146 Arrival In The Magic City

As Eisen was holding he two spheres for the creation of the Death Prevention Potion in his hands, he began to procedure to combine them, artificially splitting his mana up into two types, and then bringing it together again to merge the two materials together.
There was actually a reason why Eisen couldn't make this potion beforehand. He had to use this ability that he only gained once his Alchemy Rank rose to 3 to make this potion, as he needed to merge them together in a special way. The two types of mana that he would use to merge the black and white crystal spheres each had to spiral around, opposite to the direction as they needed to when Eisen extracted the liquids in the first place, meaning that he spiralled the mana in the white sphere counter-clockwise, and the mana in the black sphere clockwise.
Apparently, for many special materials, not only these two spheres, there would also be special ways to combine them, so Eisen had to look out for that and inform himself about those things, especially before working with expensive or rare materials, instead of accidentally ruining the materials and needing to get new ones.
Either way, now, Eisen had the finished material that he needed to make the potions, which would only need to be ground down and mixed with water, that would then be distilled away.
So, Eisen spent the next while doing just that, carefully placing away the small amount of water that was distilled away and storing it in one of the empty small barrels that Eisen bought before, while storing the actual potions in one of the larger barrels.
"Now, according to Morrom, the guy that showed me how to do Alchemy and Enchanting, potions like this usually get bought by the Adventurer's Guild a lot, and in large quantities. Once we get to the Magic City, we should probably go there first to sell this." Eisen told Komer as he began filling a large glass bottle with the potions, and set that bottle to the side at a safe spot. This one was for their own use. And now, Eisen finally took a look at the notification window that popped up once he finished the potions.

[Charon Potion]
[Quality - Perfect][Rank - 3]
[Description] A Potion to prevent death made by the Omni Craftsmaster Eisen. Once a person lost their life or is about to lose their life, and this potion is given to them by a latest of 30 seconds after death, they will temporarily be able to be healed, and their life will be saved.
[Effect] effect for 1 Minute

Eisen read through the information and slowly nodded in satisfaction. As far as he could remember, Charon was the ferryman that guided dead souls across the river Styx in Greek Mythology, so it fit quite well toward a potion that would prevent death, as their souls would not need guidance at the moment.
With a smile, Eisen began to clean up the equipment that he used just now, hoping that there wouldn't be any residues of the potion's bitterness leftover that could ruin other potions' taste. Well, potions usually didn't taste all that great, but Eisen didn't want to have the potions taste horrible. If that were to happen, they wouldn't be able to sell them as a high-quality item anymore.

And quite soon after Eisen finished the potions, the two tamed monsters also made another breakthrough.

[Crowned Queen Bee Melissa has created a new type of worker-bee with the assistance of Lesser Myconid Druid Caria]
[New Species Found – Byron Bee]

With a happy and satisfied smile, Eisen turned over to them, squatting down to take a look at the new Bee that the two of them created together.
"Good job, you two! Another new Bee then, huh?" The old man chuckled as the new Bee, a small, light blue one, flew over to his hand and landed on his palm.
"Look! It's the second Bee that Caria and Melly made together!" Caria exclaimed as she jumped up and stood in front of Eisen with a smug expression, stemming her fists onto her hips like she always did when talking like this.
"You did great, both of you! And this was much quicker than with the first one. Do you think you can do it even faster for the third type?" Eisen asked, knowing full well what kind of answer would come now.
Caria quickly crossed her arms and nodded as she closed her eyes, saying just one thing. "Obviously! Come on, Melly, let's get to work!" She yelled out as she laughed loudly, sitting back down to get to work again. The way that these two created the special types of Bees together was unknown to Eisen, but it worked well and helped both of them gain proficiency in their skills and level up, so the old man couldn't complain and simply let them do their thing in the end.
"Alright, Komer, let's continue. Ah, you should best try to come up with a good price for the charon potions as well before we get to town. It's best to have all that figured out. You bought the materials, so you should be able to have all the info you need, right?" Eisen asked as he began preparing for the next potion he wanted to make, a simple antidote made out of the juices of the Kinzo root.
"Mhm, I'll figure everything out, don't worry. Anyway, do you need any help right now?" The young man asked as he leaned forward to look at the materials on the table.
"I don't think so, no, this is just regular old potionmaking right now. I need to crush the roots to a pulp to get the juices out properly, mix those juices with a little bit of water and mana crystal powder, and then boil the liquids away. It's nothing complicated. Although you could give me the small vials on the shelf over there and help me fill them up later."
"Alright! Although… aren't these a bit small?" Komer asked with a frown as he held the tiny glass vial between his fingers, and Eisen nodded slowly.
"Yeah, that's because the detoxification potency of Kinzo roots is pretty high. Although the potions can only act as an antidote for the type of poison you may be injected with through a regular snake's bite. Such a small amount is enough for that, which is pretty convenient, since you don't necessarily get a lot of juices from these, it seems." As the roots in the bowl in front of Eisen were slowly being ground down, only a small amount of the sap was being released, of which Eisen needed quite a lot more.
In the end, Eisen continued grinding down most of the Kinzo roots that they had, and made some simple antidotes out of them in the way that he had explained to Komer, slowly filling the small vials up.
Eisen spent the rest of the in-game day simply making all kinds of different potions, both to gain more proficiency in his Alchemy skill as well as to simply make some general items to sell in the city soon. Even though there were probably a lot of alchemists and enchanters there already, it couldn't hurt to still have a larger variety of items to sell, even if it was only to make it look like they had a lot of different items in general. After all, a stall where you could buy 100 items was a lot more attractive than a stall where you could buy only one item.
Either way, that's what Eisen did for the rest of the day, before logging back out in the evening.


