156 Fullbody Enchantmen

Eisen had now finally completed his Demonic Transformation, at least he thought he did, but his Title apparently didn't accept this fact yet. And although he didn't know why that was, Eisen didn't care about that at the moment.
For now, he really just wanted to concentrate on properly moving around with this new transformation, mainly with these new wings that were basically reaching from his heel a slight bit above his head. It wasn't like he was having trouble controlling them at all, and they weren't heavy since they were just floating around, but exactly because of that he needed to make sure that they were always floating directly behind him, and that was the reason that he couldn't simply turn around with much speed, or generally move around in complicated ways.
The same counted for his tail, of course, but Eisen didn't want to cut up his clothes so that he could connect his wings and tail to his body directly. And he couldn't just take his suit off either, since it gave him so much bonus charisma, which he really needed for this plan to work properly.
For this, Eisen would really just need to make sure not to move too rashly, and if he did, to concentrate on his wings and tail the whole time. With a sigh, Eisen deactivated his transformations and sat back down on one of his chairs, looking around the room as he did.
Bree and Dien were talking to each other while lying in a bed together, Sky was still reading the 'Devil's Spawn' story, and Komer was quietly working on his business matters as well. Kiron, Caria and Melissa were all quietly preparing for combat if necessary.
And while Xenia and Eisen were trying to figure out how to possibly further Eisen's transformation, the High-Elf seemed to have come up with an idea. "Hmm, you said your staff largely increases the effect of your element, right? Does that mean that the fire becomes hotter and the rock becomes harder?"
Quickly, Eisen nodded. "Yes, it's exactly like that, actually. Why do you ask?"
"Ah, it's just because it might be able to help with your transformation. Up until now, you usually just transform with raw elemental manipulation, right? I get that it may be faster for the raw base, but with everything else added, maybe casting the spells through the staff would be faster and would have a higher effect. And on top of that… If you reach a specific hardness, you should be able to create something similar to metal with your element." She explained, and Eisen looked at her in extreme surprise.
"Something similar to metal? Hmm, I guess rock is simply an amalgamation of different minerals. Up until now I've only really been concentrating on the image of an extremely hard rock and not any other properties, but if even you say that it's possible with magic…"
"Well, your element is basically the Fire Element and Earth Element at the same time, despite being weaker than both should be individually at your current strength. But with the earth element, you are able to create rock with high concentrations of different minerals. They won't really turn into metal, and that's its own individual element, but you could create a rock that's similar to the most raw mineral versions of some metals at least. It would make your skin thicker against surprise attacks as well." Xenia suggested, but Eisen quickly shook his head.

