245 In the Dungeon

Back in the Meeting Room, Eisen looked at Fafnir with a grin, just working on a few different small items to give him any sort of experience, while the four other originals were sitting around him as the group of five was talking about random stuff.

And then, a little while later, what they had been waiting for finally arrived. Fafnir leveled up again, and his body slowly grew larger and longer, while his claws and teeth also became sharper and longer as the small Wyrmling turned into a Child.

"Perfect!" Eisen exclaimed with a grin and looked at the slightly larger Living Dungeon before checking on the information again.


[Race - Living Dungeon Child][Rank – 1][Level – 1]

[HP – 500][MP – 500]

[STR – 30][END – 60][AGI – 40][INT – 35][WIS – 35]


-[Dungeon Nature][Rank – 0][Level – 41]

-[Draconic Nature][Rank – 0][Level – 3]

[Dungeon Type] Living Dungeon

[Rank – 1][Floors – 2]

[Description] A peculiar dungeon under the ownership of Omni Craftsmaster Eisen. Instead of being a stationary dungeon with a set rank, it synergized with the possibility of 'true' life and gained the ability to grow stronger over time, currently taking the form of a small dragon.

"Alright, now let's try this again! Fafnir, show us the 'Dungeon Gate' Ability." Eisen said with a grin, before standing up and bringing the Living Dungeon Child over to a free spot, before the others also stood up and followed behind the old man.

Slowly, Fafnir stood on his hind legs and spread his wings just like he had done before when he failed to activate the ability, but this time he jumped into the air before a stone-brick, rounded doorframe with a dark wooden door appeared out of basically nowhere, slowly constructing itself out of dust. And Fafnir lay on the top of the doorframe, seemingly asleep.

"That looks pretty cool!" Jyuuk exclaimed excitedly before the others immediately agreed, but Eisen was a bit hesitant.

"It looks alright, although I'm a bit disappointed at the quality of the wood…" He muttered as he ran his hand over the door before Evalia sighed loudly at the old man's words.

"Eisen, Fafnir is not even a day old and just created this out of nothing. I think considering that being the case, we shouldn't be too judgemental on small stuff like that." She chuckled as Eisen smiled at her and winked. "Obviously, I was just kidding. Let's hurry and get inside."

Slowly, Eisen pushed the rusty metal handle down before pushing the door forward, and beyond there, the five originals could see a different space entirely that could only be seen when looking through the open door. And after shrinking down so that he could fit through, Eisen took the first step, and then entered the space that was currently just a rough ten by ten by three-meter, rectangular room with dirt walls and floors.

"Well, this is pretty underwhelming…" Xenia pointed out, and Eisen just chuckled.

"Don't worry; I think I can work on all of this a bit. I have this window here, just let me look at it for a second…" The old man answered as he turned his head and looked at the notifications that appeared when he entered this dark room.

[Current DP – 25][DP Regen – 1/hour per entity inside]

[Monster Shop]

-[Unlock Beast Type – 10 DP]

-[Unlock Humanoid Type – 100 DP]

-[Unlock Dragon Type – 1000 DP]

[Dungeon Management Shop]

-[Unlock Space Extension Menu – 10 DP]

-[Unlock Space Upgrade Menu – 10 DP]

[Information! Your Dungeon has a Unique Dungeon Type and is as such not restricted to a specific type of monster or environment]

"Hmm, Interesting. So, this seems a lot more game-like compared to before. I have DP, which stands for Dungeon Points, I guess, and I can use them to unlock different things for the dungeon." Eisen explained to the others before both Jyuuk and Xenia looked at him with incredible excitement.

"Wait, so this is that type of Dungeon Management game as well? Awesome!" Jyuuk exclaimed excitedly, before realizing that he couldn't take part in this although he thought wrong.

"Here, I made you four 'Dungeon Administrators.' The Dungeon tab told me that you guys don't directly have all the rights that I do, but you can do nearly everything in here now." Eisen informed them as he waved the windows away, and the four of them looked at each other in surprise as they opened the different information windows that they were able to access.

"Awesome!" Xenia exclaimed, and Eisen chuckled at her excitement. "Well, I'm glad you enjoy this. But I'm kind of confused actually. This is so different to basically everything else, right?" Eisen said as he tried to understand the information in front of him that he just wasn't at all used to, he could play this game freely until now just because it was not game-like at all, but these administration panels were just like a game would be.

"Don't worry, we can explain to you how it works. Although, you're right, it is kind of weird. I get it though, they can't expect us to supply a Dungeon with an infinite amount of monsters and dig everything out ourselves, after all." Jyuuk answered, before Eisen slowly nodded his head.

"I guess so. Well, what do you think we should buy first?" The old man inquired, and Jyuuk suggested just buying the monsters first before Eisen agreed and chose to unlock the 'Beast-Type.'

There were a few different monsters that were then unlocked, although just a handful. In the end, they chose to simply unlock wolf monsters, five of which then immediately spawned, and the Wolf-Monster option was then replaced by a few different upgrade options.

The wolves themselves looked rather scrawny, small, and didn't seem like they could do much damage, although that was to be expected with a Rank 1 Dungeon.

