102 Private Conversation

"A Guild? Aren't those things like the Adventurer's Guild? I didn't know we can found those ourselves." Eisen muttered as he began scratching his beard, and Jyuuk nodded with a light smile.
"Yes, there are two different types of Guilds. System Guilds that are provided by the game already, or rather in the game-story that are founded by organizations, and Personal Guilds that can be founded by people once they reach Level 100. You can join as many system Guilds as you want, but you can only join a single Personal Guild." The Monkey-Beastperson explained while Eisen listened curiously.
"Huh, I see. And you want me to reach Level 100 so that I can found a guild like that? Can't you do that yourself?"
"I could, yes, but… I would like you to be the Guildmaster. If we found a guild with all the originals as founding members, we need someone that we can all trust, and let's be honest, from what I could see back during the first meeting of the originals you might be the only one that all of us can get along with, not to mention that you are obviously the most experienced original. If the others want to be part of the guild as well, I'm sure they would want you to be the Guildmaster as well."
Eisen looked at Jyuuk's serious expression for a second before sighing loudly. "Hmm, I'm going to search up on what Guilds are in other games then. It's going to take a while until I reach Level 100 anyway. But I'll consider it. I can't honestly say for sure that I will be the Guildmaster, but I will honestly think about it. If you find out anything more about what it requires to make a Guild, let me know." Eisen told Jyuuk, who replied with a nod.
And before Jyuuk could continue speaking, Eisen chose to ask Jyuuk, "Why do you even want a Guild in the first place? Is there anything special we can gain through it?"
The Monkey-Beastperson nodded before answering. "Yes, definitely. The biggest thing it allows us to do is to construct a town. And that will have large benefits to all of us. We will all have a place to come back to and keep many of our things, and we will have space to do whatever we want. You could construct a large workshop, and I would be able to have a farm where I can raise different animals and monsters. And if it brings more and more people to town, it will be a good way to make money, if we should ever need it."
Eisen listened to Jyuuk's explanation and slowly nodded. That would probably really be quite useful. After all, Eisen had been thinking about building a house somewhere anyway, and building a small town around it did definitely sound interesting to him.
Seeing that Eisen grew somewhat more interested in guilds now as well, Jyuuk continued his explanation. "Usually, what housing alone gives you in many games is content that you can't get in any other way, meaning for example that if we build a town, there might be some way to have specialized buildings that can give us things that would usually be hard to acquire, or that can give us special benefits. I can't say for sure, but that's what I'm somewhat hoping for." Jyuuk explained, and Eisen smile grew stronger.

"I see, it might be worth a try at the very least. Let's try that out then."
With an excited smile, Jyuuk nodded, but ended up sighing loudly. "Thanks! It really means a lot that you consider this. But do you have any ideas on where I might find Brody or Xenia? I'm not entirely sure where to look."
For a short while, Eisen began to think about it, but could only come up with a few rough ideas. "Well, I was told about some costal magic town, so Xenia might be there somewhere, or at least you might be able to find a clue there. And as for Brody… I guess you can only really look for clues for him. But I'm sure Demon-Orc Halflings are quite rare, so if anyone saw him, they should remember him." Eisen suggested while continuing to scratch his beard slowly, and Jyuuk nodded.
"That's a pretty good idea, thank you. Actually, I've already started moving on toward the wastelands, where both Demons and Orcs live. There is supposed to be some kind of necromancer there who I may be able to learn more about it from. Do you have any plans on going to that Magic town?"
"Yeah, I will probably make my way there after finishing my business in Ornier. There's supposed to be a Dragon whose test I can take somewhere there." The old man explained before Jyuuk crossed his arms.
"I see, then can I leave looking for Xenia to you? If I meet Brody, I'll tell you, and then we can all arrange a joint meeting place somewhere."
"Perfect, let's do that. I'll tell Evalia about it as well. Was there anything else you wanted to talk about?"
"Not really, no. Then we'll talk sometime else again, Eisen!"
Eisen laughed lightly and nodded, looking at the small 'End Conversation' button in the corner of his eye, extending his hand to reach for it. "See you, Jyuuk!" He said before both of them ended the conversation and Eisen found himself back in the carriage, with the group that he had left behind a few minutes ago staring at him in worry and confusion.
Eisen sat up properly and looked at them with a wry smile. "Sorry about that just now. I was talking to Jyuuk." He explained, and Bree, Komer and Evalia were all looking at him confused, so Eisen knew he had to explain.
