381 Judah

"This time, is it FINALLY dead?" Brody asked annoyedly as he stepped up to the pile of crystals and kicked it with a bit of anger in his voice, before he turned to the others as a notification appeared in front of them, telling them that they beat the Island Boss.

"Neat." Evalia said with a smirk on her face, "Finally reached Level 199... Takes pretty long to as support..." The Artist said with a deep sigh, and the others looked at Evalia with nod.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure we're all working on the quest right now. There's still a lot of different things that need to be done, but it's not as bad as last time." Jyuuk replied as he waved his notifications away, and Eisen slowly moved his fingers through his beard as he stepped around the room, "That is true, yes. But after we established this as a town and connected the Core Guardian to it, I'll be spending a day in my own Soul Realm through Deep Visualization as part of my Level Up quest." The old man pointed out, and Brody nodded his head immediately, "Right, yeah, I also had to spend a lot of time in my Meditation... Didn't actually manage to finish that up yet though, still have a few hours left." The Demon-Orc explained, and Eisen nodded his head with a smile.

"Then let's just get to that later. I'm not sure if we're going to be able to make use of the Golems in town, but if we can, reconstruction of whatever may be broken should happen rather quickly. And while we're doing all that, we should work toward our quests before moving onto the next island." Eisen suggested as he looked toward Kiron with a smile.

"And what about you? Did you get a bit of a nice increase as well?" The old man asked, before Kiron immediately nodded, "Yes I did. I seem close to the point I was at when I ranked up to Rank 5." The Half-Dragon explained, and Eisen just smiled at him, "I see, that's good to know then. While you're waiting with the others, how about you use the time to train a bit more with the Paladin?" He asked, and Kiron quickly swung his blade over his shoulder to be able to hold it more easily and then smiled back at the old man.

"That sounds like a good idea, yes. Do you want me to help you get the materials out of here?" The Half Dragon asked and stepped up to the pile of gold in front of Eisen, which he and the Golems were already grabbing just now to bring them outside. "That would be nice, thank you. I think once we leave the room, it's going to return to what it was supposed to be like in the central island, so I want to get whatever we can before that happens."

And as such, they did just that. Quickly, everyone beside one person brought some of the materials outside and then let the others know that their help might be needed, and then they all quickly collected the different Golem Core Shards and other materials such as Iron or Gold. And when everything was cleared out, everyone stepped outside and closed the door, before that door was directly opened again.

"It really is different now. But that was quite a surprise... To think that you really were able to beat the King Golem without as much as a major injury." Fluke muttered surprised as the five Originals slowly made their way into the new room.

"Well, what do you think, they're the five that peaked." Sky said with a wry smile as he looked up from one of his books, before Fluke turned his sight to the backs of the five people there. "Wait, not only Eisen, but those other four also..." The Warforged muttered to himself, seemingly wanting to follow them into the building out of immense curiosity, before he was quickly stopped by quite literally everyone in the group.

"Yeah, about that, you're not getting inside there." The Fey-Kin boy said with a frown, and Fluke turned toward him confused, as if trying to ask 'Why not?', and Sky quickly picked up on that.

"You're not going to follow them because we just met you today. In Prototype, a lot of Guardians had their blood stolen from a Warforged, and then we coincidentally find a Warforged with the same goal as him on the next island over. And the moment you heard who Eisen was, you went a bit insane and had a bunch of bugs crawl over him. Not to forget, the first time you even saw us, you attacked Eisen in a way that would cripple a normal person. So yeah, you're not necessarily trusted yet." He said with a sigh, and Fluke scratched his cheek with a wry smile, slowly nodding his head.

"Fair enough. Guess I gotta earn your trust then, huh?" Fluke asked, and Sky immediately nodded his head, "Yup."

In the meantime, inside of the building, the five Originals took a closer look around at everything. It really was a fair bit different now, even if not by a lot. The main difference was the decoration and state of the room, as well as the staircase now leading down into another room in the center of the space, even if nobody could see what the room below actually was.

But at the very least, Eisen had a guess, "That's probably the Golem Core and Town Core down there, at least that's what it looks like from here." The old man pointed out as he deactivated his truth-seeing eyes again, before the others looked at each other with a bit of thought.

"Alright... Then, who's going to become the Lord of this town?" Xenia asked around. Usually they would have liked Eisen to become the Lord again, because all of them would have liked to be the Lord of another place, such as the Islands as the God of Combat, Magic, or Art. But in the end, they did need someone to be a lord.

