348 Jack of All Trades

"Let's get this over with? Why do you have to make it sound so troublesome..?" Stahl asked with a wry smile, and was only met with a light smirk from his Grandfather. "I don't know what you're talking about." The old man then said, before Stahl crossed his arms with a frown.

"Right… Well, you want to give me an occupation then?" Stahl asked curiously, and Eisen nodded his head and looked to the others as well. "You four are alright with it as well, right?" Eisen asked them, so the others simply nodded their heads. That was the plan from the start after all.

"Okay, Stahl, now don't accept the occupation until all five of us offered you one." The old man told his grandson, and then checked the possible occupations that he could give Stahl, before nodding his head in satisfaction.

"Then I guess I'll just start. Stahl, I offer you to become a Multi Craftsman." The old man said, and then looked over to his right where Brody was standing.

"Hmm… Stahl, I offer you to become a… Chameleon Combatist." Brody exclaimed next, and it seemed like everyone was rather surprised at the name of that Occupation, but it seemed to make sense to them all somehow, and next Jyuuk spoke up.

"Then Stahl, I'm going to offer you to become an Otherworld Naturalist." The Beastperson said with a smirk on his face, although he seemed relatively nervous, or rather excited, to see what occupation Stahl was going to get was.

"I guess I will offer you to become a Versatile Mage." Xenia said next while cupping her chin curiously, and at last, it was Evalia's turn, and she smiled as she crossed her arms.

"And at last, Stahl, I'll offer you to become a Gifted Artist." The young woman told him at last, before Stahl really couldn't hold his excitement and curiousity, and then looked at the notification in front of him. His excitement seemed rather blunted all of a sudden, but nonetheless, Stahl nodded his head with a broad grin.

"Of course I'll accept!" He exclaimed, and multiple notifications seemed to appear in front of Stahl, who began to read through the different things, before his smile grew even larger than it was before, as if the slight disappointment he seemed to be feeling at the Occupation he got was just a lie.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Stahl yelled out and crossed his arm with a grin as he looked at the originals in front of him. "So… My Occupation is called Jack of All Trades… The name was rather disappointing, but… This is just amazing! So, to start it off with, my Jack of All Trades occupation doesn't let me learn any skills at all and I currently lost nearly all skills I have in possession except my occupational, racial, and general skills." Stahl explained with a light smile, and the others were looking at him both shocked and confused, especially at how he was reacting.

"Wait, what?! Doesn't that mean your character is ruined?!" Samurai asked confused, but Stahl just shook his head with a smile on his face. "Not at all, actually." Stahl told him, before crossing his arms excitedly.

"That's because my Occupational Skill makes up for it." The young man explained, "It's called 'Occupation Jumper'. It lets me literally jump between occupations. The ones I currently have available are Multi Craftsman, Chameleon Combatist, Otherworld Naturalist, Versatile Mage, and Gifted Artist." Stahl explained, and once more, Samurai began to yell.

"Isn't that fucking overpowered then?!" He asked, but Stahl shrugged with a laugh. "Maybe, but it seems like the benefits I get from the occupations are heavily cut from what they should be, and I'm heavily limited depending on what occupation I'm in… Erm… There's currently a cooldown of twelve hours, and according to the information that I got… I can only learn and use skills of the type of occupation I currently have. So with the Multi-Craftsman Occupation, I can only use crafting skills, and I'll get heavy disadvantages in combat, so I'll be useless in a fight. But in return, I get the Occupational Skills of all of a different occupation I have whenever I switch to that occupation."

"Hmm… I guess it's not too overpowered then? It still fucking unfair, though…" Samurai complained, and immediately, all the originals looked at each other and then at Samurai.

"You realize that during the whole time Stahl has been playing the game, he's done nothing but learn about lal kinds of skills, right? And to a level that most people that learn about them within the game probably won't." Eisen pointed out, and Samurai sighed deeply and shrugged.

"I guess." He replied somewhat jealously, before Eisen turned toward his Grandchildren and the rest of their group. "Now, I'd say you all should go to sleep relatively soon, I know I will, so that you can get going in the early morning." Eisen suggested, and they all nodded their heads and then made their way toward the tents that had been set up for them while continuing to talk about Stahl's occupation, and the Originals looked at each other as well.

"That's a really cool occupation, to be fair… So I get Samurai's Jealousy." Jyuuk pointed out, and Brody nodded his head in reply. "Definitely." The Demon-Orc replied, before he began to run his fingers over his horns, while Eisen just laughed.

"It surely fits him quite well. But I have the same suggestion for you guys, better get to bed early. Evalia, said you're joining up with Brody's group for at the very least the next few days while Brody himself is off, right?" Eisen asked them, before the Artist nodded.

