101 Concer

Evalia stepped onto the ground outside the carriage with her new guitar in her hands, ready to play a song for the people outside. While she was doing so, the colors on her arms and the guitar were changing, and instead of being simply monotonous, patterns were forming all over it and slowly shifting around.
As she stood in front of the carriage, next to Eisen's companions, she slowly began playing her guitar slowly, the sounds immediately reverberating through the air.
This obviously took the attention of everyone that was there, and Komer stared at the young woman without hesitation. At first it seemed like he wanted to complain, but soon enough he realized who he was looking at and just sat there on the blanket utterly stunned as Evalia began to sing together with the music she was playing on her guitar.
Her song carried through the whole plaza, enchanting every single person there and drawing in even the guards that were stationed around the area. But that wasn't all. Probably through Evalia using transformation on her Guitar as well while she was playing, it seemed like all the colors touched by her music became more vibrant, and the mood of everyone that listened rose until basically everyone was enjoying Evalia's performance, cheering her on more and more with every passing second.
After thirty whole minutes, Evalia finished her performance and watched as the huge crowd around her cheered louder and louder.
Evalia smiled and placed her fist on her hip, grinning happily as she looked around, happily speaking to the crowd. "How's it going, everyone? The name's Evalia, tell that to everyone y'all know."
The people in the crowd began talking amongst themselves, and some of them began asking questions. Most of them were about where she suddenly came from and who she was, and there were even a few lonely guys asking to marry her, but Evalia was only waiting for one question, for which she has been showing her Guitar and Eisen's sigil on it openly, trying to get people to pay attention to it.
"Where did you get that guitar?" A young girl, seemingly an aspiring musician or bard herself, asked excitedly as she stared at the instrument that Evalia was holding.
With a grin on her face, Evalia looked over to Komer and winked at him, making his heart skip a beat. "Well, how funny you may ask! You may not be able to get a hold of a guitar such as mine, but y'all can be sure you can find other amazin' items made by the same craftsman right next to me. Komer, right? You want to say something as well?" Evalia asked with a smile, and the young man jumped up immediately where he was sitting and began stuttering at the crowd that was completely staring at him.
"Hello there! Please enjoy all of these great items that you can only find through my… erm…" Komer suddenly became nervous, since he actually didn't decide on a name for his Merchant Company yet. He managed to get his top choices reserved, but in the end, he didn't choose yet since it usually would have taken a while to get enough attention to announce it. But right now, thanks to Evalia, he managed to skip right toward that step! Now he only needed to decide on what to call his company. There was one name that he liked the most, but he was feeling kind of embarrassed and was just generally unsure if he should use it, since it seemed kind of childish to him. It was the name of the company that he made up as a child, and that he and his childhood friends wanted to found together. He sighed loudly and then simply went through with it in the end. "Through my 'Starlight Company'! We currently am the only one that has access to this amazing craftsman's items!"