"Don't worry, for now we just have to concentrate on getting more towns, so all of us will be the lord of one town. I'm pretty sure the Lord of a Town can be switched out later on as well, so we'll figure that out when we formed a country." Eisen reassured them, so the High Elf swiftly chose to step up for this task if that was the case.

"It's part of my expertise as well, so I guess I'll be the Lord for now, then." Xenia said with a smile on her face, before Eisen nodded his head as the group started to descend the stairs in the center of the room, while Eisen already grabbed the box with the Core Guardian inside of it.

And as they stepped into the room below them, they were surprised to see what this room actually was. It was a room made completely of crystal, the walls, the rest of the stairs, everything. And Eisen pretty quickly recognized what those crystals were.

"Guess I was right... This room is the Golem Core." Eisen said with a wry smile, and Xenia slowly nodded her head as well. "Yeah, seems that way... But wouldn't that mean it's super brittle? It doesn't seem like the kind of material we could make stairs out of..." She pointed out, but Eisen just shook his head as he ran his hands over the crystal areas and took a closer look. "This is a pretty dense one, so it's seemingly highly compressed. It should be fine, really. But take a look over there." Eisen said with a smile on his face, jerking his chin slightly toward the center of the room toward the purple crystal set into a crystal pedestal. Or rather, the edges of the Town Core were merged with the edges of the Golem Core pedestal.

"Alright, as I thought... They Golem and Town cores are somewhat combined. Not really, but it should have some pretty curious effects on the Golem." Eisen said with a smile on his face, moving his fingers through his beard as Xenia approached the Town Core.

"You just poured your mana inside last time, right?" She asked the old man, who simply nodded before the High Elf did just that as well, quickly causing the Core to Glow up. And that glow spread across the Golem Core and caused the whole room to light up for a few moments.

[The Town of has been re-established under the Guild . The Town's Rank has been set at 1]

[Xenia has been assigned as the Lord of the Town ]

"This town was literally called Golem?" Eisen asked with a slight laugh, before looking toward Xenia, "Want to change the name, or do you want to keep it?" The old man asked her as he grabbed the Core Guardian out of the box, and Xenia scratched her cheek before shaking her head. "I think I'll keep it, sounds pretty nice." She replied, before she looked toward Eisen and the Core Guardian.

"Can I activate it?" Xenia asked curiously, and Eisen nodded his head, "Of course, that was the plan." As Eisen was chuckling, Xenia swiftly stepped up to the child-like body of the Core Guardian laying on the ground, before swiftly pouring her mana into the Ego-Golem Core in the center of the Guardian's body.

And after a little bit of creaking here and there, the Core Guardian slowly stood up and just stared at Xenia without emotions.

"Now then... Connect to the Town Core here." The High-Elf told the Core Guardian, and before she knew it, the Guardian stepped toward it and placed its hand onto the Town Core.

"So, did it work?" Evalia asked Xenia, and she swiftly turned back toward the Artist and nodded her head with a smile, "Mhm, it did. But we're supposed to leave the room now to let the Artificial Evolution happen."

"Then let's go." Jyuuk said with a smile, swiftly starting to step up the stairs while followed by the other Originals, and the Moment that all of them stepped back into the room at the top of the stairs, a figure appeared through a cloud of mist.

This one seemed a lot more mechanical than Eisen expected, as if it was really focusing on showing off that it was an artificial, mechanical being, different to the other Guardians that Eisen saw until now. It may now be clear that they are mechanical, due to some scratches or rust still left on their bodies, but it was very clear that they were supposed to look as life-like as possible.

And even this Guardian's voice was pretty mechanical and robotic. "Nice to meet you. I am the Guardian of this Town . Tell me what to do." It told the Lord of the Town, Xenia, and she slowly turned around toward Eisen.

"Well, do you want to tell it? You've been doing the most planning when it comes to the towns." Xenia admitted, so Eisen just smiled in response and moved his fingers through his beard. "Alright, then don't mind if I do. But before then, Xenia, did you name it yet?" The old man asked, but Xenia shook her head swiftly in response,

"Not yet, but I think Judah might be nice?" She suggested, and Brody raised his eyebrows in response, "What kinda name's that supposed to be? Damn, your kids are gonna be bullied someday..." The Demon-Orc said with a sigh and shook his head disappointedly, but Xenia just glared at him without hesitation.

"The first person that made a Golem in Mythology was called Judah, moron." She replied and swiftly turned toward the Town Core Guardian. "Alright, Judah, listen to what Eisen has to say." Xenia said, seemingly now having made a decision after Brody's comment, and the Town Guardian swiftly turned toward the old man in response.

And Eisen then quickly got started trying to figure a lot of things for the town out.
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