97 National Championship 9

Jake and Coach Mike knew that too, but this was normal in an end game and it was better to support their teammates so that they gained confidence and calm down to stop passing the ball and make the points alone that would facilitate the defense work.

The Foxes team was also suffering from the pressure and so missed more shots from outside, the difference was that when they hit they made more points which diminished the pressure of errors, the defense was just having to watch the game.

The game continued in the same way, but when the game ended the Foxes team were 1 point ahead, it was the first time the Elite team was behind the scoreboard, Jake was also helpless because it was not a problem with the defense and yes the attack missed more.

Jake began to force more in the attack and the defense of the Foxes who were feeling the pressure when Jake attacked it would only stop after doing the layup and even the double game did not stop him anymore, this the first time that Jake was using all the force your stats to dominate the game.

It was because the opponents were strong and so he knew he would not hurt anyone, so with fewer mistakes, the Elite team finished the third period ahead by 2 points, so before the fourth period everyone was very tired by the intense pace of the game and even Jake was feeling tired.

It was normal, Jake so far had made almost 46 points that were more than half that the entire team did in the game, as the reporters predicted this was a game in which the attacks dominated and so the score was already approaching 100 points.

Jake soon ate his Stamina Bar and so completely regained his energy, yet he realized that despite being tired the Foxes' hit rate on shots from outside was increasing with confidence.

On the side of the Elite team, the players were getting more and more nervous and Jake could not calm them anymore, even the coach was helpless, the incredible thing was that David was well and helping Jake more.

If the team was playing as always they would already have a good advantage, it seemed that if they could not defend their confidence well they would also fall.

Unlike the players on the court, all the fans and reporters were very excited about a tight and disputed game as this Clara and Tiffany moved to sit next to Eva and calm her that was nervous with the progress of the game.

Joseph and his father Oliver who also understood the game realized that the Elite team was very nervous and was depending on Jake to move ahead, it was a difficult game and Jake seemed to be starting to get tired too.

The reporters were arguing that if the Elite team beat Jake would surely win the MVP award when Eva heard it, she calmed down and felt proud too.

If the reporters were commenting this was because it would probably happen, Clara was also happy about it and thought that later she should thank Matthew for introducing Jake to her, just what he had already done for her company was already worth the contract to university.

Anna, who was watching the game on her own, also found Eva and went to sit next to her, although she was cheering for Jake, Anna did not understand anything about the game and so she only hoped when Jake, who was dressed differently from everyone, picked up the ball, which happened to be the same as everyone in the bleachers.

The Foxes team coach was cheering on his players who were already thrilled with the game that was close to the final as their school went to the final every year they would not be as nervous as their opponents and even brightened up by their nervousness.

The coach was telling everyone that Jake must have been exhausted so he could not play in that last period the way he did until now, everyone on the Foxes team was starting to get angry with Jake.

It was impossible for a person to run all over the court and still attack almost alone for 3 periods without getting tired, but Jake did not seem to mind and never slowed down, if it was not for Jake they would already have a great advantage in the game but now it was the time they waited.

The last period is always what everyone spends more energy, so in addition to Jake, they hoped that the opponents also tired and so the victory would be theirs.

The fourth period soon began and the Foxes team soon advanced to the attack and Jack passed the ball to Bryan who risked the shot from outside and managed to score the 3 points putting his team in front of the score again.

Jake got the ball and started another attack, the opponents were anxious to see the moment he would be completely tired because at that point the trophy would be theirs, Jake went up to the 3-point line and passed the ball to Mark who with space turned and did the layup to score another 2 points.

That was what irritated the players of the Foxes team, Jake was a good PG without a shadow of a doubt when he received the attention of all the defense and finds an opportunity he always passes the ball on time.

With all the weary and nervous players Jake now only passed the ball to David and Mark who were now the 2 best players on the team, Mark even being nervous did not err so close to the basket.

In addition to Jake, the calmer was Carter, but as the defense only had to watch the opponents give the shots out he just picked up the rebounds, it was impossible for Jake to pass the ball to Carter who was not good at attacking in an important game like this.

And the game continued to play point by point so at the beginning of the fourth period the opponents felt that Jake had rested a bit and was giving his last attacks before getting tired, but after half of the fourth period, they found that they were wrong and that the resistance had no end.

The reporters were also impressed by this, it was not normal for a player of the age of Jake to have all this volume of the game without tiring, so the game continued a stalemate until the inevitable happened.

Who was getting tired now was David, Mark, and Harrison who were not holding up the pressure of the final and the high pace of play, so Jake who was now alone in the attack was easier to score and the advantage of the Foxes team was increasing.

Jake was also starting to get anxious because he was watching the national championship trophy slipping away from his hands, even with his skill and stamina Jake could not get past 3 in the defense and then do the layup and score the points in the attacks.

So close to 1 minute to finish the final game Jake's team was losing by 8 points, Jack, Sam and Bryan were exhausted too, but this was there close to winning time so they were still hitting the shots from outside.

Jake still had hope though he was losing the game, close to 1 minute to end the game Bryan missed the 3-point shot and Carter who still had power passed the ball to Jake who had not come back to score, Jake received the ball and ran to the court of attack.

As Jake was getting all his energy back from eating a Stamina Bar before the fourth period started it was impossible for the slower and more tired opponents to follow him in a race.

But since there was only 1 minute left and they still had 8 points in front they did not care much, Jake also knew this and so stopped running in the 3-point line and gave a 3-point shot instead of running to the layup and the 2 points.

It was riskier like that, but with the game near the end Jake had to risk to win, and his shot from outside came in and so Jake could take 3 points off the Foxes' advantage by dropping to 5 points.

The crowd rocked with this move and everyone was already cheering for Jake and the Elite team, but the Foxes players did not mind the attack.

Jack started another attack and only moved forward, they just had to spend the time of this attack and hit their attack by doing the 3 points, so the game will be over, Jake was marking Jack.

Jack spent time and did not want to risk facing Jake and Sam was marked by David, just as throughout the game he decided to choose Bryan who was marked by Harrison who besides being the worst in defense of the Elite team was also exhausted at that point about the game.

So when the time of possession of the ball was at the end he passed quickly to Bryan, but Jake who was also attentive to the play that could set the final also knew that Jack would choose Bryan who was the safest choice and stepped forward at the time of the pass.

With his reflexes, Jake can intercept Jack's pass to Bryan and then ran to the court of attack to avoid losing a second of time.

Jack was shocked, this was the first turnover he had all season, and this stolen Jake ball occurred in the last seconds of the last period of the national championship final.
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