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ake called Kate and asked her to dinner, Kate was a little surprised because she remembered that in these months that she went out with Jake for several dates they never met for dinner, but she also wanted this very much and accepted the invitation.

Jake told Kate that he would take her to dinner at a restaurant they met for the first time, it was a very elegant restaurant and Kate had really enjoyed this meeting, as it was an elegant restaurant she put on the best dress she had.

It was a white dress that she had gotten from a stylist she worked with, she put on some jewelry that she had also bought that matched the dress and a high heel that was also white, that was the style she liked the most and also it made Kate even more beautiful.

Jake also put on the best suit he had bought that was an Armani, Jake also bought a bouquet of roses and put it on the corvette zr1 and went to get Kate, even if it wasn't the car that Jake liked the most, it was considered a luxury car at that time.

When Jake arrived at the hotel before the scheduled time he could see Kate who was in the hotel lobby coming and so he was a little mesmerized by the beauty of Kate wearing a dress and all the white clothes which made Jake look like an angel to Jake.

\"Hi, Kate, you look even more gorgeous today, stunning.\"

\"You look better today too, Jake, I thought you didn't like wearing suits.\"

\"Today is our first dinner, I thought it was a special day.\"

Kate smiled because she also thought it was a special day because their first dinner, Jake took the flowers and handed it to Kate who was very happy, then he opened the car door for her, Kate had to put the flowers in the behind the car and so they went to the restaurant.

While they were going to the restaurant Kate told Jake what she was doing in the past few days while he was in Greece, and Jake also told him about the marathon and what Greece was like.

Arriving at the restaurant even with many people from high society having already entered Jake and Kate drew a lot of attention, the two were very beautiful and even though Kate was tall, Jake was much taller having more than 2 meters.

Of course, the two were used to having the others looking at them and went quietly to the table that Jake had reserved, Jake ordered the wine he liked best and the two started talking.

As time passed at dinner Jake became more anxious to say what he had to say to Kate, so he couldn't wait for the end of dinner to say what he wanted to say to Kate, she had also realized that Jake was looking forward to some reason.

\"Kate, I actually called you here for this dinner because I have something to say to you.\"

When Kate heard this her heart started to beat faster, this was the restaurant where they had their first date in Miami and it was also the first time they went out to dinner since they started going out in Miami, realizing it Kate knew what Jake wanted to say.

\"Kate, I love you, I liked you since the first time I saw you, after that time I was never able to forget you and I always thought if you remembered me too, just like when we met again and I knew you remembered me too, I realized that it really love what I felt for you.\"

\"I'm sorry if it took me a long time to say this to you, but I never had a relationship that really worked, so I was afraid, but I wanted it to be perfect this time and that's why I waited to have this dinner with you to say what I feel.\"

\"Kate, do you want to date me?\"

Jake took the courage he needed and had to say everything he felt at once to Kate, Jake was happy when Kate got emotional and smiled after he finished saying everything he felt to her.

\"Yes, Jake, I want to date you, I also liked you since the first time we met and I was also afraid of that feeling, but today I know that I really love you and I was happy that you said you love me even though I have to wait for it.\"

Jake was very happy and as they were in a restaurant he just held her hands, but it was enough for Kate to know what Jake was feeling, after that the two were finally dating and they still had to continue dinner because Jake was rushed.

Even though they were dating they kept talking the same way and the only thing that had changed was that they knew how they felt about each other, Jake would wait to talk about the game he was planning after David called saying he managed to rent the Miami Arena and after he had managed to speak to the broadcaster.

But he decided to tell Kate about this game because he was really excited about it, so much because he was going to play against the NBA players who were the best players at the university until a while ago.

So Jake told the idea that he had and said that the income that this game would get would go to a charity, he did not say that he would donate 1 million dollars of himself to that institution after the game because he thought Kate might think he was just showing off.

Kate was really surprised by Jake's initiative and the influence he had to be able to call all these players even though he was just a new player in the NBA when Jake told everything he had to say Kate gave him an idea.

\"Jake, if you want I could sing in this game that you are going to organize, I could sing the national anthem before the game and it could help to get more income for the charity.\"

\"Are you sure about this, Kate? The paparazzi will know where you are if you decide to appear in that game to sing.\"

\"I know that, but I would go to watch you play anyway, so if I sing in the game the paparazzi might think I'm a guest artist and I can watch the game.\"

\"So if you want you can sing the national anthem before the game and sing some songs at halftime, you can sing some of your new songs.\"

Kate thought this was a good idea, she had her band and her dancing team that the manager had hired to do the shows, this would be a good chance for Kate to present her new songs and it was also good for her image to sing in a charity game.

\"I have to talk to my manager, but I think at least to sing the national anthem before the game is certain that I will be able to do it.\"

Jake was happy to know that Kate could participate at this moment that would be important to him, so if she participated in this game Jake would have an easier time negotiating with the broadcasters to get more money for the charities.

Jake had also called the accounting firm that worked for him now to organize the expenses and income for that game so that everything was transparent and no one could accuse him of taking the money that would go to the charity.

After dinner was over Jake and Kate were very happy because they were now boyfriends, Jake took Kate to the hotel where she was living and this time different from the other times Jake got out of the car and entered the hotel with Kate.

Jake went with Kate to the elevator and took her to the door of the room where she was staying, Kate was a little embarrassed because Jake was her first boyfriend, but from what she had talked to her manager this was normal.

\"Thanks for bringing me here, Jake, I loved the dinner and the flowers.\"

\"I am happy to know that you liked it, I was also very happy with everything that happened today and also with everything that has happened in the last few months.\"

After saying that, the two stood looking at each other for a while until Jake moved very slowly and kissed Kate on the mouth, she was prepared for this and knew what would happen, Jake gave a kiss because he knew that was Kate's first kiss, then Jake said goodbye and went home.

Jake was very happy with everything that had happened, everything had happened as he planned and now he was finally dating Kate, even though others thought it took Jake a long time to ask him to date her, Jake thought it was the right time.

In these last months, they got to know each other better and so now they were sure they really loved each other and could continue with this relationship with confidence, as Jake said to Kate he was afraid that this relationship would not work because he had lived more than 49 years single.

But after spending these months with Kate he knew he loved her and so Jake was not afraid to ask Kate to date him, now they could continue this relationship slowly once Jake knew it would be all right.

This time as Jake had gone out with Kate for dinner he told his mother before he had eaten at the restaurant, Eva was not worried about Jake because she knew he was responsible and just as she expected before 11 pm Jake was at home.

When Jake arrived Eva soon realized that something very good had happened because she saw that Jake was smiling very happily as soon as he got home, but seeing that he was wearing his suit Eva wanted to wait for Jake to change clothes before talking to him.

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