353 True or False

Immediately after the High-Kobold Lord was pushed out of the Arena as well, the next of the group jumped down into the space. The High-Goblin Lord. He had a relatively high-quality staff with him, and now just slowly held it forward toward the group while standing on the other side of the room, twisting the tip of the staff around in a circle.

"Xenia, what's he doing?" Eisen asked the Magic-Expert standing next to him, but she seemed just as confused as the old man himself, "I don't know for sure either… But I think it's a way for him to use his element?" She suggested with a frown, and Eisen slowly nodded his head and kept looking at the Goblin. For now, he really didn't want to have everyone attack it because he was unsure what the Goblin could do. Slowly, as elemental mana was poured through the staff and added into the circular motion, the gray energy slowly began to move on its own and only kept on speeding up.

And soon enough, Eisen could see what was happening, and he knew for sure when he head something crackling and snapping continuosly. The gray energy continued spreading on forward while bright flashes of light instantly appeared and then went away as quickly as they came.

"I think… That's supposed to be a Tornado releasing lightning…" Eisen said with a wry smile, and immediately looked over toward the others.

"Golems, get away to the other side of the room, and all of you throw away whatever metallic things you have on you!" The old man yelled out, and everyone quickly did as he said, with the exception of one of them. "Brody!" Eisen exclaimed, prompting the Demon-Orc to get moving already, and with a bright grin on his face simply exposing his tusks even more then usual, Brody grabbed his Juan, his straightsword, and sprinted forward.

It seemed like the Goblin thought that Brody was an idiot for rushing in, but he really couldn't expect what happened next. With swift, circular motions, Brody basically dodged the lightning, at least that's what it looked like. Instead, the reality was a little different. It wasn't that Brody was avoiding the lightning, but the Lightning was avoiding him!

The Lightning was created through magic, and the sword that Brody was using was made using a Maroon-Steel alloy, capable of rejecting any type of magic thrown against it. So of course, whenever Brody held his blade in the direction that the next strike of lightning came from, it would bend into the opposite direction.

Although, even then, Brody was still impressive enough to be able to properly see the Lightning coming before also moving his blade in the right position.

And soon enough, Brody was in the center of the 'Tornado', and began to quite literally slice it apart. The parts that he disconnected from each other like that soon re-connected, but it cost the whole thing quite a lot of speed and momentum.

On top of that, while Brody was closing in on the High-Goblin, Eisen made his Golems approach him from behind, and their nature as purely-metallic beings made it so that the lightning was naturally attracted to them, and away from Brody, which allowed him to continue slashing through the tornado with only minimal amount of damage to worry about.

And soon enough, Brody managed to close in on the High-Goblin, and immediately stabbed him with his blade. It didn't penetrade deep, it really was just a shallow cut that wouldn't usually be able to be much use against a Boss-Grade monster, but what Brody was out for wasn't do damage his Health, but his Mana.

Anyone in contact with the metal would naturally have a bit of their mana drained. Usually it wouldn't be enough to really be seen as a threat either, especially to a mage, but Brody didn't just have one of these weapons.

Literally each and every one that Brody had on his person at the moment was pushed directly against the High-Goblin to stop him from freely using magic, and it seemed to work quite well. At the very least, it worked well enough for everyone else to begin pushing the High-Goblin away to the edge of the Arena to throw him out of it.

Finally, it seemed like even the Half-Dragon was at least a little surprised at what just happened. But none of them really had enough time to think about what to do next, because, before they even knew it, the Ratman dropped down into the Arena, although he soon enough already disappeared in a hole in the ink-black ground.

"Well, this doesn't seem good…" Eisen muttered with a sigh, and quickly activated his Mana-Sight, trying to figure out where the Ratman was, and he soon found him heading toward the physically weakest of the group, Sky.

"Jyuuk, create as many leaves with paralyzing properties as you can. Xenia, dampen them up a bit." The old man told the two of them quickly as he rushed over toward Sky and immediately picked him up so that he couldn't be targeted as easily, while the two that Eisen just spoke to nodded their heads and got to work.

"Everyone else, keep moving as fast and randomly as you can." Eisen yelled out, and before he knew it, the Ratman, who seemed more like a Mole-man all of a sudden, broke out of the ground where Sky was standing before, and then immediately rushed back underground.

This was definitely the longest fight of all of them so far, although nobody was actually fighting, but instead just rushing all over the place. But that quickly changed when Xenia and Jyuuk finished their tasks, and Eisen started using his element to fill up the numerous holes that the Ratman just created in the ground, with the exception of a few of them, which were quickly filled up with the damp leaves and then once more covered with Eisen's element, which the old man then used to get the leaves to start burning to create as much smoke as possible.

And now, the old man just needed to follow the Ratman's movements underground, which all of a sudden seemed to have turned quite eratic. As quickly as he could, the Ratman-Lord dug over to a relatively empty spot and opened up another hole, which had a lot of white smoke coming out of it, while the Ratman was just trying to pull himself out with the little bit of strength he had left in his arms.

