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"You're going on a date soon? Why didn't you tell me yet?" Eisen asked with a smirk as he looked down at Al, who was looking away as her face flushed red.

"W-Well… I didn't want you guys to make a big deal out of it…" She answered, fiddling around with her hair before Eisen placed his hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Don't worry; I'm not going to make a big deal out of it." He told her quite sincerely, and Alnico smiled back at her grandfather and nodded her head slowly. "Thanks, I appreciate it." With a smile, Al looked toward the door from which some of the people were coming already, and Eisen and Al stayed silent for a few seconds before Eisen crossed his arms and stroked his beard in thought.

"So, when are we buying a wedding dress?" He asked in a serious tone, and could then practically hear Al's face turn completely red as she turned over to her grandfather again. And the moment she wanted to open her mouth and complain, Eisen held his hand up.

"Sorry, Honey, we'll talk later," Eisen told her with a light smile before he turned toward the slowly-forming crowd while Alnico held her hands in front of her face, trying not to blush in front of precisely that crowd.

After a few moments, it seemed like everyone gathered, and Eisen prepared to speak up. "Hello, everyone! Thank you all for coming! Just to confirm, do any of you know if anyone is missing?" The old man asked to make sure, and as he didn't hear that anyone spoke up, he continued. "Alright, then let's start with the introductions! I don't think all of you know who I am, but my name is Eisen. Some of you may know me as the 'Golden-Eyed Demon'." The old man explained as he swiftly changed into his demonic form to prove to everyone that he was who he said he was.

"There is more to who I am than what I can tell you right now, but I will fill you all in soon. While we are on this ship, I would like everyone to help out with anything you can, got it?" He exclaimed and continued immediately. "The base crew is as such. The ones that will help sail the ship is a crew of skeletons conjured by our Necromancer, tamer, and naturalist Jyuuk. In case there are any attacks on this ship, he and Brody here will lead the defense." Eisen told them, and then continued telling them about the different essential positions on the ship, and what tasks, where help might be needed.

A little while later, Komer returned to the ship after telling the Harbor Manager about their departure and then it was time for them to finally leave.

Slowly, the skeletons rolled out the sails before they slowly took in wind and made the ship move forward, while the Skeleton Sailor commanded them and controlled the whole ship's movement with that.

With a smile, Eisen watched this whole process happening, with the skeletons running around and watching out for any possible obstacles that may stand in the giant ship's way. And soon, the vessel reached the point at which they could just let loose and sail straight ahead. Soon, they couldn't see the town anymore, so Eisen turned to the people that were still gathered around him and looked at the other originals to tell them to stand next to him.

"Alright, now is the time to tell you all the big secret that we have been hiding from you," Eisen yelled out before the people looked at them in worry and confusion before the old man just continued without hesitation. "A few months ago, I found myself near a mining town called Melroe at level 1, without even my racial skills. My Experience had been stolen. The same happened to these four. The reason our experience was stolen was to create artificial people so far known as 'Omegas,''Deltas,' and 'Alphas.' And this was just possible for one reason. The five of us are, or instead were, the five that peaked." He explained without hesitation, and everyone looked at each other in confusion, of course except those that already knew about it, before Noa took a step closer.

"Sir Eisen, I understand that you are a great talent, but I think it is a bit much to call yourself one of those that peaked." She told him, trying to be as nice about it as possible. And before Eisen could even say anything, a deep voice echoed around everyone, and Eisen could immediately tell the source of that voice.

"It is true. These five are those that reached the highest peak of existence in the past. That is indubitably so." The voice said, as a brown Swallow with a green tint at the end of its feathers sat down directly in front of Eisen, which didn't help the confusion of anyone there.

Slowly, the Swallow turned to the old man. "This ship is surely large enough, but is it steady enough to hold me up?" It asked, and Eisen slowly nodded. "Yeah, but be slow about the change just in case." Eisen told the small bird, which slowly increased in size as its feathers morphed into scales, revealing Bolremgar in his full draconic form.

The people on the ship immediately took a step backward at the sudden appearance of such a mighty, old Dragon, before Eisen calmed them down. "Don't worry; this is Bolremgar, a Bronze Dragon directly under the authority of Trygan, the God of Dragons." He explained before a certain priest stepped forward and stepped in front of the Dragon.

And after moving his hands around in different motions and quietly muttering a few prayers, a bright light appeared directly in front of Bolremgar's chest as it morphed into a single shape, the symbol of Trygan.

And Bol didn't mind either; it was more like he was waiting for this, to begin with as he smiled when the, seemingly highly trusted, priest turned to the people. "It is true; this is one that immediately stands underneath my Lord." The Priest to the God of Dragons exclaimed, and after that, the people began to calm down. After all, one of Trygan's greatest Value was that of Justice, so a Dragon like this surely wouldn't go on a rampage.

But that was also when the people realized that this Ancient Bronze Dragon supported the words of Eisen, meaning that he was telling the truth.

