320 Necromancer's Scythe

While Sky and the Priestess to Uriu worked on the notes, everyone else got back to their regular tasks that they would have went for otherwise as well, which was mainly just the work in the dungeon, and Eisen continued teaching his apprentices and his grandson a little more about crafting, and was currently working on the Alchemy skill. He himself wasn't actually all that knowledgeable about the magical parts of that skill, so he got Xenia's help to explain anything but the physical crafting aspects to them.

The Kobold that was taught the Alchemy skill had also changed now, growing just a slight bit while becoming relatively thin, and its fur was now a dark blue color instead of the gray that the Kobolds all had before then.

In the meantime, while the others were working on some practice-items themselves, Eisen continued working on some more items for the others, and actually got the chance to have Jyuuk grow the tree that he wanted to use as a base for the Scythe, which was done simply by placing the sapling into the opening meant for the 'Handle' part of the scythe, before Jyuuk started to grow a thin tree out of a specific type of wood that Eisen wanted to use, a sapling for a 'Wailing Willow', a type of tree that attracted ghost-type undead monsters.

So of course, now that it was Necro-fied through Jyuuk's necromancy combined with his element, the thin tree was rather horrifying. All over the bark, it had things that looked like crying faces pulled into length through the growth, while it gave off a weird, eery feeling similar to the Rose from before.

And Eisen didn't really change much about this now, and chose to simply leave the bark on the 'Handle' part of the Scythe, although he did smooth parts out here and there. He also made sure to place some different necromancy-infused gems and crystals into differnet spots in the tree, mainly the eye-sockets of those crying faces, and then also enchanted everything nicely, including a fine enchantment to support the use of necromancy, but also strength in combat.

Not only that, but Eisen also created a small slot for a specific gem which would be added once Eisen was able to use ability enchanting with abilities from other people, which wasn't that far away considering that his enchanting skill had risen to level 70 of Rank 3 already.

But for now, the Scythe was done.

[Necromancer's Scythe]

[Quality – Perfect][Rank – 3]

[Description] A Scythe created by the Omni Craftsmaster Eisen. The different materials used to construct this have been directly infused with necromancy and as such strengthen anyone's ability to use it as long as they are holding it.

The large blade at the top is sharp enough to cut through any enemy.

[Effect] 20% Benefit to Necromancy; +20 INT, +20 WIS, +60 AGI, +50 STR

[Requirements] Rank 2 Necromancy; 50 INT, 50 WIS, 100 AGI, 90 STR

With a smile on his face, Eisen handed the Scythe over to the Beastperson currently standing next to him, watching everything curiously.

"Oh, damn, I'm looking really like a Shinigami right now, huh?" Jyuuk asked with a smile on his face as he swung the scythe around a few times, before smiling wrily. "It's a bit different to the staff though, gotta admit… It's going to take a while to build the skill up again though." Jyuuk said, and Eisen looked at him while scratching the back of his neck.

"Sorry about that, but I figured it shouldn't be too hard to catch up now that we're heading to a place with a lot of monsters. And besides, the Staff skill you have should also help a little, right?" The old man asked, and Jyuuk kind of just shrugged.

"I guess so." He said, before looking at the Scythe again, "I guess I'll practice a little." Jyuuk suggested and turned around, preparing to exit the dungeon again, although he turned around just before leaving through the doorway.

"I… I get what you mean… It all feels too real, but even then, 'That' theory is a bit too… you know?" The Beastperson said as he scratched his cheek, and it seemed as if he wanted to say something else but just shook his head instead before just exiting through the doorway.

With a deep sigh, Eisen himself just got back to work and continued teaching his students about Alchemy, and then took the time that he had to continue working on the items for the other main combatists within the 'Inner Circle', choosing to make a new item for his first ever companion next.

A Warhammer for Bree. "Now then, let's get to work." The old man said with a smile on his face before grabbing some different materials to use, the main ones being Steel and his Flame of the Earth Mythril.

But Eisen had something that he wanted to try out first. Mythril in any form wasn't really good for combat when used as a complete material. You could put a mythril plate on a solid base, but other than that, it had a terrible durability and would break down pretty easily.

It was great when using for general tools, mostly because they were usually used in a controlled environment in a way that one had complete control over what was happening, but it was truly horrible for weapons.

So, the first thing that Eisen wanted to try was to alloy the Mythril with the material he most trusted, Steel.

He chose to melt the steel down first, as it had a higher melting-point compared to Mythril, and then just added the magic metal into the mix, trying to make sure they would combine as quickly as possible with the help of transmutation, in the same process that he had used while making the metallic potions or while mixing the steel and Margon for Brody's weapons.