Although, that was quite unneccessary, considering that he was already grabbed by the old man and casually placed out of the arena.

And then, the only thing that Eisen could see when he looked at the Half-Dragon was an excited expression, quite different to that curious grin from before.

"Now then, what a surprise. You seemed quite weak to me before, but apparently you're stronger than I thought." The Half-Dragon exclaimed with a laugh, before he slowly stood up from his throne and made his way toward the Arena, slowly jumping down into it while catching his fall with his wings. And now, the reason why Eisen was so confident that his plan worked was exposed to even the others, although the only one that recognized it other than the old man was Sky.

"Trygan's Insignia!" He exclaimed, pointing at the rusty necklace around the Half-Dragon's neck.

"Oh, so you recognize this?" The Half-Dragon asked with a chuckle as he grabbed his necklace with a smile, "Truly, this is the insignia of the Crystal Dragon King Trygan, a god of pure, true Justice!" He replied with an expression of complete respect when speaking about him, and Eisen turned over toward Xenia.

"You mentioned powers that priests from different gods get before, right? Now, what was it that people that follow Gods of Justice get again?" The old man asked, and Xenia just began to smile, relaxing a bit as he did so.

"They can judge if something is true or false… And although Trygan's version is weaker and allows for different things in return, it should be enough." She said with a smile, and Eisen nodded his head as he crossed his arms behind his back and slowly approached the Half-Dragon, who was respectful enough to not attack Eisen right off the bat considering that he didn't seem the intention to do so either.

"Now, let me guess, you are a Priest to Trygan?" Eisen asked, and surprised, the Half-Dragon nodded his head, "Of course I am! My Draconic Blood is strong in me, and while my father is a quite useless being to his greatness, I try to be a good help to him." He replied, so Eisen just smiled. "I see, then how about we play another little game before starting the fight? It is, of course, related to Trygan."

"I'm listening…" The Half-Dragon said, quite amused and intrigued, before Eisen began to explain the quite simple rules. "Using the ability to judge a truth from a lie, you will tell me if five different things I say are true or not. For everything you get wrong, we get one second to freely attack you. If you get none of them right, we get 10 seconds in total to attack you how we want." Eisen suggested, and the Half-Dragon raised his brow in surprise.

"You are surely aware that you already entered a position that only you benefit from, don't you? Do I get anything in return if I get it right?" The Half-Dragon asked, and Eisen nodded his head.

"Of course you do. You see, there are six people here in this group, the rest are beings or structures directly connected to one of us. For each time you get it right, one of us will sit out of the fight that we're about to have, including whatever beings or structures belonging to us we have here." Eisen told them, and immediately, the group behind him began to complain, but the old man just turned around and winked at them, so they swiftly settled back down.

"Intriguing. It should speed this whole ordeal up a little, so let's go ahead with it." The Half-Dragon said with a smile, so Eisen nodded and grabbed a small piece of paper out of his front-pocket together with a pencil, slowly writing all of the answers down on it in order in a way that the Half-Dragon couldn't see.

"Now, first. My name is Eisen, and I am Giant-Dwarf Halfling." Eisen said with a smile, and immediately, new complaints could be heard behind the old man, but the Half-Dragon just chuckled and nodded his head. "That is true."

"Correct. Evalia, leave the Arena, please." Eisen told the Artist with a smile, and even if she wanted to complain, the old man didn't even let her finish the first word and just once more told her to leave the arena.

"Second. I am far, far older than you think I am." The old man said next, and now, quite surprised actually, the Half-Dragon nodded his head once more. "That is also true."

"Again, Correct. Sky, leave the arena and take your Inkheart Creature with you." Eisen said, so Sky did as he was told and left the arena as well, standing next to Evalia in the area where people were supposed to sit and watch.

"Third. I'm a Combatist." The old man told the Half-Dragon, who now just began to laugh and shook his head. "That's a lie. And it's quite obvious to see even without Divine Energy."

"Well, once more, you're correct. Xenia, if you may?" The old man asked with a smile, before the High-Elf did as asked and left as well.

"Fourth. I am the first Person in this world that ever reached the maximum Level and peaked."

Confused, the Half-Dragon looked at Eisen and frowned, seemingly wanting to repeat checking the question again. "That is… True." The Half-Dragon muttered finally, so Eisen just nodded his head with a laugh, "Correct. Brody, could you leave next?" Eisen asked, so the Demon-Orc relatively reluctantly did so.

"And fifth… Trygan, the Crystal Dragon King, was born out of an egg which was hatched by me, before I tamed him, brought him with me along in my life, raised him as my son, and got him onto a stage of Transcendence, at which point he was granted Godhood, and Trygan still calls me Father to this day." Eisen said with a smile on his face, and for a few moments, the Half-Dragon stumbled backwards and grabbed his head.

"Oh? Is the reaction rather strong this time around?" The old man asked, and the Half-Dragon nodded his head. "That… That is true…" He replied, so Eisen formed a bright smile and nodded his head.

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