"So… So you truly are him..?" Noa muttered quietly in an unbelieving voice before she held her hands in front of her mouth in shock, and Bol turned around to Eisen before slowly morphing back into the shape of a Swallow.

"Take this as a final gift, Champion. And you, Wizardess, I hope to see you soon when you have completed the first trial I have given to you. As you will surely be busy at this new place, I do not mind if you ignore the time limit I have given you at first." He explained before starting to flap his wings and starting to soar through the skies, making his way back in the direction of Handor.

And after Eisen looked back down at the people in front of him, he noticed that mostly everyone bowed down to him and the other Originals. "We're sorry for doubting you, Eisen. It is an honor to follow behind such great people as you." Noa said, seemingly speaking for everyone, as Eisen looked at the people next to him, who were all apparently feeling quite uncomfortable like this.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Please, do not look at us in that way. No matter who or what we were before, we are not those people anymore." Eisen told them, and slowly, everyone raised their heads in confusion, still trying to figure out what was going on, so Eisen continued. "We're just five random people, so don't see us as anything else, please." The old man announced, before stepping through the crowd to make his way to the stairs leading back up to the meeting room.

"Now if you need us for anything, you all know where to find us," Eisen said as he began walking up the stairs with the other originals behind him, while their companions and friends also followed them. And when they all reached the room, Stahl was the first to speak up.

"Damn, Gramps… Didn't realize that this was so serious…" He commented before Eisen shrugged. "Of course, it is. We're 'literally' ex mock-deities. But we're not anymore, so I'm sure I can speak for everyone if I say we don't want to be treated like it." Eisen said as he looked at the other originals who all nodded their heads before Eisen's apprentices spoke up next.

"Yeah, but… I didn't expect a Dragon to show up out of nowhere…" Koro quietly said as he scratched the back of his head, and Parc nodded his head while Rouge looked around the room.

"Talking about things we didn't expect… what are you doing up here?" Rouge asked, and Eisen sighed before stepping up to his chair and increased his size.

"Basically, we're building an Artificial Creature. We'll fill you in once it's done, but for now, we want to see how well it works first." The old man explained, as everyone was curiously walking through the room and looking at the different things, with a particular half-beastperson trying to touch everything, while her brother kept her from doing just that as much as possible.

"That's so weird… This room looks like some mad scientist's lab right now…" Zyra muttered to herself, and Evalia nodded her head. "Yeah, it does, and the concept is pretty much like what a mad scientist would do as well." She added before Brody scoffed and laughed.

"For sure, it is. Anyway, Vardia and I are gonna go back to the deck now. What about you, guys?" Brody asked before Eisen took a look at the time and leaned back in his chair. "I'm going to catch up on some sleep now." He responded before both Caria and Melissa tiredly climbed onto his lap.

"These two are tired as well, apparently, despite them napping a bit before." He added with a laugh, and Xenia looked at Jyuuk. "I guess we're going to keep working a bit in the meantime? Just to prepare everything for assembly later today then." The High-Elf suggested, and Eisen nodded at her in response.

"Sure, let's do it like that. Anyone here who wants to watch, watch. But be aware that we're handling body parts that were taken from monsters." The old man explained, and soon enough, everyone just nodded their heads, choosing to think about that decision for a while, and Eisen just smiled at them before leaning back.

"Goodnight then, all of you." Eisen chuckled and swiftly logged off.


Soon, Benjamin stood up from the capsule and stretched immediately before making his way to the bathroom to take a shower because he was feeling a bit dirty and sweaty at the moment.

"Oh, morning, Dad. You didn't stop playing with Benji and Sophia before, everything alright? Are they offline right now as well?" Tony asked as he saw his father head to the bathroom, and the old man just shook his head.

"Everything's fine, don't worry. I just had something to take care of, so I could only stop playing now." He said before Tony slowly nodded.

"Alright… But are you sure everything's fine? You're looking a bit pale right now?" Tony said with a worried tone in his voice, but Benjamin just shook his head. "I'm fine, I'm just a bit hungry right now and didn't see as much natural sunlight lately." He explained, so Tony nodded his head with determination.

"Perfect! Then let me make something for you to eat, and then we can go outside and watch the kids play a bit?" He suggested, and Benjamin just lightly smiled at him.

"Sure, thanks, Son. I'll take a shower now, so it's going to be a little while." He gratefully said before Tony turned around and rushed to the kitchen to get started on the food, before Benjamin himself stumbled into the bathroom, slowly locking the door, just in time before he couldn't keep himself on his feet anymore.

Slowly, the old man slid to the ground after leaning against the closed door and felt a stinging pain and a deep rumbling in his chest and stomach. Benjamin pulled himself to the toilet and began to throw up into it, feeling even more emptiness in his stomach after losing some of his stomach acids, as he hadn't eaten anything all day.

But that wasn't what was worrying him the most at the moment. What bothered him the most was the fact that after he threw up in it, the inside of the formerly pure-white toilet was entirely stained in a deep crimson red.
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