"Ah, it's a thing that peaked people seem to be able to do. If we've met each other before and acknowledge each other as friends, we can either simply talk over long distances, or our minds can meet in some other space so that we can talk there face to face. Omegas like Komer can probably do that as well." Eisen explained, and soon enough both Komer and Evalia managed to figure out that this was some kind of chat function and calmed down. For a second, they considered whether or not Eisen simply had to abruptly log off, but since his reaction was too weird for that, the both of them were still quite worried.
And now, only Bree was still concerned, although she managed to calm herself down somewhat as well.
"You really scared us there, Eisen… please warn us properly before something like this happens again…" She said while sighing out loudly, and Eisen couldn't do anything but smile wrily. "Sorry, Bree. I will try to do that from now on. Anyway, a few things came up, and Jyuuk asked me to reach Level 100 so that I can found a guild. Are there any good hunting grounds around?" Eisen asked Bree, and she tilted her head in slight confusion.
"Yeah, there are a few dungeons around Ornier. They are Rank 2, 3, 4 and 5. That's why this town was built here, actually, and why there are so many adventurers here. You can basically level up continuosly until around level 200 here if you wanted to. But why does Jyuuk want you to found a Guild?" She asked surprised. Chuckling lowly, Eisen looked over at Evalia.
"Jyuuk wants all of us that peaked to come together somewhere and build a town, and Jyuuk wants me to reach Level 100 so I can be the Guildmaster." Eisen explained, and Bree, Komer and Evalia all looked at each other and then nodded.
"Well, it makes sense for you to be a Guildmaster. I can see it, to be honest." Komer exclaimed, and Bree nodded in response. "Yeah, definitely~! People can trust you, so you're perfect for the position!"
"I can only agree with these two as well, Eisen. And y'all can be sure that I would like to build a town as well! So how long do you need till you get to level 100?" Evalia asked, crossing her legs as she sat down on the bed-bench, and Eisen quickly opened his status.
"I still need 28 levels, and once I'm level 99 then, I will need to complete a quest that's apparently quite hard for Originals, and it took Jyuuk a while to finish it. But first I need to get my level up anyway, so I shouldn't worry about it yet."
"Should we move on to the Dungeons soon then?" Bree suggested, but Eisen shook his head.
"Not yet. Soon, but first I have some business to take care of. After that we can take our time with everything." Eisen stood up and slightly stretched, before making his way through the door of the carriage, grabbing his backpack and placing a few different items in there, and commanding Melissa's soldiers to fly inside as well so that they wouldn't cause some uproar, while Melissa herself grabbed onto Eisen's shoulder and Caria grasped his hand.
"I'm going to see what I can find out at the adventurer's guild now. Bree, can you take care of the carriage and bring it to a stable, and maybe get us a room at an inn for a few days in advance? You mentioned that you wanted to do something by yourself here as well, so go ahead and do that while I'm away. Komer, you should go to the Merchant's Guild and get that Company name registered, and see if all those sales did anything for your guild rank today."
Just before he was about to leave, Eisen told his two companions what he thought they should do for now, and then once more thought of a nice idea. "How about the four of us meet at a Bar in the evening? I heard the 'Drowned Sparrow' is pretty good." Eisen asked, and both Bree and Komer nodded immediately, while Evalia thought about it for a bit, but ended up agreeing as well.
"Sure, I don't have much to do here anyway. Just gonna go out and keep painting or playing my new guitar for a while then!" The human girl Evalia chuckled and grabbed her things before following Eisen outside, and all of them went their separate ways for now.
Bree drove off with the carriage, Komer made his way to the nearby Merchant's Guild, Evalia chose to leave town again to continue painting, and Eisen made his way over to the Adventurer's Guild in order to find information about the group of adventurers that shattered the pendant that Kirisho the Mist-Spirit was trapped in so that he would be able to find the shards of just that pendant.
It took a little while to find the building, but once he did, he simply asked himself how he could have a hard time finding it, as it was a huge building with immense levels of noise streaming outside.
The old man stepped through the door and was practically assaulted by the strong smell of alcohol, despite it being not long after noon. While the adventurer's guild in Melroe was quite small and didn't have anything special inside, this one seemed to have a small restaurant and a bar, and although its main purpose was still supposed to be guild-business, most here seemed to be here in order to get drunk. Trying to ignore the stares that he, Caria and Melissa received on his way in, Eisen walked through the crowd of people seated all over the place and made his way toward one of the counters with a guild emplyee sitting behind it.
Luckily there wasn't a line, so he could get to business immediately. While the employee was staring at Eisen's tamed monsters in surprise, Eisen pulled out the Guild Tag that was found in Ailren's cave and placed it with its mana signature upward onto the counter.
"Good morning, young miss. I would like to find the owner of this Tag."
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