"Hmm, so now we can increase the spawn ratio and their base stats, huh?" Xenia muttered to herself as she continued looking through the windows, while Jyuuk kneeled up to the wolves, merely petting them. They would probably be aggressive to anyone else, but since Eisen named them 'Dungeon Administrators,' they seemed like cute little pups faced with the originals.

"These are so weird…" Jyuuk muttered to himself, and Eisen tilted his head to the side, confused. "What do you mean? Is anything wrong with them?" Eisen asked, and Jyuuk shook his head.

"Not 'wrong,' just weird; The wolfs don't seem to be alive, like, they don't have a heartbeat. I heard that Dungeon monsters are supposed to be like this, but it's still weird to see this outside of undead." The Beastperson explained, and Eisen nodded his head slowly before Brody crossed his arms and looked at the wolves. "Hmm, can they also have skills?" Brody asked, but Jyuuk shook his head immediately.

"I don't think so; they're just more type-specific. Like, instead of any of these gaining an earth-elemental ability, you'll unlock earth-wolves to spawn or something, I guess." Jyuuk explained, and the Demon-Orc then grinned broadly. "Oh, is that so? Then give me some time with them alone, yeah? Although, Jyuuk, you come with me." He suggested, and Eisen just shrugged and let him do his thing before stepping back out to the 'Dungeon Gate' to grab some of his tools out of his carriage, as he wanted to try a few things out, turning to the others before he did so.

"Let's just try a few things out here and spend as much time as possible in the dungeon to get some more Dungeon Points," Eisen told them, before exiting through the wooden door and rushing to get whatever he may need.

And a few minutes later, he already made his way back to the gate and stepped back into the Dungeon. "Huh? Why did you grab your shovel?" Xenia asked confused, and Eisen just smiled at her, before stepping over to the wall opposite to the Dungeon Gate and pushing the shovel into the dirt wall, digging away at it.

The dirt that he split off from the wall instantly disappeared, and it didn't take much force to do so either. It was basically like the dirt that looked so dense and hard was just loose sand.

And when Eisen confirmed that the wall didn't regenerate or something like that, he turned to Xenia. "Because I wanted to see if we can work around all of this. If we can build the interior of the Dungeon ourselves, we won't need to spend as much DP, which might be a good thing, especially in the early stages." Eisen explained before continuing to dig a square tunnel. He expected to need to place some pillars here and there to keep everything stable, but no matter how far he dug, it was just incredibly sound.

And then at some point, Eisen got a notification.

[Due to your actions, the Space Extension Menu has been unlocked without needing to use DP to open it]

"Oh, as I hoped!" Eisen exclaimed with a smile, before he noticed something different as well. In the 'Wolf' sub-category in the Monster Shop, a few different types were newly added, apparently called 'Feral Wolf,''Strong Wolf,' and 'Fast Wolf.' As they were simply sub-types of the regular wolf while not technically being 'evolutions,' but just wolves with different specialized strengths to each other, it was possible to simply adjust the ratio of how many wolves of which type would spawn in.

"Well, either way, let's just take a look at what I can do with this new menu for now…" The old man muttered to himself at the end of the tunnel that he made, before looking at the new information.

"Hmm, we can open up 27 cubic meters per DP? That's going to take us a good amount of DP if we do it that way." Eisen thought to himself, before making his way back to the main room. And it was a lot, no matter how he thought about it. Currently, the group had 15 DP left, as they had spent over an hour in there and as such gave the dungeon five new DP. With that amount of DP, they could barely make 45 meters worth of a tunnel of the dimensions that Eisen dug.

But he mostly just wanted to confirm that he could do this kind of thing to avoid having to pay the DP for expansion. When they would manage to get the materials, Eisen would also try to make a stone-paved floor and maybe at least cover the walls in different materials, to see if that would count as some sort of Upgrade. But before then, he wanted to unlock the Upgrade Menu, because it seemed like it would take a good while until he got enough materials to do all that.

When he reached the room in the front again, he noticed that the others were surrounded by wolves that had changed quite a lot physically, and Eisen figured that they were just the new types of wolves that were unlocked in the menu a little bit ago. "Eisen! Look, these are cool, right?" Jyuuk asked excitedly, and Eisen nodded his head with a smile.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yeah, they are. But how did you manage this?" Eisen asked with a bit of surprise, and Brody just chuckled. "I told one attack me furiously, told one to catch up with me, and told one to try and beat me in a feat of strength!"

"That's it? Really?" Eisen asked with a laugh, and Brody shrugged. "Yup, I guess. Probably because we're Admins in here or somethin'." He suggested, and Eisen slowly nodded. "Probably. I doubt you'd be able to dig the walls up like I just did normally either." The old man pointed out before Xenia added something as well.

"I'm sure we can make a dungeon with much greater difficulty compared to usual dungeons of the same rank, right? But that's only if we end up working this much all the time." She said, but Eisen shook his head with a grin.

"Not necessarily." He said as he crossed his arms before the others looked at him just a bit confused.

"I still have my legacy, remember?"
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