The Sunday was also quite uneventful for Benjamin, Tony, Benji, Katy and Sean, as they simply spent the day walking through town, where Benjamin could show them all the different places. But really, nothing happened that day that was worth mentioning, beside that Benjamin was constantly happy throughout every second.
And in the evening, Natsuo called the house to let Benjamin know they were around halfway there, and would probably arrive sometime in the early Monday morning, so Benjamin went ahead and prepared everyone's rooms, since they were sure to be tired. Since Lola and Lyla said they wanted to sleep in the same room as Katy and Sean, and those two were also excited for that, the old man really only needed to prepare one more room.
He would have more than enough time to prepare the other rooms for Melody and her family once they arrived in the evening on Monday.
So, overall, the day ended quite uneventfully, and Benjamin began playing the game in the evening again.
And it seemed like Benjamin turned into Eisen at the absolutely perfect time.
"Yes, Sir, go ahead and come in. Just don't be scared, there's a wolf and a half-dragon inside." Eisen heard Komer's voice through the carriage's door, that was slowly opening while Eisen's body slowly turned back from metal to the normal flesh he so enjoyed to have.
"And an old man, a little girl and a few bees!" Eisen exclaimed to warn who he expected to be the Guard that was going to quickly inspect the carriage, so that nothing could go wrong.
"M'Lord, you're awake again!" Kiron exclaimed with a happy smile, while the Guard looked at Eisen with a frown.
"Ah, so are you the owner of this Carriage?" The Guard asked as he looked around inside, and the old man quickly nodded.
"Yes, I am. And good morning, Kiron."
"I see… I was quite surprised to see two little children driving the carriage, and what the young man there said didn't make much sense to me either, so I was rather confused." After the guard explained this, he continued to look around for a little while, before then leaving the carriage through the door again, quickly followed by Eisen, who could already see Sky's annoyed expression as he was standing next to Komer.
"So, everything alright in there?" Eisen asked the Guard, who quickly nodded at the question as he signaled a fellow Guard to let them through.
"Alright then, everyone, let's get going!" Eisen exclaimed with a laugh, feeling quite lively immediately after waking up. Although he technically didn't really sleep anymore lately, as his mind was constantly active.
After greeting everyone in the group, Eisen chose to sit in the front of the carriage so that he could see everything while they were driving through, taking a seat next to the two Fey-Kin, one of them continuosly pouting. After a while, Eisen finally gave in and asked what was wrong.
"What's wrong? What's wrong, you ask? It's that everybody keeps treating us as kids! I'm 22 years old, for the gods' sake!" He practically yelled out, not even fully able to concentrate on his book.
"I know, I know. Don't worry, I doubt you'll look for this forever. You're still technically children for your race, aren't you?"
"I… I mean, I guess so… Although we'll always look pretty young, we should still age a bit, right? Bree, for human standarts we should turn out like 14 or 15 year olds in another 20 years, right?"
The pink-haired girl held her finger to her cheek in thought for a few seconds, before simply shrugging. "Maybe? I don't know any others like us, so…" She explained, looking around the town excitedly, bringing both Sky's and Eisen's attention to the scenery as well.
To Eisen, this city really felt somewhat futuristic, as if someone was trying to build an Utopia here. At least that's what the serene, white buildings and the overly clean streets looked like to him.
"Huh, quite an interesting place, isn't it?" The old man muttered out immediately, looking up at the buildings that nearly all seemed to be taller than any he has seen in Ornier. While Eisen was trying to figure out if his theory about the most prominent craftsmen was true by looking at the shops around, a small notification popped up in front of Eisen's face.

[New Message from Jyuuk] Hey Eisen! I just met up with Brody, and he seems quite happy with the idea of founding a guild. We're on our way to Handor right now for that plan you messaged me about. Evalia is on her way too. See you then.
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