"Yup. Can't really go off on my own." She replied, and Eisen nodded in response before looking at Xenia and Jyuuk. "Then your group is just you two, right?"

"Should be enough, honestly. I have a fair amount of monsters, and Xenia's magic is really strong as well." Jyuuk explained, and Eisen began to move his fingers through his beard. "Got it. Then, Dien is staying here as a defensive Unit because his element is good for that… My group is heading off as soon as everyone is awake, although that shouldn't be an issue, really. So then the only thing that's left is…" Eisen muttered to himself, trying to think about what else needed to be done, because there definitely was something, until he swiftly remembered.

"Right! Xenia, I'd like to check on my arm, if possible." The old man said with a smile, so the High-Elf nodded her head. "Got it. It probably turned into a Mass of Yang by now, so it's good timing." Xenia pointed out, and so she and the old man made their way over to the Pier and back onto the ship, where they quickly headed for Xenia's research-room.

Xenia swiftly stepped over to a box covered in cloth, and pulled the cloth off of it, showing a pure-white sphere just sitting inside of a crystal-box.

"Perfect." Eisen muttered to himself as he stepped closer, slowly opening the box up before grabbing the sphere with both his arms.

"Hmm, it doesn't really seem all that different to the mass of yin, to be fair. Can you grab it for a second?" Eisen asked her, and Xenia nodded her head with a smile and then stepped up to one of the walls, before drawing a magic circle into the air in front of it, and when the Magic Circle was finished, Xenia tapped the middle of it and a layer of wood simply 'scattered' off of the wall, revealing a simple small door, which the High-Elf quickly opened up and stepped inside the room beyond it.

A few moments later, she returned with the pitch-black sphere in her arms, unchanged from what it was back then. And when the two spheres got closer to each other… nothing much happened.

They did react a little and began to shake, but other than that, nothing was going on. Although, it did seem as if they were shaking at an even interval at the moment, which was about every twenty seconds.

"Hmm… Do you think it's a countdown to something? Maybe they need to stay together for a while?" Xenia suggested, and Eisen just shrugged in response.

"Maybe, we'll have to see." The old man replied, and then ran his hands over the surface of the Mass of Yang. "This really does feel a bit weird when I consider that this used to be my arm." Eisen chuckled, before Xenia slowly nodded her head with a wry smile, before audibly swallowing her own saliva.

"Erm… Speaking of… H-How is your arm in real life?" Xenia asked, before she opened her eyes wide at the realization of what she just said. "I-I mean your lack of! W-Wait, that sounds even w-worse…" She began to panick, and Eisen just smiled at her and set the mass of yang down again.

"Xenia, don't worry about what you say. It's a tough situation, but I'm fine. There was no avoiding amputation." Eisen told her with a light smile, but the High-Elf still seemed to worry about her choice of words, so he chose to just move on to a different topic.

"Oh, I don't think we properly spoke about it before, but your Father was Timothy Charles?" The old man asked, and Xenia looked at him surprised before slowly nodding. "Y-Yeah… He was…" She replied, and Eisen began to just smile.

"I did really enjoy reading his novels when they first came out. Fantasy never really was my thing, but the way he portrayed it was so vivid that I couldn't help myself but keep reading." Eisen said with a light laugh, before Xenia seemed to calm down a bit, and the two of them continued to speak about Xenia's Father's books for a little while, before Eisen looked at the time and chose that it was the best moment to head off.

"So Xenia, I think I'll carry both of the masses with me tomorrow and see if they're going to change their reaction somehow. I think that's the only way to really find out what to do with them, right?" The old man suggested, and Xenia just lightly smiled at him.

"Probably." She said, so Eisen nodded his head and took the other sphere from her, and then the two of them made their way out of the Ship again and toward the place where the others from their respective groups were sleeping, before Eisen sat down and activated his Demonic Transformation with his size increased as much as possible, so that he could cover his whole body in his wings in a way that it would be possible to even look inside or steal the spheres that he was holding, and then slowly dozed off to sleep in that state.


The next morning, Eisen woke up and then slowly deactivated his transformations with a tired and heavy body, before taking a look around him, noticing that it was still relatively dark out, so it was probably just before sunrise.

After placing the two spheres down in front of him, Eisen swiftly stretched and began to prepare to set out by packing all of their provisions together, which he did with the help of his monsters as well as Kirisho, the only other person from his group that was awake.

Even Bree and Sky were still sleeping! They didn't need much sleep, but they still needed some, and Eisen preferred it if they would get it done before they headed out into a place that nobody had conquered in hundreds or thousands of years.

And then, when the sun finally rose, Eisen woke everyone up and then just waited for Komer to log in, which he coincidentally did within a few moments of the old man thinking so.

"Does everybody have all that they need?" Eisen asked, once they all confirmed it, the old man led his group away from the camp.
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