Basically instantly, everyone in the crowd was trying to get to the front in order to be able to buy any one of the items that were on display.
And within only an hour, all of the items were sold, and Komer was speechlessly standing on the empty blanket, staring down at his feet in disbelief, then looked over to those two amazing people talking by the side of the carriage after everything cleared up. Eisen and Evalia.
First, Komer met this amazing old man that seemed to be able to make anything with his two hands, and now, there was this beautiful woman that basically every man in the world wanted to meet at least once, and who was able to make sure every single item that he didn't even hope to sell by the end of the day was sold before noon! Her song literally changed the world around everyone, so how could he not be amazed.
Nervously, Komer walked up to those two and faced toward Evalia. "Erm, thank you for helping out with all of that before. You were amazing out there… But I just have to ask… Are you an Original like Eisen?"
Evalia grinned and nodded as she leaned against the carriage. "It was no problem at all there, honey. Just repayin' a favor! And yep, I'm an Original just like him, and it seems like you've realized who I am as well."
"Y-Yeah! You're Nat-" Before Komer was even able to finish the word he was about to say, Eisen very lightly punched his shoulder and interrupted him.
"Komer, I know who you're thinking about, and yes, you're right. But the person in front of you is Evalia." He explained with a smile, and Komer nodded with a loud sigh.
"Y-Yeah, sorry about that. I'm just a huge fan, really!" Komer laughed lowly, and Evalia chuckled in response.
"Oh honey, ain't it a bit embarrassin' saying that to someone the same age as you?" She asked while grinning while Komer's face flushed a deep red.
"S-Sorry about that…"
"I'm just kidding, don't worry about it! But we're the same age anyway, so just treat me like it." While laughing loudly, Evalia looked over toward Eisen while Komer was nodding furiously. "And thanks for that tip with the transformation! That helped out a bunch!"
Eisen smiled and simply nodded in response. "Definitely. I didn't expect something like that to happen, to be honest. And I'm glad that everything worked out with the Guitar in the end. The sound quality is way better than I thought."
"Well, you made it with magic, so it's gotta be amazin'!"
While the three players were talking amongst themselves, Bree walked up to them utterly confused, while Caria simply wanted to get back to Eisen and latched onto his hand. While the old man picked up the young Myconid girl, the Fey-Kin began to talk, introducing herself to Evalia. "Erm, hello! I'm Bree, nice to meet you! You were amazing just now! And… did you just say you're an Original like Eisen?" She asked with her eyes glittering brightly, and Evalia nodded with a smile as she leaned downward.
"Yup, you got that right lil' girl. I'm an Original just like Eisen!" She said with a voice one may use when talking to young children, since Evalia obviously couldn't know that Bree was around 25 years old. And since Bree was staring at Evalia while growing more and more petrified out of excitement.
"Everyone, let's get inside of the carriage so we can talk about some stuff that people out here shouldn't really know about." Eisen laughed and opened the door leading to the back of the carriage, sitting down on the ground under the opening to the front while the queen bee Melissa immediately attached to his arm again and Caria sat down on his lap.
Once everybody was inside and took a seat, Eisen began to talk again.
"So, Evalia. First off, Bree is older than you, despite what she looks like. She's a Fey-Kin, so she's half Fairy. And the reason why Bree is freaking out like this is because she just met a third person that peaked. We already met Jyuuk before."
But Evalia simply tilted her head to the side, not knowing what Eisen was talking about. Surprised that she didn't know about it, Eisen chuckled before starting to explain in a way that wouldn't reveal that this was a game to Bree.
Evalia's expression kept changing from being confused, over to being surprised and then to being excited before becoming confused again, and this cycle basically continued until Eisen explained everything that he knew about the five that peaked and their background in this world to Evalia.
"And there seem to be small legends about us five as well. For example, people talk about me as the one that led the Dwarven race to being a race of craftsmen, and Bree told me a story about the charisma stat before that seems to be about you. It's about a woman with a charisma stat so high that she was able to basically talk a whole country into doing what she wanted." Eisen explained, and both Evalia and Komer listened intensely.
"But it's not all just fun. We really need to be careful, since there seems to be some kind of crazy fanatical church that basically sees us as their gods, and since the Omegas like Komer were created through our stolen experience, they might be in trouble sooner or later as well."
"Huh, so that's what's goin' on then. Well, definitely good to know!" Evalia chuckled and leaned back, slowly patting Aulu as the wolf Automaton leaned up to her while basically half asleep. And before they could continue their conversation, Eisen saw a notification pop up in front of his face.

[Jyuuk wants to initiate a private conversation. Accept?]

Surprised, Eisen read through this short notification that he didn't recognize directly and thought the words 'Yes', as it would be weird for him to say this out loud. But that wouldn't have mattered either way, since something unexpected happened next.

[Accepted Private conversation. Your In-Game body will fall asleep in 10 seconds and you will be transferred to the Private Conversation Space]

"Huh?" Eisen muttered out surprised, and before he could even manage to come up with an explanation for him suddenly falling asleep in a few seconds he was transferred, only leaving the group with, "Seems like I'm about to fall asleep…"
And as such, his sight changed immediately and abruptly to black and then over to pure white, while he was standing in that space. And in front of him, Jyuuk appeared quite suddenly as well.
"Jyuuk? What's going on? Where are we?" Eisen asked confused, and Jyuuk sighed out loudly.
"There seem to be two different types of chats. Regular text chat, and then this 'Private conversation'. I was curious when this option popped up, so I just selected it without thinking about it, sorry. But anyway, I wanted to tell you something. Or rather, ask you something." Jyuuk explained while walking over to Eisen to shake his hand and greet him, while Eisen looked at him with surprise.
"Oh, I see. Don't worry about it, it's fine, really. And what is it that you want to ask me?"
"Well… I want to tell you that I managed to reach level 100 after finishing my Level-Up quest, and I want to ask you to do so quite soon as well. I'm already trying to find the other Originals to talk to them about it as well." Jyuuk explained, but Eisen didn't really understand why Jyuuk was asking him for this. Was there something amazing that was unlocked at Level 100?
"You don't need to worry about finding Evalia, at least, because I'm with her in Ornier right now. But come on, tell me why you need me to reach level 100!" Eisen asked curiously, and was both surprised and confused at Jyuuk's answer.
"Well, that saves time then. Anyway, the reason that I want you to reach level 100 is simple. I want to found a guild, and I want you to be the Guildmaster."
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