And after a little while, the Steel-Mythril alloy was done, and Eisen did a few test-swings to see how well it combined, and what its properties were exactly.

"Hmm… It's definitely less brittle… It obviously has less of the Mythril-effect, but that was to be expected…" Eisen muttered to himself, trying to figure out how well this would work for the hammer. "Alright, this should work pretty nicely." Eisen said with a smile on his face and then quickly continued on from the general test onto the proper shaping of the metal into what it needed to be.

And what it needed to be was a hammer with two sides to it, one side being the flat 'Hammer' side, the other being a sharp spike. The Shape that Eisen thought he should go for for the hammer side was similar to that of his own Cross-Peen hammer, just slightly less 'Developed', meaning that the thinned-out parts were a bit thicker, and it just had a roughly similar shape.

And the spike was just that, a spike with a shape similar to the tip of a Pickaxe. It was a rather simple design so far, but he and Evalia spoke about collaborating with item-creation a bit more so that the old man would create the base item, and Evalia would add an subtle, artistic touch to it.

This War-Hammer would be a pretty great start for that as well, though. Of course, Eisen would give her a rough sketch of the enchantments he wanted to place on the items beforehand, so that she could work around that and maybe integrate the enchantments into the item a bit better. That also meant that Evalia was giving him a few rough design ideas for numerous types of items already, so he followed the design idea that Evalia gave him beforehand as well, and chose to just slightly twist the pyramid-shaped spike around, before finishing the head like that.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

And after making sure that the metal was properly cooling off, Eisen started working on the handle. Once more, Evalia had given the old man a rough design that he should shape it into, which the young artist would then use as a base for her own art. Actually, currently she was trying to figure out how to best work on the finishing of another item, her own mask.

Considering that she suggested they would 'Hydro-Dip' the mask in paint later, she had to figure out a way to properly do that, and was experimenting with a few different smaller items just for that. Once she was finished trying to figure out the best way to paint the mask, Eisen would go over to her, have her finish it, and then actually 'Finish' the item, meaning that he would just consider it done after a little bit of fine-tuning, meaning that he would smooth out any areas where the paint layered too much, apply a layer of something else that would keep the paint properly on the mask, as even if it was magic paint, it still acted like regular paint in some situations.

Either way, for now, Eisen wanted to finish the wooden handle for the hammer, then give it to Evalia, have her carve into it in an artistic way, and then bind it in leather or attach a few smaller metallic bits here and there as well as some gems for magic effects, and then attach the head of the hammer to the handle before presenting it to the young Fey-Kin.

After a little bit of work, trying to adjust the general size and shape of the handle properly so that it would work well for Bree, Eisen brought the two parts of the item over to the Artist, who was already eagerly waiting for them, before she started to get to work with it immediately.

And now that the parts for the War-Hammer were done, the old man continued and started working on the next item. He would have liked to construct a backpack with the help of some Spatial Gems, but he still didn't really get his hands on any as they were somehow way harder to get than expected, so he was still unable to do so.

He had actually been trying to come up with a good few ideas of what could be done with Spatial Gems, although he somewhat stole some of them from TV shows or movies. Tents that were larger inside than outside, Construction-Golems with built-in material storage, or simply ways of mass-production for certain items by creating containers that could hold much more than it seemed they could in order to save a lot of space.

Either way, Eisen was really excited to be able to try creating such things soon, and as the 'God of Space' was a thing, the twin brother of the 'Goddess of Time', he was sure he would be able to find some spatial gems or other similar or even better materials on that god's respective island.

It was probably one of the harder islands to conquer, considering that the God of Space was a high-ranking God, but they might be able to at least scavenge some scattered materials without even needing to conquer the island just yet, and if they did, that would mean that the old man could really create a whole type of new, interesting item.

He was especially interested in it for one reason... If he found a way to create 'compressed buildings', the end-goal of the spatial items he wanted to make, it would be ridiculously easy to travel and create colonies on the islands! They could make a house on a safe island, 'Shrink' it down somehow, and then just plop it down when it's needed!

And most importantly, he would be able to create actual, furnished workspaces that didn't require him to use his element for them. Those magic forges and tables were nice and all, but nothing went over the smell of hot coals, or the feeling that a nice wooden table to work on gave off. Just thinking about it made Eisen grin like a madman.

"Ah, how nice that would be... I'll finally have nice workshops to carry around with me again. Those were always super convenient, weren't they? Just throw them down on the ground and... Wait..." Eisen muttered to himself, taking a step backward from his magic workstation before grasping his face in confusion.

"What am I talking about..?"
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