can help with, I'll do my best.\"

\"I heard that players are thinking of making a game in December of this year and you are helping to organize.\"

\"How did you know that?\"

\"I heard some rumors, but knowing you, I knew you should be helping to organize this, I was thinking of doing something like that, but only with the rookie players, it will be here in Miami and it will only be to donate the income to institutions of charity.\"

\"I don't think this is a good idea, the players are doing this to get some money on this game and also to pressure the owners who are thinking about taking the game they would have for Christmas and are also thinking about taking the All-stars.\"

\"I know that, but I'm thinking of making a game just to give more recognition and fame to the players who were going to debut this season and some players who debuted last season.\"

\"I will pay the gambling expenses myself if we don't get more income, but if we do I will organize to pay for the plane ticket and the hosting of the players here in Miami until after they return home.\"

\"I just wanted you to get the number of all the players that I'm going to tell you about, and if you could also talk to those responsible for the administration of the Miami Arena which is where the game is going to take place and also a broadcaster that wants to pay to do the game broadcast.\"

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