"It would definitely be useful somehow, but my element is meant for crafting, and not for fighting, so it's a lot more useless in combat, so maybe that wouldn't even do anything. And I'm not sure in what way how much I can control my element changes the effect on people when I use my demonic form."
"Hmm, I guess that's true. It's not like your Element has these effects on its own." The High-Elf muttered in deep thought, somehow still dissatisfied with Eisen's 'completed' transformation, while the old man transformed his hand again, playing around with his skin and feeling its texture, until he got a sudden idea.
"Wait a minute, I've got it! Xenia, you know enchanting, right? What's its rank?"
Surprised, Xenia looked up at Eisen and nodded. "It's at a low Rank 2 right now, why're you asking? Do you have an idea for an enchantment you need me to help with?"
Quickly, Eisen nodded once more as he stood up and took off his jacket and shirt, already surprising everyone in the room as he revealed the illogically trained upper body of this old man, before he then took his staff out of his soul storage.
"You said I could probably cast my transformation like that, right?" He asked, and slowly Xenia nodded once more before Eisen poured his elementally infused mana into the staff, quickly calling out the names of the different spells while imagining an even harder surface for his rock parts as before, and even hotter flames for his fire parts, before he sat down cross legged on the ground and activated a few different skills.
First his two racial skills, as well as his Crafting Space skill for enchanting, before manipulating the spare enchantment needles in Bree's backpack to float over to his hand. Then, Eisen began doing something that probably none of the others expected him to do. He began carving enchantments into the rock-parts of his skin.
"E-Eisen, what are you doing?!" As she jumped up in surprise and a little bit of shock, Xenia looked at the old man sitting there and literally carving into his skin with a needle.
"I'm enchanting myself. Or rather, right now I'm just testing a few things. First, I tried out how well your idea works, and it does work pretty well, and now I'm giving my arm a simple flame enchantment to test out if this actually works. Since my element actually sticks out over my skin, I'm not actually carving into it, right? It's a little uncomfortable, but it doesn't really hurt either. Anyway, if this enchantment works, then I'll try something bigger out." The old man explained with a smile, which was once more a rather weird sight considering the action he was currently doing.
But, while ignoring the stares of those around him, Eisen quickly finished the enchantment he wanted to create, and tested it out just as quickly, resulting in a small flame shooting up from Eisen's lower arm.
"See, it works perfectly, doesn't it?" The old man laughed, before quickly deleting the enchantment, while Xenia sighed loudly. "I guess it worked out in the end, but who the fuck could have known if it really worked? What if the thing backfired and blew your arm off?"
"I doubt it would have, don't worry about it. Anyway, Xenia, we'll now work on some enchantments all over my body, shall we? Surely I'll be able to save them as a spell later on, so let's hurry up. I've heard that there are free-form enchantments, and they don't actually have to be in the circular form, right? I want you to come up with an enchantment that can even cover my whole body if necessary in a way that it will strengthen my charisma as much as possible."
"A charisma strengthening enchantment? I mean, I guess that should be possible… But it's going to take a while, I doubt we'll finish by tonight." She explained, but Eisen shook his head.
"You need to just come up with the concept and tell me what to do, and maybe carve the enchantment in the areas I can't reach. I'll do the rest." Eisen told her, before Xenia simply sighed again, accepting his choice.
"Fine, I guess so. In witchcraft, you're required to use actual long spells. With some of my Magic Circles, I simply translate those spells into runic text instead of just chaining words together randomly. And there's some spells that may be useful. Hmm… Just… Carve this along your inner left arm, this along your outer left arm, this along your inner right arm, and this along your outer right arm. I'm going to work on the central part on your back and connect the carvings you made to it then." As Xenia explained this, she wrote down different sentences in the form of runic letters on a piece of paper, that Eisen quickly took a look at before starting his work on his arms, while asking Bree to supply him with mana so that he could properly keep up the transformation for as long as necessary.
So, for a while, Eisen's body became the item to be worked on with the enchantments, but while Xenia wasn't even finished with the raw outlines, Eisen already finished all that he was given by the High-Elf to do.
"So, what next, Xenia?"
"Huh? Don't tell me you're already done! What the hell, how can you be so fast at this..? Isn't this supposed to be a magic thing?" Xenia complained with an annoyed frown, before the old man began to chuckle.
"It's a spot where both of our expertise interjects, isn't it? You're capable of creating concepts for far more potent and useful enchantments, while I'm able to actually carve them a lot better and faster than you can."
"I guess so… But I still don't want to lose to you! Here, carve these on your palms, and these on the back of your hands." Xenia said in a commanding voice before quickly drawing up some more small enchantment circles on a piece of paper for Eisen to carve, which he then quickly did with a smile. For some reason, doing this kind of thing was weirdly satisfying.
Whether this was because he was directly collaborating with someone he hasn't worked with before, or because he was now working on a surface that he has never worked on before, his own skin.
This whole thing continued for a little while longer, with more and more enchantments adding up to the big picture, where basically all of Eisen's upper body and parts of his legs, and even his cheeks, were now covered in runes or different enchantments, before both Eisen and Xenia saw a notification pop up in front of them¬.

[You created the Fullbody Charisma and Control enchantment in collaboration with Elemental Spirit Summoner Xenia]

[Fullbody Charisma and Control Enchantment]
[Quality – High][Rank - 2]
[Description] An enchantment created in Collaboration between the Omni Craftsmaster Eisen and the Elemental Spirit Summoner Xenia after being placed on Eisen's own body to strengthen the effects that his charisma shows.
The enchantments on the left arm and hand allow for a nearly hypnotizing effect that makes a target more easily controlled by mental effects while being less capable of performing physically. The enchantments on the right arm and hand allow for a channeling of the charisma and the user's will, so that people who have been grasped by this hand can experience the full force of the user's charisma.
The enchantments covering the rest of the user's body allow for a general strengthening of charisma and the surface the that the enchantments have been placed on.
[Effects] +30 CHA, -5% Mana Consumption for Flame of the Earth Transformation

[Do you want to save the Fullbody Charisma and Control Enchantment as a variation of the Flame of the Earth Transformation?]

With strong surprise, Eisen read through the notifications, before quickly accepting this enchantment as a varition of one of his spells so that he could use this whenever he needed to, before happily standing up to take a look at himself.
"This is quite perfect, isn't it?" The old man laughed out in a loud voice, moving his fingertips over his skin to feel the carvings, before quickly deactivating the transformation and getting dressed again.
Once he himself felt fully prepared, Eisen turned to his group with a light smile, announcing to them that it was now time to finally make their way over to the Base they were about to raid.
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